College – Week 1

My wish that college would be delayed once again and that this would keep happening for 3 years and then they’d just call us one day and give us our degrees didn’t happen after all. College did start this time around. And it wasn’t exactly pretty. But maybe I was expecting too much.

I think I wore the exact same clothes this time around as I had worn on the pseudo first day. The shoes were still blue. And so were the jeans. I don’t remember what shirt I’d worn last time. Anyway, so I reached the college at around 8:50 and saw this guy who I had met during the admissions. I think he got more marks than me, a couple of percents at least. I didn’t recognize him at first but he did. So he comes to me and goes:-

Him: Jes jes, hey hey, ju remember me?

Me being me, I thought I’d answer him, in his own language that is, er, Punlish (Punjabi + English)

Me: Jes jes, of course I remember ju. Why would I naat?
Him: Good good, ready for Caalaj then?
Me: Yeah, I think so.

Then we had speeches and stuff. There was the announcer who was enthusiastic but not so good in English. There were the chicks. There were parents of the chicks who looked nervous and worried. And then there were the guys, a majority of whom had no clue what was going on on the stage because they were too busy finding out potential girl-friends. There were some others who were interested in the cars that were going towards the parking lot. There were a few nervous ones wondering what the seniors would do to them. And then there was yours truly, who was considering opening his copy and noting down the grammatical errors being made by the the announcer so he could mention them in his blog and laugh his ass off. But he didn’t do it for some reason he doesn’t remember.

And then, the speeches started. Human beings with various degrees of stomach protrusions and scary faces started coming up on the stage and addressing us. I didn’t see much because I was sitting at the back. Nope, this wasn’t because I’m one of the back benchers. It was because the girls had already occupied the first few rows. Two rows after the girls were filled with anxious parents trying to act as a barrier between their nashe ki pudi’s and the piercing glances of the galli ke gunde’s. Meanwhile, everyone who’d come on the stage would go on saying scary words like discipline, hard work etc. Everytime one such word would come, I would fall an inch or so in my chair so that by the time the speeches ended, it was looking like my chair was wearing a low waist jeans. That jeans being me.

Finally we entered the campus, anxious and all, with the seniors standing on the stairs and staring at us with manic expressions on their faces. We were sorted into sections and I entered my class. It was scary in there. I had expected an urban crowd but what greeted me was something the complete opposite. Something I had dreaded and something I knew I was gonna be uncomfortable with. Sitting there were human beings in weird clothes, human beings who had porcupine heads because they’re all Dhoni fans. A quick look on the female side wasn’t very encouraging either. They were the exact opposite cool looking, listening to English music kinda-chicks. That’s where I think I was over-expecting. But this was, well, unfair. I had always thought I had the better of my parents by forcing them to let me do what I wanted instead of an Engg. But turns out it’s the other way round. They finally managed to be the last man (and woman) standing by sending me somewhere where I can neither make a friend, nor a girlfriend. Clever guys them, really. I guess I got ragged by my parents instead of seniors as someone said in the comments section of the previous post. Whoever said it, take the credit yourselves.

The seniors, yes. So, we weren’t expecting much because we always knew the teachers in here were strict and all. But the seniors were even worse. They just came, checked out the girls. Asked their names and went away. That’s my future right there. I’ll be looking into the first year next year hoping some decent chick finally makes her way here and I can hit on her. Let’s just say the future doesn’t look very bright. Anyway, once we reached our classes, the teachers explained to us the rules of the institution. Some of them were extremely amusing. There’s one particular one which says that a guy and a girl cannot be seen together unless they’re discussing something educational. Yeah right, you’ve got to be kidding me. That didn’t even happen in schools! How could you do this to me, dad? Don’t you wanna see your son married and making his own cricket team? Or well, maybe a shooting contingent now that Abhinav Bindra’s struck Gold? Guess not. There was another rule that mobile phones can be used only in washrooms. Otherwise, they shall be confiscated and you have to pay 200 bucks to get them back. I’ve seen that one being flouted openly. Another one says we have to wear formals one day of the week. I hate formals. Period. Where there are rules, there’s a guy who’s got to implement them. We have one such guy here too. Everyone fears him and starts running and hiding at the sight of him. If you’ve seen Main Hoon Na, and remember that Hindi teacher who speaks broken English and how everyone starts running at the sight of her, just imagine the same thing and fit our guy in there.

