A humbled Yuvraj Singh. A crying Harbhajan Singh. A smiling Gautam Gambhir. A laughing MS Dhoni. A proud Gary Kirsten.

And of course, the child who just got the toy he’d been wanting for quite a while – Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.

It was about time India repeated 1983. And so they did. In style. This post really couldn’t have waited till the morning. MS Dhoni must be a proud man. Who thought this guy with the atrocious hairdo and a really weird batting style would one day be the captain of the Indian team? And one of the most successful ones at that. Under his leadership, India won the 2020 World Cup, this WORLD CUP, and of course, he’s also won the IPL with Chennai Super Kings. All I can say is, Sakshi Rawat, kya badhiya haath maara hai!

And that’s about it from me. I’ll let the Rajdeep Sardesai-s and the Arnab Goswami-s of the world do the rest of the talking, because, well, they love to talk. I wonder why they even have expert panels and stuff, because all they do is talk and scream and shout and not let others talk. Why not just do it alone, you know? Anyway, what the hell, we just won the damned World Cup! Partaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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11 thoughts on “Destiny.

  1. I saw the Wikipedia entry for Dhoni, and the little bit that I read, about his personal life, it is so badly edited! Atrocious grammar, spelling and general ridiculousness. :|
    Is that really the wiki page of the captain of the team that won the Cricket World Cup in 2010?

  2. @Nidhi: Indeed.

    @Vasudha: Yaaaay! Also, please answer Sweetlimesalty’s question. :P

    @Sweetlimesalty: Woooof! :D

    @Espera: Well, in Wikipedia’s defence, that page was written before they won the World Cup. I’m hoping someone decides to fix it up now that he must be getting a lot more limelight. And anyway, Wikipedia will always continue to be all kinds of ridiculousness. That’s the price you pay for letting anyone edit the thing.

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