Guess what?! It’s a tag!

Um, okay, nevermind the title. I know you’ve read too many tags already to be excited about it. Anyway, It’s the Jaane Tu..Ya Jaane Na season. Aachoo Bajaj is going crazy after Meow and Maniacal Prerna wants Rats. And me, you ask? Well, I liked the girl called Shaleen. Don’t look at me like that, I told you I was weird. But that girl was cool. She plays guitars, has red hair and looks decent too. Turns out not many people think the way I do. Her real name is Sugandha Garg and when I googled that, this is what Wikipedia had to say about her. Depressing, don’t you think?

Anyway, I also watched Love Story 2050 just because my friend wanted to see how it could be so bad after the very promising promos. Well, I think he got his answer. And as if that wasn’t enough, I also watched Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic because I had no better way to pass 3 hours. So that’s 80 + 50 = 130 bucks gone. Wait, add popcorns to that. Round about 200 bucks gone. Are you listening, cycle waali Rani and Hrithik ke clone? :-/

Amongst all these things, I’ve been listening to Rabbi Shergill‘s new album, Avengi Ja Nahin, over and over again. It’s called Avengi Ja Nahin and it’s got some really nice songs. Especially Challa, Avengi Ja Nahin, Tu Avin Bandra, Bilqis and Return to Unity. And now for some self praise. My only real life friend who knows about this blog and reads it is Tushar. Actually, there are some more who know about it but I don’t think they read it. Anyway, so Tushar used to have a blog earlier but he gave up on it because nobody used to read it. And now, he’s back and he decided to start his new blog with a review of my blog. Darn, everybody loves me so much it makes me wanna cry. :P

And now, finally, I come down to the main thing. The Tag. Bole toh, Tag Do which was bestowed upon me by Vasudha Didi. I will try my best not to disappoint you, Didi.

1. What have you realised recently?
Deciding to pick up a fight with the parents and then stuffing earphones into your ears and listening to music when they’re shouting at you isn’t the cleverest thing you could do.

2. Have you given your first kiss away?
Hey bhagwaan, abhi toh main bachcha hun! Aise ashleel sawaal! :-O

3. If you were to be stranded on a deserted island, who are the 11 blog buddies you would take?
Why just 11? I’ll book a Star Cruise, stuff all of them on the ship and then ask the captain to throw us out on some random island. When you’re day dreaming, you might as well do it properly.

4. Where is the place that you want to go the most?
Um, maybe New York City.

5. If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
A dream where I suddenly got a cool haircut, decided to grow 5 inches taller and bought a Macbook Pro.

6. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
Na, I guess I would be sitting in my room, chatting with somebody and telling them that it stopped raining.

7. What are you afraid to lose the most now?
The Lady in Red. I keep thinking there’s gonna be a power surge and it’s gonna blow up. Call me paranoid.

8. If you win $1 million, what would you do?
Buy a Macbook Pro. Baaki I’ll think afterwards.

9. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
Yea, you bet. No no, go ahead, rub salt on the wounds. :/

10. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
Um. Err. She’s funny. She takes good photographs. And err, she’s funny. She says she’s half blind so I’m hoping she doesn’t figure out that point number 1 and 3 are the same. Kuch dikha toh nahi na, Vasudha Didi? :P

11. What are the requirements that you wish from your other half?
She should buy me a Macbook Pro on my birthday? Um, yea, that’d be it. :P

12. Which type of person do you hate the most?
Religion fanatics. Those who try to force their opinions unto others.

13. What is the one thing you cannot live without?
Computer + Internet. Count that as one.

14. If you have faults, would you rather the people around you point out to you or would you rather they keep quiet?
Rather they point it out to me. Because they’re gonna point it out behind my back anyway.

15. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
Hmm, I don’t know right now.

16. Are you a shopaholic or not?
One line – Never take me for gadget shopping.

17. Find a word to describe the person who tagged you.
Um, windmill? :P

18. If you have a chance. Which part of your character you would like to change?
I’m stealing Didi’s answer for this – I’d wish to be a harder worker. I’m a lazy ass.

