Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

This comeback has definitely lasted longer than I had anticipated. Funnily enough however, I was having a look at the stats the other day, and turns out that number of hits have actually decreased since I came back. So lets consider this – If I had Google Adwords or something on this blog, I would actually be getting more money for not posting rather than for posting! Goes a long way to talk about how proficient a writer I am. Thank you, thank you. *takes a mental bow*

I’ve kind of realised that trying to be anonymous these days is quite a bitch. I mean, it was easier earlier because only the tech savvy crowd were likely to ever join social networking websites, blogs and stuff, and those numbers were quite low. But now everybody, their parents, dogs, cats and wieners have a Facebook page. There are all these crazy ass websites that can find any trace of you on the web and display it in once place conveniently, for others to strip you naked. It’s scary, this entire scenario. It’s like a constant vigilance situation, you never know when something you said years back can come and bite you in the ass. And then there are these agencies who help in doing all this snooping, and they are being quite widely used by employers these days. So kids, while it is considered completely acceptable to tweet about the constituents of your most recent vomit, but you better not go about mentioning the crazy drunken night that actually led to all of it! Constant Vigilance, remember!

Anyhow, now deviating from the point (not because I don’t have more to say on that matter, but because I have the attention span the quality of a Justin Bieber song), have you seen this British sitcom called Coupling? Have you? You haven’t? You absolutely bloody must! It’s different from all the How I Met Your Mothers and Two and a Half Mens because, well, it’s more direct.. and mostly because it’s British. It’s just a different kind of comedy, and I love it! It’s got these rather brilliant characters like Steve, Jeff, Susan and so on, and well, most of what they talk about has to do with sex, and body parts, and that stuff. Now you may think that this might be some sleazy serial, but it isn’t. I mean, it is sleazy but sleazy in a nice way. Definitely worth watching. I rediscovered it a few days back, and they only ever 4 seasons of it. I think I might actually have already posted about it here earlier.

There are some rather epic moments in some of the episodes. Here are two.

The Giggle Loop

Lesbian Spank Inferno

Oh how I just love the British accent!

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