I could go on and on, but then this will get boring. I have a few friends there. And my new beshtesht friend uses my mobile phone to call and text message his girlfriend. I don’t even know why I let him do that. The language on campus is Punjabi. I know Punjabi but I’m more comfortable with English and Hindi. But well, you can’t speak that in there. If you speak English, they’ll just refuse to understand and if by mistake you speak in Hindi, they’ll look at you like you’re some earthworm who got AIDS by having sex with itself. I’ve not missed even one lecture till now. It’s not that I’m very studious. It’s just that there’s nothing to miss classes for. I’ll end up getting bored so I might as well attend the class and laugh at my situation and find things to blog about. I’m probably the only guy who doesn’t like free periods and wishes that they’d have all the lectures on the trot and let us go home as early as possible. And every one of the last 4 days has ended with rains. It keeps raining ALL THE TIME. Yeah, I know rains are fun but the fact you have to wait in college after all your lectures just so the rain would stop kills all the fun. And ultimately it doesn’t stop and you reach home completely soaked all the time.

The only good thing about college was probably that I didn’t hate my maths teacher the minute I saw him. Usually I hate all my maths teacher’s but this one seems to be okay. Or maybe it’s the fact that I’m the only one answering in class because I’m from a Non-medical background and everybody else is either Commerce or Arts. Only that can explain a guy who got 48 on 100 in his 12th boards being the most responsive student in class. But that shall end soon because Trigonometry is the next thing we take up in Maths. Good luck to me. And yes, Happy Indian Independence Day as well.

41 thoughts on “College – Week 1

  1. lol ish tht ws 2 funny …i absoultely adore d dialogues u write in ur blog :D

    teri situation itni bad bhi nahi hai re..atleast u can use cels in washroom ..hamare yahan to its banned dikh bhi gaya to 5000 fine

    aage sun speakin of dress code u kno mere coll mei only suits n dey damn strict abt it jeans pehno to guard gate nahi kholta for u :|

    n jst imagine tht is wen my coll is only gals god knws kya karte hd it been coed i kno burka pehen k jaana hota :|

    jitna mil raha hai usme khush reh re..othrs situation is worse than u….speakin of d uncool gals smethin is betr than nothin re :P…i cant evn get 2 c uncool boys in my coll :p…aded 2 tht d only gals crowd is 2 so vry uncool :X…bt i kno thts no consolation…uncool ko jhelo betr hai kuch na dekho ryte :P

    * n prays 2 GOD * leme b d 1st prsn 2 commnt dis time plz plz plz plz :P

  2. Saale not even a passing mention of the Lady in White? Haraami. :P She’ll be so disappointed. Ab toh tera thoda bahut chance bhi gaya uske saath. Gadha hai tu. Aur phir tu rota hai ki tu single hai. Pehle shaqal bhoola ab blog pe mention bhi nahin kiya. Sudhar ja jawan warna kunwara marega. :P

  3. No ragging? bah ..boring days man, I wish u luck!!! I think ur seniors aren’t ragging u bcoz they know u will die of boredom in few days.
    And I think I posted my last comment at wrong place, on previous post :(
    Can I copy paste it here?? okie thanku thanku

    I had some ragging experience on first week of my engg college.
    On first day, I warned a 3 year senior student when he tried to rag me and told other one to mind his own business when he asked my name.
    Third one asked me “where do u live?”, I put a hand on his shoulder, carried him to gallery and pointed at a hill approx 4 km from college and said,”Can u see that hill?”, he nodded and I continued,”right at its base, is my home.”
    he looked at me and said, “yeah right, c ya” and ran away from me :D Believe me, I was a very thin simple guy. I didn’t understand at first why they were afraid of me. Anyone one of them could have thrown me out of window at that time. :P

    Ok let me tell u the secret. I was the *Local* guy and all dumb ones who tried to rag me were *outsiders*. SO they realized in time that if they didn’t back off, may be they will not be able to come to college for next six months or so :D
    Local seniors were my childhood friends so no prob from them.
    What say Ish, do u have any backup like this?
    Or may be u don’t need backup there.