19. Whats the last shocking thing you’ve seen or heard?
A person danced on glass and then had a road roller go over him. And still, he didn’t die. For more shocking things, go watch India TV, your one stop for everything that’s not news. :P

20. Would you rather have love but no money or money but no love?
Money but no love. I’ll buy a Macbook Pro with the money and then I’ll love it. So in a way I get both. Yes, you can applaud for me. :P

And now, I tag:

Tushar, Maddie, Riddhima, Amit, Perx, Joel and Arvind.

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48 thoughts on “Guess what?! It’s a tag!

  1. Yippy! first comment again!! And thanx for the tag (do you thank a person for giving you a tag or not??)I’ve not read the post and will comment after reading it.

  2. Arre, confirm with your Mummy. I’m supposed to be younger to you, Ish Paji. =P Unless you happen to be the kid from the first standard who thought I’d liked to be informed when her partner er, shitted in her undies. =|

    Oh, and I’m wearing my glasses. You’ll have to change number three. Come on, don’t sulk, I’m not that bad! =P

    Wrt 9 : LOL! Sowwiiieee! But still, LOL. =P


  3. Quite mac obsessed I see! So am I! The other day I went to Konica..and they had this huge 24 inch imac..and I just drooled all over it..literally..the guy at the counter was giving me weird stares! lol

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  5. @ish
    itna craze 4 a mac?????????? :shock: chalo theek hi hai… u r a guy…. :mrgreen: m toh a shoe – bag – accessories fan :lol: cant get enough of it……

  6. I have been waiting for tag post since long. Your reactions to movie are no surprise to me, I am sad in this country we have so less options of entertainment that we are forced to watch dreadful movies yet again.

    I am also glad that you did not post too many tags together, as I know some are pending. I agree India TV is shocking. :) I won’t rub salt into your wounds. ;)

    But it is unfair to want your better half to buy you Mac? Out of the world :P

  7. well,looks like every one around me has seen jaane tu ya jaane na… :(
    review was good :) lots of points missing ;)

    abe kab tak cacha rahega ..u are 18 now ..

    shit !!! indian TV doesnt come here..
    i am missing lot of entertainment indeed .. :lol:

    will do the tag soon

  8. Looks like you have watched almost all of the latest releases… Kya bhai? kya hal hein? Record set kar rahein ho kya?

    And the tag was interesting. 6th one was hilarious… =)) when there is internet at home.. who cares about what is happening outside.. :P

    And thanks for tagging.. will do it asap… :)

  9. For more senseless things, go watch India TV, your one stop for everything that’s not news.

    i agree that 99% of the channel stuff is useless but shocking ;) but i like that channel because usme mera naam aata hai aksar as ‘sporst ke ubharte sitaarey’…..

    anyways, i am sorry for your dream to have a cool haircut…… and may you get a macbook everyday…

  10. She should buy me a Macbook Pro on my birthday? Um, yea, that’d be it.
    Kya? Ek mili nahi ki dusri ki khoj mein? I’ll tell Evil Woman! :P

    I just saw janne tu ya jaane na…oooo, i’m so excited. I want that Rats.
    will read the rest of your post later. and stop embarrassing people by calling them didi on your blog. its a bad habit.

  12. //Are you listening, cycle waali Rani and Hrithik ke clone? :-/ //
    LOL :D :D but still ya, 200 bucks on 3 movies is positively cheap. You duno how lucky you are.

    Ooh, you’re paranoid :D

    And what’s with all the didi-ing?

    And oh, come online fast and help me plot ways to kill Nids.

  13. I read the whole post finally :D

    Lol , all answers were pretty nice..although I don’t know you but the answers don’t read like you’ve written just for the heck of it!
    And with the obsession you have for Macbook , I particularly loved the last one :P

  14. Now when i make up mind to watch a movie after seeing the promos, comes a review on one of the blog and there the blogger would explain his agony, anger, frustration, etc etc on his post and changes my mind. :)
    I havent been the theatre for 2 months now. :(
    I catch upon some hollywood movies on DVD.
    Bollywoooood???? aaaarrrgh !

    I think your lady in red will be jealous if you use her to write about your love for MACBook.
    Are you two timing?

