How to get noticed..

So, some of my next few posts are going to be centered around the fact that I’ve been travelling around a lot lately for my MBA interviews. Well, mostly it’s been Delhi, and back, but this one college decided to call me all the way to Bangalore/Bengalooru. I was excited. This was going to be my first ever ride on an airplane! Till before this, I hadn’t even seen an aircraft from up close. So yep, other details aside, the flight was quite exciting. I was told by people that the aircraft “moves weirdly” when it takes off, and that the airline I had chosen was a bit shady, but it all turned out quite well.

Anyway, when I reached Bangalore, I noticed it was quite different from Delhi and other north Indian cities, which, well, it had to be. I liked the wide roads, and the awesome public transport system. It’s amazing how every single shop in Bangalore has it’s name written both in English and in Kannada. It is a practice out here, too, but I’ve never seen Cafe Coffee Day being written in Hindi or Punjabi. But right there it was, written in Kannada. I tried deciphering the language and identifying letters and symbols during my 2-hour journey from the airport to where I was supposed to be staying, but I couldn’t figure out anything. It was all jalebis to me. Robert Langdon is lucky that he isn’t sent to missions in India. I’m sure deciphering Kannada is much more difficult than deciphering all of them symbols he keeps screwing around with.

Anyhow, here are a few pointers that you should keep in mind if you wish to get noticed by people. A lot of personal experience and effort has gone into coming up with this. Here goes:-

  • Be short in height.
  • Be a sardar who is short in height. A proper sardar complete with a beard and turban, mind you.
  • Be a short sardar in South India.
  • Be a short sardar in South India, and be wearing a suit.
  • Be a short sardar in South India, wearing a suit, when the temperature outside is over 33 degrees celsius.
  • Be a short sardar in South India, wearing a suit, when the temperature outside is over 33 degrees celsius, and insist on asking your way around from random strangers.
  • Be a short sardar in South India, wearing a suit, when the temperature outside is over 33 degrees celsius, and insist on asking your way around from random strangers, in HINDI.
  • Be a short sardar in South India, wearing a suit, when the temperature outside is over 33 degrees celsius, and insist on asking your way around from random strangers, in HINDI, and have the ringtone on your phone as the opening theme of the very popular game, Mario ( listen here ).

And if this doesn’t work, I promise you I’ll hang posters of Twilight, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and the likes on all the walls of my bedroom. Yes, it’s tried and tested. Very successfully, if you must know.

P.S. – India beat Australia in the quarter-final of the World Cup 2011! I felt a weird sense of satisfaction running through my body when I saw Ricky Ponting in tears. I feel he finally got what he deserved. India should really get this World Cup now. Just for Sachin Tendulkar, if for nothing else, because that would be like a cherry on the cake for his already outstanding career. I think the guy just deserves it. And it would be great if he can score his 100th ton, too! Man, is this World Cup fun or what?!

14 thoughts on “How to get noticed..

  1. Aaaaah your first airplane ride FINALLY! Tell. Me. Everything.

    And roflmao at the list. I lived in Chennai for a year so I get the Hindi deal – no one there spoke it! :O

  2. @Dev: Hey mate, I’m glad you like the post! Welcome to my blog, and keep visiting! :D

    @Ankur: Yes, the first time ever, indeed. This is also the first time I’ve ventured anywhere that’s more south to my city than Delhi.

    @Priya: I thought about calling you up. I even thought about meeting you, but since it was a fleeting trip, I had to give up on the idea. And I’d been staying with one of my mum’s college friends, so they’d already given me the directions na. I just had to find the bus which would go in that direction. I’m still sorry, though. I should have called.

    @Krits: Yes, finally! It was kickass! Best part of the entire trip actually! I think I’ll do another post about it. A lot of interesting things happened. :P

    Yeah, Chennai is even more of a problem than Bangalore is, because in Bangalore, everyone promptly speaks English. I’ve heard you can’t survive without Tamil in Chennai. And I’m ready to believe that, because one of my cousins stayed there for 2 years, and when he came back, he knew a fair bit of Tamil. And to think even I might end up there. Yanna rascala, mind it! :P

  3. Oh, okay! :) No problem! Do call next time! And oh, I am very good at directions and bus routes :D
    And can read and write Kannada too (just saying :P)

  4. Surely I will. I have a very slim (okay, non-existant) chance of getting into that college, but I’ll probably be visiting Bangalore again at some point. I meant to see the Infosys campus, but couldn’t get around to really doing it. Have you seen it? Looks pretty cool from the outside. And what is INFANT? I saw boards all over the city. I saw similar boards from Vajra. I know Vajra runs those Volvos, so I’m guessing this is something similar, too.

    And yes, I do realise that you’re very bright, and that I made a mistake by not calling you up. You can be my tour guide next time. And you can teach me some Kannada, too, so that I can be even more noticeable as a short sardar in a suit who decides to go around asking his way in Kannada. That would be fun! :P

  5. I still remember my first plane ride – it was to Chennai. I love traveling by plane! :D Which is this “shady” airline you took?

    And damnit, the first pointer gave me some hope but then it all went downhill from there.

  6. @Sweetlimesalty: Don’t worry, I don’t think there’s any chance of me getting in there. The love for each other is very mutual. :P

    @Sahil: Yeah, planes are so cool, aren’t they? Too bad the domestic ones don’t have any entertainment system, though. The “shady” airline was Go Air. Nidhi said it’s shady. :P

    And wait, I don’t get it. Why would the first pointer give you some hope? You aren’t short. You’re like seriously tall, aren’t you? Or do you morph your pictures to appear so? :P

  7. If you want an airline with decent entertainment, don’t go by Air India :P And Go Air’s supposed to be decent I thought? Isn’t it IndiGo’s?

    And dude, of course I’m short. Maybe I just get photos clicked with shorter people =P

  8. Hey… thanks for the pointers.. i’m gonna visit bangalore in may.. and i’ll be sure to wear a suit :P
    And make sure Priya is free before you call her.. she’s a very very busy woman ;)

  9. ” I feel he finally got what he deserved”, Boss!! Ricky ponting is greatest among the great and he deserved the world cups he got for Australia.

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