    (copy pasted from previous post comment)

    And Federar Lost in Olympics :(

  4. haha, i loved reading this post, such a storybook feel to it. hey, at least you get to go home! i thought you had to stay in hostel or something. but it’s too late to change college, huh? what exactly are you studying? how come are parents around? parents long disappeared in school since high school, isn’t it?

    you sound like you’re in the same boat as me; my work place is mostly made up of female. do you think mom should try matchmaking? haha! (hmm, why not you too? then your cricket team has still some hope, hehehe…)

  5. Wow, college is so formal there.
    We had an “official opening” thing here too, but not everyone had to, or wanted to go. Only the guileless freshmen went thinking it was compulsory.
    I’m a senior this year but no I don’t check out the freshmen boys. Heh.

  6. Cool now that college has finally started. Those are the best of days, really. Nothing actually to worry about, just study score marks and you shall live. The college that I went to was very very strict and I remember we had professors standing near stairways, canteen, grounds, corridors and classrooms to check whether any ragging is going on.

    All the best and hope you make lot of friends who are girls! :D

  7. *here’s one particular one which says that a guy and a girl cannot be seen together unless they’re discussing something educational.*….seriously, what century does your school think it is in? and I wonder, do they truly stick by their words about all these peculiar other rules that you’ve mentioned up there? cause that is SERIOUSLY LAME! sorry i don’t want to sound obnoxious or anything but im so glad i dont go to college in india….they still treat you like 5 year old kids in college…haha total contrast to the freedom i have hehe
    but hey, seems like you dont mind it at all which is great! and trust me, i dont think anyone misses classes the first 2 weeks…..most of the skipping classes begin after that and soon there’ll be a point when you’ll think, eh whats the point of even going to class, psh. (unless they take attendance :/ which i think they do considering most colleges in india do :/)
    anyhoo, GOOODDD LUCKKKK for the next 3 (or 4?) years! these are gonna be the BESTESTEST years of your life! so enjoyyyy themmm to the maxxxxx =]

  8. Bitwa, tujhe college apna pariwaar set karne ke liye nahi bheja. Ladkiyon se dimaag hata, or kitaabon ki kudiyon mein laga. :P

    Btw, with all the Main Hoona comparison I shouldn’t be surprised if you fell in love with a teacher. :P

  9. The best post ever! I was totally LOL reading every small thing!!

    //And then there were the guys, a majority of whom had no clue what was going on on the stage because they were too busy finding out potential girl-friends.//
    LOL !!

    Hey, seriously, not even ONE single nice girl in your class? :-o
    And you wish there are lectures ?? :-o

    I hope you have a good time dude!!

    And yeah, keep blogging more frequently !! Puh-leesseee !! :D

  10. Hey cool… I see you had a stereotype first minus ragging of course! :-D
    Ah don’t worry about girls and english for now .. I mean just forget it.. Engg is notorious for the Boy:girl ratio

    (You should have joined communication field.. well we poor guys are out numbered here) ;-)

    You hate trigonometry too?? That bloody subject screwed up my maths grades in 10th; since then never eyed a maths textbook.. no seriously, how important is it to know the height/depth/length of the shadow of a frikking hill? Blah such a waste of time

    PS: I think that somebody who said, “You got ragged by your parents instead of seniors,” is me :-P

  11. SO D- day finally arrives.,.
    ur caalej is open … :P
    no ragging ???
    ragging in non engineering colleges are interesting..they aks u to dance and all like in DU .:P

    dude 200 rupees is less ?/….in my college we have to pay 2000 bucks ..ofcourse we used to use it ..we had our own ways.

    and man as priya said ..ur posting frequency has dipped just like the IT slump :(
    we all face the same good looking chick in my college too :( .