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  16. sme1’s sure obsessd wid mac book hunh……n altho i did commnt 2 u wen i saw d title of d post…”ishhhhh a tag not again!!!”:p…bt d answrs wre sure funny 2 read :D

    n m to absolutely in luv wid jaane tu n imraan…hayeeeeeeeeeeeee :p…i ws actualy w8in ki tu kab d talk of d town ke baare mei likhega :D

  17. hello Ish, how have u been? Yeah, its been long.. really long that i visited ur blog and for that matter mine too! I was deprived of computer+internet for almost 50 days. hopefully, i’ll get to blog henceforth.

    well i see Macbook is driving you crazy! what happened to your entrance exams, tuttion classes, i’m yet to read ur old blogs… btw, Who is this lady in red?

  18. Yep, TPTM and Love Story are complete trash, I didn’t want to see TPTM either, but my friends dragged me along, I went out of the hall twice and spent most time smsing, it was really boooriiiiiingggg…
    anyway, well at last u realised that those motorola ads can’t be practical, what’d ur parents say when u put the earphones in ur ears?
    But, u won’t know would u, u were listening to songs… while they ranted :P
    You know ur laptop story seems something like this, that u like the sexiest chick in the class, but thinking she is out of ur league, u settled for a cutie(dell) in ur class. U love the cutie, but would ditch her in a sec, if u get the sexy chick(mac).
    btw, yep, indiatv is the place if u need some entertainment, its like “imaginary guiness primetime show” full on!

    P.S. Sorry yaar, but I have already done the tag… I can’t believe this, its the second time someone tags me, and i have to deny, cuz i’ve already stolen the ruddy tag…..I am sorry

  19. P.P.S. sorry, i noticed i hadn’t written this…. i like shaleen more too, she is much cooler… sorry sneezy i know u love genilia and all, but shaleen is more cool :P

    man so many sorries….. in just 2 comments

  20. U just cant write about ur crush for MacBook with your Lady in RED .. How will she feel now?? ..

    Atleast for time being, think about her, her feelings, her emotions..

  21. Well stuffing ears with earphones while parents shout at us nt that a good idea ??? :D
    uhh new york city ? just curious to know, whatz in there ? :mrgreen:

  22. Heeeeey even I liked the guitar girl in Jaane to (so did my friends) :-P
    I was also planning to go for 2050 but I was broke this month (sob sob.. I so wanted to laugh at the movie)

  23. Maniacal Prerna wants Rats.But she wont get him. :(
    And *hi5*!I liked Shaleen too. :D

    Love Story!Lmao!*pats Ish’s back* I pity. :P

    80+50 kaise? Diff movies ki tickets ke diff rates ho te hain? :O

    Toodles! ;)

  24. Deciding to pick up a fight with the parents and then stuffing earphones into your ears and listening to music when they’re shouting at you isn’t the cleverest thing you could do.

    Ah, I can so relate to that! :)

    You’re really crazy about the Macbook Pro, aren’t you?

    Money but no love. I’ll buy a Macbook Pro with the money and then I’ll love it. So in a way I get both. Yes, you can applaud for me.

    *standing ovation*

  25. MBP.. I love to buy that or even better if someone gifts me that :) But till now I could not buy it. 1.3 lac sweet heart.. when can I own it? :-(

  26. @Tushar: Lol, Congratulations. Some luck, you’re having.

    @Dinsan: Why, thank you. And don’t be too happy, you’re definitely getting tagged next time around.

    @Windmill: Consulting mom wouldn’t be of much help, would it? I mean, we’re one big screwed up family already. Heck, my mom is younger than I am. And Ish Paji?! Itna desi? You could’ve called me Ish Bhaiya or something. Paji is too Punjabi.

    And yes, you are really bad. Why did you have to wear your glasses? Why, oh why?

    Uhmm, go ahead, LOL your heart out. :-x

    @Lemonade:: You, of all people know my Mac obsession only too well. A 24 inch Mac? Wowness! They’ve got a new Apple iStore close to my home here and I’m gonna go there and drool soon enough and surely I’ll come home depressed and disillusioned. It always happens. :(

    You know what, the only good thing about that crap movie Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic was that Saif had this very sexy iMac in his office.

    @pr3rna:: Lol, I knew that was gonna happen. But then, now you know you’re pr3rna and the other one is Prerna. It’s the same way in the blogroll too.

