Pappu is back.

Pappu Pass ho gaya, and now, Pappu vaapis bhi aa gaya. So, the board exam results for my region came out on the 21st of May. I had already prepared my folks for the worst. But alas, the worst didn’t happen. I managed to pass with 74.2% marks. That was totally unexpected. My internet wasn’t working when the result came out so I asked a friend to check it. And when he told me my marks, I flatly refused to believe him. But then I reconfirmed from another friend and meanwhile my father also reached the office and checked out the marks himself. It was indeed true then. Everybody was happy. Even though the marks aren’t great, but everyone was elated because they had never ever expected it in their wildest dreams. The happiness though was short lived because the great Indian lookout for a suitable college had begun. In the past few weeks, I’ve been changing my mind every day. On one day, I’m doing a B.Tech. The next day I’m doing Mass Communication and the next day I’m BCA. Right now, it’s BCA from a college in my own city. That should make me happy shouldn’t it? Nope, it doesn’t because I don’t wish to stay in the city. I wish to go to Delhi. But that will probably have to wait for another year because Delhi University doesn’t have BCA and the exams for Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University are already done. So that precisely is the reason why I haven’t made a post for 15 days or so. I don’t have anything to write about.

My computer’s LAN card short circuited for some reason. Now I have an external USB LAN card. My laptop is now virtually a personal computer. Everything is external and USB. Name the thing and it’s external. The DVD-Drive, the mouse, the Bluetooth dongle, the headphones and all that. Basically this machine is almost dead. I was laughing with my friend that if this goes on for another year or so, then my computer will only be a USB-hub with 10,000 million USB ports for all the external shit that I’ll have. I genuinely need a new computer. I’ve never had a computer with a decent configuration, even this one was second-hand. Considering my interest in computers, an 847 Mhz Pentium III machine with 256 MB of RAM doesn’t make the cut. And add to that a useless CD-Drive, one useless USB Port, just 40 Gigs of storage space and the lamest possible speakers. No sir, I don’t deserve that. So I told my folks that I’ll need a new computer because BCA is Bachelor’s in Computers right? But nothing good in life comes without conditions. So, my parents say that if I get a superb rank in the first college exams, I’ll get a new computer. I’m hoping I do that and buy a new laptop. My current love is the Dellicious Dell Inspiron 1525 which is pretty similar to Lemonade’s sexy red Dell Inspiron 1520. It’ll cost me something around 35k. That’s not a small price.

Also, Guruji Poonam is the new Meme Queen. She managed to dethrone me with 3 successive Meme’s. But I’m not somebody who takes defeat kindly. I’m stealing a tag from her just to prove that Hello, I’m still here. The game isn’t over!

i am: not the Voice of India. :/
i think:sometimes. When I do, I think too much.
i know: that I’m not a failure.
i want: a Dell Inspiron 1525.
i have: a 10 year old almost dead Toshiba Satellite.
i wish: I could buy a Macbook Pro someday.
i hate: exams/tests.
i miss: the fun I had in 11th and 12th. Ah, the days.
i fear: a computer crash.
i feel: lazy.
i hear: the whirring of the ceiling fan. And the laptop fan.
i smell: everything before eating it.
i crave: for KFC’s Chicken Snackers.
i search: colleges. That’s all I’ve been doing for the last 2 days.
i wonder: if I’ll ever be satisfied with life.
i regret: having accepted to take this laptop instead of buying a new PC.
i love:Preity Zinta in the IPL matches.
i ache: for all the people who are doing what they don’t want to do.
i care:for my family and friends.
i always: keep cribbing about something or the other.
i am not: religious. People refuse to accept that, though.
i believe: in myself for 2 seconds at a stretch. That’s the maximum limit of my self belief.
i dance: when nobody’s watching. And when I’m drunk. Which I never am.
i sing: when nobody’s listening. If I do otherwise, people try to not listen to it.

Ugh. I’m bored already. Alright Poonam, you win. I accept you as the new Meme Queen. Also, after reading my own answers, my conclusion is that I’m horribly shallow. :/

That’s all for now. Meow, or rather, Bhow bhow till the next post!

P.S. – I need laptop suggestions. The budget is around 45k. It should be a decent machine, and if it’s aesthetically pleasing too, all the better. For an idea of the kind of configurations I need, check out the Dell Inspiron 1525 (link above).

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  1. congratulations yet again. :D I still have to read your latest reply on FB although I know that you have replied but I am feeling very lazy now and don’t want to recall my FB password. :P
    You can be the Meme king and Poonam can be the Meme Queen. So where is the problem??? :D
    And I can imagine your laptop. I just hope that nobody trips and falls over all the machinary and I hope there are no lizards around this time. :P
    Its BCA now? Sure? Confident? Lock kar diya jaye?
    Just kidding!!! Do your best and leave the rest to Mummy aur Everest. :P
    *I am just getting pathetic day by day* :|

  2. Wowww man congratualtions,,, :)
    Dont worry, these btech and bca confusions are bound to happen,till you reach the place of God’s wish.
    Congrats once again
    and best wishes for your college life.