  12. Very harsh rules in your college .. Is it an educational institute or a jail ?? .. That is really insane .. and the even more insane thing is not a single hot chick in your class ..

    I dont know how will you survive???

    All the best buddy !! .. Hv fun

  13. So it began finally. So, hows getting up early and all going on? :P
    And don’t think too much about chicks specially when there are not many good ones available. Instead put more efforts in studies. Next year you have to be in Delhi. :D
    Phir both of us will do eve teasing together and go on double dates. ;)

  14. ” it was looking like my chair was wearing a low waist jeans. That jeans being me. ” Lol, my orientation day was quite the same – boring to the core. So, mobiles are not allowed in your college. Neither it is in ours. But I thought in the North the rules and regulations are more relaxed n all. We didn’t get ragged either till now coz our seniors were busy with their exams. No good looking chicks, eh? Awwwnnn, that’s okay yaar…may be there are such ones in the other section. As they say, always keep your eyes open…you never know what (or who) you would find!

    You guys are doing Trigo? Sheesh, I hate that topic. Never really understood the purpose of learning that crap. Anyway, all the best for your studies. Hope you make loads of friends. Once you make some friends you’d start enjoying college despite all the harsh rules. That’s how it always is yeah? Wherever you are, if you have a few friends by your side, then what else do you need? Be happy, Ish, and have fun! Coz you’d never get three years back:)

  15. Ha. You don’t like Trigo? Wait for next year. Accounting, ooh la la. Beylens sheets, have fun. :P And what eez this? There was a female who you liked [albeit the fact that Lady in White sounds kinda Bolly chudailish, no offense meant. :P] and you didn’t talk about that?
    Tsk, tsk. Rooting for sympathy? :P

    Alright, enough with the sadism. Pictures up. If I run the risk of being killed because of the ones you asked for [ahem], you’re supposed to save me, okay? :P

    Actually. Something left.
    Nadal WON!

  16. Well, I remember reading somewhere that Harvard or Cambridge had a rule book which mentioned that “female students can visit the Men’s dormitory as long as the door to the said room is ajar and both the legs of at least one of the people present in the room are planted on the floor.” So I guess with you they’ve been a little less elaborate.

    And about their listening in to your conversations with girls, and if they are educational, keep on the lookout for micro-receivers at random places.

  17. Thanks for a lovely description of the perfect disaster! :D Why can’t you bunk classes? Just keep the minimum attendance, bas! Who sits in classes? Don’t you have a nice canteen or something? I never used to attend any class because I never learned anything from those teachers.

    But how can you talk in Punjabi all the time? That’s killing! I’m sorry to hear that. Thi will help you improve your mother tongue, maybe? :| Every cloud has a silver lining. See? :)

  18. uh huh Don’t be disappointed. :) Perhaps things improve when you find suitable colleagues. Watch out for your friend (who texts from your phone) from turning into a moocher. IT hurts most when people do that in budding friendships.

    When you find a guy disappointed because his college has nil good chicks, you can realise that it is Gen Y :)

    I would say writing about speaker’s grammatical errors has a good blog post potential. Try writing it from memory. I find such English errors hilarious.

    I was on a vacation in hills and it rained everywhere all the time. :)

  19. Hahahahha…. the guy and the girl not being seen together is rather funny!! Its hilarious in fact!!! In many colleges in Andhra, you are not allowed to even talk!!!

  20. ha !.
    May be its because its your first week. Things will get better in coming weeks/months. and then by the end of fourth year you would be pleading with gods to not let it end (well if you have cleared all the papers :D ).
    Make some new friends ( and girl friends).. You are at the best time of your life. enjoy it.

  21. aaargh !! I miss college. I stil remember the first day I walked in, there were speeches and then I made quick friends with R (who is my best friend now) and we were checking out chicks etc etc.
    T used to hate me at first sight. Then we became roomies and aarrgh Imiss my friends as well.