    @Reema:: That actually is a good idea, I might as well do that. And you’re welcome. Glad you like your description. :D

    @Riddhima: Oi, I have a craze for shoes also. But yeah, pehla pyaar toh Mac hi hai.

    @Poonam: You were waiting for a tag post? You knew I was gonna make one soon? Damn, I’m getting too predictable. True, the entertainment situation is sad. If I were in my city, I wouldn’t have gone and seen Thoda Pyaar. But I was in some other city and we really didn’t have anything what so ever to do there. Hence, had to waste 80 bucks on the movie.

    And don’t worry, I won’t ever make multiple tags waala post again. Whenever I think about doing that, your words come to mind and I don’t do it. So, that’s done. India TV is beyond shocking. I’m glad CNN-IBN made it’s way back onto our cable TV. There is a visible difference between that channel and the others, leaving aside maybe NDTV and Headlines Today.

    And yes, I know expecting my better half to buy me a Mac is unfair. But you know I’m kidding. One day, I shall buy one though. Apne paise se.

    @Arvind: OMG, why have you still not watched Jaane Tu? Saari crappy movies dekh li and ek sahi movie aayi, woh abhi tak nahi dekhi. Kamaal hai.

    And abhi toh at least do saal aur bachcha rehne ke plans hain mere.

    India TV nahi aata? How are you living man? Uske bina toh din ka comedy ka dose pura nahi hota. You absolutely have to have it!

    @Joel: Yea, this is the season yaar, this is the time I can watch movies. Uske baad college and all, then I might not get the time. And I haven’t watched all the latest releases, Hancock nahi dekhi. I’m waiting for Rock On though, I think it’ll be beyond cool.

    @Sanchit: Achcha, your name comes on that channel? I never noticed. Chal, agli baar dhyaan rakhunga.

    Cool haircut, one day, Inshallah. And a Macbook everyday! That’d be beyond cool but seriously, yeh over ho jayega.

    @Ashish: Lol, don’t they say that you should always have goals? Ek goal achieve hua, then next goal. You’re gonna do the same. Don’t tell me you’ll stop after conquering the earth. There’s Jupiter, Mercury..blah blah. Gedit?

    @Metrosexual Monk: iJobism! I wouldn’t mind, seriously. And that video refuses to open. My connection’s been very stupid lately.

    Yes, Rabbi’s new album is great. Didn’t you like the previous album? I liked that one too. But it’s good that this one is different. Change is the spice of life, or whatever the saying is supposed to be.

    @Nids: Ah, there you go. Rats gets another girl. That guy’s something alright. And sorry, I wouldn’t call anyone Didi on the blog. Happy, Nidhi didi?

    @Krits: Correction, it was 200 bucks for 2 movies, not 3. Jaane Tu alone cost 140 bucks because I watched that in PVR. The others were so bad I was never gonna go watch them in a multiplex, and hence, they were watched in regular theaters. And you should have seen the condition in there. You wouldn’t call me lucky after that.

    I’m paranoid, yes. You can’t blame me though. I did have my old computer’s adapter frying up because of a power surge. I don’t want that happening to this one.

    The Didi-ing. Well, you need to go visit Vasudha’s blog for that. And I assume it’s too late to kill Nidhi now, isn’t it? :S

    @-n-: Heylo! Welcome in here, I hope you like it. (Yes, I know this is lame, but oh well, you’ve got to make do with it).

    No, the answers definitely weren’t written just for the heck of it. I did mean most of them, if not all. And the Macbook obsession, I’m seeing it’s becoming stronger these days for no practical reason.

    And I read your blog, that Sarkar Raj and Hancock waala post. And damn, nobody told me Hancock had Charlize Theron too! How could I miss it?! :|

    @Xylene: LOL, I know what you mean. But you can go ahead and end your theater hiatus by watching Jaane Tu..Ya Jaane Na. Everyone’s appreciated that.

    And you’re right, I should really quit Macbook-ing around or else the lady in red will be all red with anger. Who knows she might just decide to freeze up on me? :-s

    @Veenu: Hey, welcome back! And I was wondering where you’d vanished. Now I know. How you survived without computer and internet for 50 days is beyond me. I’d die in a week.

