The (9*9 – 4*4) things tag.

In other words – The 65 things tag. Basically I’m just trying to tell myself that I can actually clear the maths cut-off in my CAT examination. Doesn’t seem to be going too well so far, but we’ll manage. Hopefully. No seriously – start hoping, and praying, and crossing fingers for me now. Anyhow, the […]

Coefficient of Linear Expansion = 5

I’m bored, as you might have figured out from the title of this post. But don’t worry, this is not a post about Physics. I’m the last person on earth who you would find doing a post about physics. Vasudha P, however, has made a couple of interesting physics/math related posts lately. It’s Vasudha P […]

Meh. Meh. Bleh.

No no, I haven’t turned into a 1 year old who is just learning to speak. I know you wouldn’t mind that because that would give you some relief from my lame blabbering. 1 year olds, can’t type, you see. But I’m positive that in another couple of years, we will have one year olds […]