  22. LOL…that was an awesome punlish… :P Anyways…No ragging….we too in our coll have no such ragging…infact there is a Anti-Ragging committee.. :P (Like the seniors give a damn!)

    Anyways, enjoy your college days dude…There’s no better fun than your college days…I’m doing the same…:D Having loads of fun in college.. ;)

    Ladkionko bhi thoda pata na! ;) :D

    And ya, all the best and happy independence day to you too :)

  23. @Shaivi: Lol, thanks. I like my dialogues too. Isiliye maine yeh theme laga rakha hai because it really enchances the dialogues.

    And ab jab sabke colleges ke baare mein sunne laga hun toh realize hua hai ki my college is not that bad after all. And I always wonder girls schools mein suits kyun daalne ko bolte hain. Boys schools mein toh samajh aata hai, girls ne aapas mein kya karna hai.

    Crowd ka theek hai yaar, maine waise kaunsa kisi se zyada baat karni thi. Jo hai, theek hai. Bas padhenge and post grad. kisi achchi jagah se karenge, baaki sab toh aise hi hai.

    And congratulations, bhagwaan ne teri sun li :P

    @Bharat: Kya saale, tu toh mereko uske saath set kara ke rahega. She wasn’t that great, tabhi toh chehra yaad nahi raha. And is post ke time toh sach mein dimaag mein hi nahi aayi. Maybe I was emphasizing and trying to make this post as negative as possible and positive points bhool hi gaya. :P

    Main saari zindagi single rehne waala hun, mereko confidence hai pura.

    @Suda: You could be right, because I surely will die of boredom in a couple of days. There’s nothing to do, nowhere to go and nobody to talk to in college.

    Lol, you had an easy escape from ragging. Unfortunately, I don’t have anything like this to save my ass. Most people are local, and more local than I am. But then again, I don’t need it. Nobody ragged us and now it’s been over a week, I don’t think anyone is gonna do that.

    Yep, Federer did lose in Singles but he won Doubles. So that’s some consolation at least :D

    @Sulz: Who wants to stay at home? I wanted to stay in a hostel, to know how it is to live life alone and how to do things on your own and how to adjust in minimalistic situations such as limited internet and shared rooms et al. I’m doing a bachelors degree in computer applications. The college is pretty close to my house and therefore I stay at home. Hence the parents. And nope, they never disappeared. And doesn’t look like they will for another 3 years.

    And yes, you absolutely have to find me a cute chick! And I’ll find you a nice guy, if I can find any here. Other than me, that is. :P

    @Lovelyloey: Yeah, colleges have always been formal in here that way I think. And our seniors weren’t checking the guys out either. They’ve got their heads in the right places, well, most of them anyway. :P

    @Maddie: I don’t know Reema, it’s pretty much the same as school. When you have to study and pass, you’ll obviously have to worry. And moreover, I’m someone who tends to worry and think about things too much. We didn’t have much ragging either, the teachers made sure one of them was around when the seniors entered.

    About the friends who are girls, well, I’m not too enthusiastic. I don’t think it’s gonna happen.

    @Anahita: Well, I don’t know if they plan on implimenting it but it definitely is stupid. But then again, I’ve seen boys and girls together and it didn’t look like they were discussing studies. Maybe we just have to be careful when the said guy is around.

    I do mind such things but I’m used to that. School was like too. The schools and colleges are the ones which make Indians desperate. They don’t encourage interaction in fear that people will get too close and ultimately guys end up as loners. It’s all their fault somewhere. And yes, they do take attendence in here. 75% is compulsary and you can’t even bribe the teachers. They’re too ruddy honest in here.

    3 years it is, and I hope they’re good. Right now, I’m not too sure about things.

    @Ashish: LOL yea right. Mere joke ka satyanaas kyun karna hota hai hamesha? It’s so unfair. :P

    And LOL again, there’s no Sushmita Sen material here. And moreover, I’m not some buddha army guy who’s come back to college. Mera toh first time hai :P

    @Priya: LOL, I’m glad you were all Lol lol.