    Well, about the exams. I passed the boards with 74.2%. Decided not to go for Engg. because I wasn’t interested in it. So decided to do BCA in a local college which starts from 1st August. That’s pretty much all. And Lady in Red is my new Laptop. It’s called Lady in Red because it’s got a red coloured lid and I had made a post about that.

    @Perx: Yea, TPTM was big time crap. At least you had somebody to sms to, I didn’t even have that. Me and my friend actually watched that movie with utmost concentration and by the time we came out, we were totally dazed. We came back into our senses by checking out a couple of Sony Vaio’s in a nearby Sony World. And guess which city we were in? We were in Jalandhar! And it was the Narendra Theater. Surely you know that right?

    Lol, you got my laptop situation pretty correctly. But the Lady in Red needn’t worry. She’s gonna stick with me for many years because when I buy a Mac, if I ever do, it’ll have to be with my own money. And that is not gonna happen soon, definitely not.

    India TV is beyond crazy. I wonder why they’re even running it. And aw, you’ve done it already? I checked out your blog but mereko tag nahi mila so I tagged you. Maybe I was just being careless. :-s

    And yay, you like Shaleen too! But stay away from her yo, woh meri hai! Sirf meri!

    @Soham: Yea, I know I made a mistake but my girl understands. She loves me and I love her and she knows that. So she doesn’t get insecure. Some bond, we have. :D

    @Rekha: Nope, it’s not a good idea because when they realize that you’ve been listening to songs altogether, they give you nasty looks and a prolonged lecture and make sure you listen to it. It might also lead to thinks like having your mp3 player being taken away from you, which I’m sure you wouldn’t fancy.

    New York City, well, I’ve heard it’s cool and it’s got this amazing Apple Store amongst some other things I wish to see.

    @Balu: You liked her too? Man, she should be reading this blog and she’ll know she’s got so many fans. She might as well hug me.

    And you got lucky, trust me. That movie wasn’t even laughable. It was just, well, lame.

    @Aminul: Welcome back brother, where have you been? I have been around of course. And you know I don’t make posts too often. So I was here, I was just bored and lazy.

    @Prerna: Kyun nahi? Sure she can get him. Itna kya baat hai us mein? Chuha hi toh hai after all. Good thing you liked Shaleen though. She’s wicked. :D

    Na, I watched them in different cinemas na. Cinema ke standard ke hisaab se rate hota hai. Thoda Pyaar I watched in Jalandhar. Udhar sirf ek cinema hai isliye it cost us 80 bucks. Love Story I watched in one of India’s old theaters, so 50 bucks. And then comes Jaane Tu, jo PVR mein dekhi. 150 bucks. :-|

    Noodles! :D

    @Vasudha P: Lol, yea, I know. Almost everyone’s done that once in their life. I’ve done that quite a few times in the car. Most of the times they don’t bother to look at me while shouting. This time they probably asked me a question and I never replied. How could I? I was listening to Green Day.

    I like Macbook yea but I’m not crazy about it. I just chose to over do it in this post. But I wouldn’t mind owning one. Certainly not. And thanks for your standing ovation. :D

    @Harsha: 1.3 Lacs? Last I saw it started at 90k. But then again, that’s the base configuration, not something everyone would want to buy. The strength of Apple I guess lies in their better processors. Macbook Pro has a 2.3 Ghz Core 2 Duo but 1 GB RAM whereas most other companies offer 1.8 GHz processors but 2 GB RAM.

    @Maddie: No problem, do it whenever you get the time. And yes, I know I have your tag pending. Will do soon. :)

  27. @ish
    yeah, we know narinder.. par aaj kal to sab sarab hi jaate hain, only that and narinder are left here….
    aisa kar, to get the bad taste of TPTM out of ur mouth, dark knight dekh aana, yahan par to lag hi nahi rahi, bekaar sa sheher hai, saal ki sabse badi movie bhi nahi lag rahi…..
    ok, shaleen is urs, aur pata chale tu darr ka srk ban jaye… don’t laugh teri macbook k saath obsession dekhne k baad kuch nahi kaha jaa sakta ;)

  28. I haven’t seen any of those films. And how come a movie tiscket costs you only 30 rupees? Nobody sells lower than 160 here!!
    Shit. And add to that popcorn and/or coke. It goes beyond 230 anyday.