    And nope, there’s not even ONE nice girl in my class. There are three or so in the other section I’ve heard. :P And yea, I wish there were lectures because it gets even more boring otherwise. There’s nothing to do. It’s just..lame.

    I will blog more frequently, I promise.

    @Balu: That’s the thing man. I’m not doing engg. I’m doing BCA. That is supposed to have chicks. And well, we do have them but we better not get into that. I wish I could’ve joined communications. My parents didn’t even think about that.

    Yes, I’ve hated trigono ever since it started. I don’t understand why we do half the stuff in maths when we aren’t even gonna use it. But that’s just the way it is. That’s education. Learning and understanding stuff you might not even need.

    Aha, so it was you! Nice line. :P

    @Arvind: Yes, caalaj is open. No ragging though. I was hoping they’d make us sing or dance but they didn’t do anything. And ragging in DU bhi puraani baat ho gayi. Aaj kal kuch khaas nahi hota because it’s a criminal offence and all and colleges ko bhi dhyaan rakhna padta hai.

    I didn’t say anything about the mobile phone waala rule, maine sirf mention kiya. Mobiles waala toh har jagah hi hota hai. And don’t worry, abhi koshish karke zyada frequently likhunga. Engg. colleges mein waise bhi chicks nahi hoti yaar, yeh bba/bca college hai. Idhar honi chahiye thi, yehi sochke toh admission li thi. :P

    @Nidhi: Yea, I agree with you. You’re so out of inspiration. And yes, I know I’m very funny. Bachpan se.

    @Soham: Well, they’re not that harsh as it turns out. Every second college in India is the same. I don’t know how I will survive either. But somehow, I will. I will have to, I don’t have any other option, do I?

    @Amit: Getting up early sucks. I’ve never been an early morning guy and that really pisses off the parents. Right in the morning we start fighting and I keep cursing all day. Then I come home and all they’re bothered about is college. Not me. So yea, things are back to normal. And next year in Delhi doesn’t look like it’s happening. I’ve told you everything already.

    Haha, eve teasing and double dates. Sahi hai. Saath jail bhi jayenge. :P

    @Mahi: Nah, north colleges are the same as south ka colleges. Strictness is everywhere. And nope, no good chicks in my class but I did notice one in the other section of BCA. Sad thing is that that entire class and more than half of our class is already after her. I might be better off intelectually but other than that, I don’t stand a chance.

    Yeah, we do have trigno in our syllabus for some reason. They say it’s used in programming somewhere. I have no idea. Thanks for all your wishes. Making friends is difficult around there because everyone’s from a different level and I haven’t really found anyone with common interests there. There is nobody who’d bang his head crazily to Green Day music with me. So, well, maybe I’ll find someone later. Otherwise I guess I’ll just be a loner like I always was and escape from within the crowd.

    @Vasudha: Nope, I don’t like Trigo. And agle saal kya, we have accounts in this semester also. Abhi toh we haven’t done much, just the basis. Abhi toh it seems fine but I’m pretty sure baad mein panga padega. And that girl in white wasn’t anything great. She seemed okay but more than that, she was shorter than me. I mentioned that to Bharat and usne toh baat ka batangad bana diya.

    I saw the pics, they were brilliant! And don’t worry, ladka tereko nahi maarega. Haan mera zaroor khoon ho sakta hai. :s

    *pretends to ignore the Nadal part completely*

    @Karan: Lol, yeah, they didn’t go into that kind of detail. However, I don’t think females and males would ever be allowed in the other hostels in here. But they do manage to do their stuff anyway.

    And yea, even I wondered how they were gonna monitor us. Micro-recievers seems too high tech. Anyway, I don’t need to worry about them right now. No girl talks to me. Not even in groups. Bleh.

    @Ruhi: Lol, you’re welcome. Describing the disaster was fun. Living it, well, not really. The minimum attendance is 75%, that’s just about as good as full attendence. Moreover, almost every teacher knows my dad in there. And to top it all, I don’t have any friends in thera, as I mentioned. Can’t really go to the canteen alone. And it’s always full of people. I don’t like many people around me. I’m more of a loner.

    Speaking Punjabi is tough, because I’m not good at it. Even if I do talk in Punjabi, the accent is very Hindi and very different from the authentic accent of most people. It’s a very aasman se gire khajoor mein atke waala situation.

    @Poonam: I don’t know how not to be disappointed in there. Things are bad. I’m the only one answering in the class. I’m already doing a course lower than most non-med people do. Moreover, the kids in here don’t really contribute in the class so it’s no fun answering. I can’t find friends, there’s nobody who shares interests with me. I’m watching out this friend, he’s okay but he has a tendency to bunk and disturb the class. Usually that’s fine but sometimes he over does it. The other two friends are the same. I don’t know when I’ll find someone genuine.

    Lol, I wasn’t disappointed only because there were no good chicks. There were a lot of reasons. This was one of them, but still, not the major thing.

    The speaker’s English was hilarious, but I don’t really remember anything now. Maybe some other time. And rains when you’re on vacations on hill stations is fine. Adds to the beauty of the place. But having to get wet while at work everyday and then having to face car drivers refusing to slow down and covering you with rain water from puddles is not fun.

    @Nova: They’re not even allowed to talk?! Guess I should love my college then. I can already see a couple of love affairs blooming around here.

    @Xylene: Yeah, maybe it is because of that. Eventually I might start enjoying it or at the very least being okay with it. And my course is 3 years, not 4. And I genuinely hope I get to make some friends.

    @Joel: Yeah, it’s a rule that colleges have to have anti ragging commitee’s nowadays. The teachers even gave us their mobile numbers so we could talk to them if somebody rags us. Some ragging is fun, at least intro’s are.

    I’ll try to enjoy college, I don’t know anything right now. It doesn’t seem like a lot of fun but I guess one takes time to adjust.

    Ladkiyan, well, dekha jayega. I’m trying to not think about that abhi.

  24. ‘Most Responsive Student’ Wow ish, i’m proud of you!

    God, punjabi in college…its hindi in mine, and considering how much I love that language, its a wonder i made it to the third year.

    Anyway, dont worry,when they start college, all the girls look like those saadhu types, but a couple of months into it and they’ll completely change. Maybe you’ll actually have something in common with some of them :)

  25. honey, i’ve stayed out for a month and believe me, nothing’s more comfortable than home. if you crave freedom, then maybe hostel life is for you but since i have all the freedom i want at home as well, i don’t feel restricted. but if you do ever have a chance at independence, my advice is to make sure you have a book. never know when it’ll be good company!

    there are no cute chicks in my office, everyone is older than me! i’m dying at work. :(

  26. sirf 200 bucks ka fine?????? :-x :shock: arrey in my coll they used 2 take away d cells. Tehy used 2 have surprise checks during lectures….n return it only wen d parents came and apologised 4 u :cry: BTW i still hav’nt understood ki cell phones akhir banned kyun hai yaar??????? :lol: it helps improve ur social skills :mrgreen: raggin also was mast in our college….fun days yaar :-) neways as usual njoyed ur post… poor u….no hot chicks???????? :mrgreen: isiliye toh tu college jaata hai na????????? :lol: patience dear….aa jayegi koi sushmita sen of main hoon na jaise….saree pahenkar….zoolfein udaati hue…… ;-) till then wait…n njoy….

  27. @Lemonade: It’s nothing to be proud of, trust me. The other kids are so lame that I’d look intelligent even if I’m not.

    Hindi is the language on campus there? I wouldn’t mind if it were Hindi here. I mean, Hindi is okay, it’s the national language and all. Punjabi is not justified. Now everyone’s started talking in Hindi with me and looking at me as if I were an alien or something.

    I get your point about the girls. Today was our formal day, and I had expected that the girls would wear simple suits, because that’s what they wear all the time. But I got the shock of my life when they all turned up in pants and shirts, even the desi-est outta the desi ones. Sadly, even that didn’t help matters much. But I don’t care anyway. Even if they were good looking, they weren’t gonna talk to me. I’m a loner, I don’t really approach people.