    “A dream where I suddenly got a cool haircut, decided to grow 5 inches taller and bought a Macbook Pro.”
    Yeah, I wouldn’t mind the inches either. And for the zulfe, I want just bright blue. Streaks. And a bit of pink thrown in too.

    “16. Are you a shopaholic or not?
    One line – Never take me for gadget shopping.”
    Moi? Je deteste shopping for the house.

    I tried looking up Sugandha Garg. Not a single photo of hers ANYWHERE online. But I’m thankful for Imran replacing Ranbir. Ranbir was an ass.

  29. Oh, I’m really glad that you remember me. I had just forgotten that I do have a blog where I have to write. Actually, I’m sixteen, you know. I don’t know English language as well. I do know my own language and with that I do blog regularly on somewhere else.

    I’m really sad that I can’t express my thoughts, feelings and ideas with the whole of the world just because I don’t know the international language, as well.

  30. ha! i heard in Rats interview tht he is gng through blogs to know about his film n all
    so if he comes this way !!!
    Imran is soo cute n handsome n he is indeed the promising hero for the future !
    sad tht he is changing his looks for his next movie :(

    n yeah its really jaane tu ya jaane na season!! :)

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  32. Thanks for tagging. :D :D
    Although the questions are quite tough. :)
    I haven’t seen jaane tu yet. :( Guess I would be watching it at home. I am going to watch Batman tomorrow. Heard that its good.
    //Hey bhagwaan, abhi toh main bachcha hun!
    Whenever my friends say such line I tell them – Khud ko bewakoof mat banao. Tumhara bas chale to cricket team khadi ka do abhi ke abhi. :P

  33. Sheesh, I’m SO late to comment this time!
    LMAO @ the last answer. And I agree with your first one. I did try doing that ONCE after watching that Motorolla ad. :D
    Hey, you seem to be obsessed with Mac! Ab bechari Dell ki kya hogi? (um, excuse the hindi. But I hope I got that right. You see, movies were my only source of learning the language)
    Whoa .…you watched 3 new movies! And ooh, wait, what’s that? Mmm hmm, my crystal bowl tells me that you watched Jaane Tu twice! :P I’m dieing to watch that movie. Just love all the songs, after all it’s AR Rahman’s. And just why are all the gals are going gaga over Imran?
    I saw Avengi Ja Nahi on MTV the other day. I kind of liked it but my all time favourite song of his is still Bulla Ki Jaana. I love the Sufiana touch his songs have.

  34. Ok, i finally read the rest of your post. Incidentally, I rather liked Shaleen too, except I’d never be borrowing her jeans.

    3.Actually, I think being stranded on an island would be a nightmare not day dream. Without the net, you know.

    5. thats three dreams sir. You don’t get three dreams.


    11. Gawd. And then you crib about not having a girlfriend.’

    12. You-know-who.

    15. I thought you’d say the lady in red.

    20. Jeez. Jeez. Jeez. Not fair. *applauds anyway*

  35. ROFL! You watched Love Story 2050? Phew! I’m not the only idiot in this world then. :p I hate that stupid Priyanka even more and Hritik Roshan actually seems likeable now after being subjected to his lookalike’s pathetic attempts at appearing “cool”. Oh God, it pains me to think of those 150 bucks wasted on such a movie.
    The Lady in Red? You got a new laptop? Congrats! :D Is that what its name is? Itna lamba?
    Oh, and you can still have love with money. See, you buy your Macook Pro. Then, some hot chick will drool over its good looks and you can chat her up and find your true lowwwwe. Applaud for my theory too, plisssss.

  36. hi ishmeet, long time its been since i came here!

    wats this obsession with this mac thingy? ha? waateetees? ;)

    money over love it seems. these boys these days. no tradition only. waat they know?

    sorry, i’m kinda obsessed with this desi slang these days. met lots of uncles and aunties and i’m catching up. :D

    awesome tag buddy!

  37. Seems like it’s been forever since I last came to wordpress. So many new commentators! I feel so lost. :) So your madness over Macbook Pro is not yet over huh? And how is/was college? What about a post based on your ragging? ;)

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