    @Sulz: Yeah, I wouldn’t mind a bit of freedom. More than freedom, I want to make my own decisions. I want to be able to decide how to deal with people, to be allowed to get my hair cut and look like I want. I’m sick of coming home and having to answer questions about college. Nobody bothers about the other part of my life. It’s all studies and performance. I want a break from that.

    Argh, no cute chicks at your office? That sucks. Any cute guys, then? :P For you, obviously.

    @Riddhima: Yes, sirf 200 bucks ka fine. I know that’s not much, and I didn’t say anything negative about this anyway. Pata nahi sab log kyun is point ko lekar baith gaye. And cellphones social skills improve zarur karte hain, bas problem yeh hai ki yeh waale skills hum us time improve kar rahe hote hein jab class mein teacher dusre skills improve karwane ki koshish kar rahi hoti hai. :P

    And By God, aaj Sushmita Sen mil gaye ek. BBA ki teacher hai. Aaj usne saari pehni thi and baal khule the. OMG. :P

    @Vishesh: Yes, that word adjust. That’s what you have to keep doing all the time.

  28. hehehehehehehe :mrgreen: OMG :shock: saree and baal khule????????? allowed hai??????/ in our coll toh teachers ko bhi dress code tha nahi toh baccho ki niyat na kharab ho jaaye teacher ko dekhkar :mrgreen:

  29. Few days ago we had the 1st yr induction program in our college. And I was in charge of one section to take one a round of college campus and various sections and departments. It was so silly and its fun now to read a post from a 1st yr 1st week student point of view. This post of mine was the 1st study day of the 1st yr kids so u can imagine what was their impression of college life!!

    I think its too early to say that “They finally managed to be the last man (and woman) standing by sending me somewhere where I can neither make a friend, nor a girlfriend.” I have seen many unlikely people making not only friends but also girlfriends!! Unlikely in the sense who felt out of place there.
    Ragging was really fun for us. It was lil scary but mostly enjoyable and it really helps to bond and live in a hostel. In my college time the localites got more ragged than hostelers because we used to get ragged in hostel so no one touched us in college under our hostel seniors protection. We didnt have any such stupid rules regarding uniforms or guys gals.

    Dont let such people take advantage. Set the ground rules of friendship first and i’m sure u will make life long true friends soon. College gives life long friends. How are you finding the subjects? Is there semester system?

  30. even if they are cute guys, they’d probably speak chinese. -_- never been so in the wrong environment!

    as for that part of independence that you crave, don’t worry you’ll soon get it. as a teenager, i got my freedom early while many of my friends were still cooped up at home by their parents. once they started college though those parents began to let go of the leash bit by bit. :) your time will come, surely!

  31. ok. now im REALLY nervous. especially after reading this post…
    “piercing glances of the galli ke gunde’s. Meanwhile, everyone who’d come on the stage would go on saying scary words like discipline, hard work ” see what i mean?

    my orientation is in another week and i dont even know what to expect.
    “There were the chicks. There were parents of the chicks who looked nervous and worried. And then there were the guys, a majority of whom had no clue what was going on on the stage because they were too busy finding out potential girl-friends.” really? lol!

    and whats with the mobile phones anyway? i dont understand that concept at all. what if there are emergencies? i mean, WHY? why not?

    wish me luckk ishmeettt. ugh.

  32. Lmao!
    How do you manage to put forth such boring things in a manner that the reader actually finds them interesting and ends up reading the entire post even though it happens to be h..u..g..e? :/ :P
    And congratulations on surviving one whole week of college!:D
    You dont lke Trigo?:O I love it!:D Along with the other topics of Maths,except ofcourse Geometry. :|


  33. @ Ish : You wanna hear some good stuff? The average Indian woman is between 5′ 1″ and 5′ 3″. Khush ho jaa. :P I’m lamba-er than average too, hallelujah. ^.^

    Oh well, we’re both still alive, [you are, aren’t you? :| ], so maybe he’s turned Gandhian. Ahimsa and all. :D

    @Prerna : Geometry is a legit way of committing suicide. :|

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