  3. Hey dude…. posts ki duniya aapki waapsi par aapka swagat hai….
    Congrats n completeing ur high school. Must be feeling nervous, going to a college, hai na?

    So, u r confused about and BCA, but I think you’ve made the right choice, I mean u must be interested in Computers…… and sorry u didn’t get to go to delhi, but don’t lose hope yet, aieee ka result nahi na aaya abhi tak?, maybe u will get in thapar or something……………….
    any way, best of luck and also I’m stealing this tag u did ;)

  4. congrats on your results!! shouldn’t you get something for passing, since everybody didn’t expect you to?? how about getting a part-time job to supplement your computer fund? like get your parents to chip 90% while you work for the 10% or something. :P when is college term starting?

  5. hey firstly, congratulations! :]
    and you’re not from delhi? what city are you from?
    and I LOVED the “meme”….i think im gonna do it sometime soon…and hah u want a macbook pro? I have a macbook pro :P jealous? lol
    and i smell everything before eating too :] *high five*

  6. congratulations ! so no more exams for a while. And YES you are off to college… u can bunk classes now :D (incase u have not done it in school)

    u’ll do pretty well in college…. + if there are nice chicks. + less exams + more of wandering around.
    but get good marks and the Dell is gonna be urs.

    In the mean time, keep all the insects away from ur computer.

  7. hey, Ish…but mass comm was there in only one college in bachelors. Thing is non-availability of the course at the moment. You can always do Mass Comm as PG diploma or Masters. And you can always write and send to publishing houses/news papers and magazines. Don’t worry about it.

    I told my friends about you saying this guy was only interested in language and computers so scored outstanding marks in there and teh subjects he didnt care about have his poor scores.

    I can understand when you fear a computer crash. At one time, I felt that way about my computer at work. And I understand your ache too, don’t worry you wont be one of them. :)

    And I had thought that you had already done this meme.

    P.S: Don’t call me guruji, people may presume that I am an old hag.

  8. Congratulations !! Now all the marks tension is over !! I think everyone gets confused about what to do after 12th. In my class, all of them have already decided about their future courses but I’m still caught between a lot of options :|
    The Tag was booring man :| How bored are you ? Seriously ?? Life is more fun with school and coaching classes is it not ?? ;)

  9. @Amit: Thank you yet again. And I don’t blame you when it comes to Facebook. I myself don’t really like logging into it because it cripples Firefox. And when any software gets crippled on this lovely computer of mine, everything comes to a halt.

    And there can only be one person. If it’s a male, then it’s the king. If it’s a female, it’s the Queen. Kings and Queens need to be married. We aren’t married for God’s sake. :P

    Nah, nobody’s gonna trip over all the wires because all of it is tucked in the corner of my room. But it’s still a major mess yaar. I need your opinions about laptops though. Please help me out. I don’t require flashy graphics but the machine should be powerful and a little aesthetic. I can spend close to 45k. And Inspiron is the best thing I’ve managed to find in this category. Dell is cool, right?

    Mummy aur Everest LOLOL :lol:

    @Tshhar: Thank You! And yeah, I know the conflict is bound to happen but still I’m the only one amongst my friends who seems to be wanting to do a BCA instead of a B.Tech. That’s why I’m a little skeptic. I just wish that I don’t have to repent it later. Thanks for visiting! :)

    @Perx: Thank You thank you. College mein jaakar kaafi weird lagega I’m sure. It’s like, yaar ab main bada ho gaya hoon but woh feeling nahi aa rahi. Delhi jaane ka mood tha par ab is saal toh chance nahi lagega. Next year dekhenge.

    AIEEE mein bhi kuch itna extraordinary nahi ho sakta. Thapar is impossible. And moreover yaar, mereko B.Tech. karna hi nahi hai. Agar karna hi hota toh koi na koi college toh mil hi jaata. Par mood hi nahi hai.

    @Sulz: Thank You! And guess what I got for passing? A chocolate. That’s the extent of their happiness. A computer is a big thing. People don’t really do part-time jobs back here in India but that’s not a bad option at all. I might consider it. And college will start one or two months from now. I’ve been saving money already. I’ve given up chipps and most of the junk food. Ah, the things you have to do for a computer. :P

    @Anahita: Thanks! And no, I’m not from Delhi. I’m from Ludhiana which is a city in Punjab. Heard of it?

    You have a Macbook Pro?!?!? Wow!! Jealous, definitely!

    I say, start backing up the data on your Pro because I’m so gonna steal it soon. :P

    And hey, there are other people who smell too. Now my parents can’t call me a dog. I’m not the only one around! *high five* :D

    @Xylene: Thanks!

    And no, I’m afraid the college isn’t going to be like that. It’s a super strict college. No bunks. You have to stay at the college from 9 till 4. Chicks aren’t allowed to wear mini-skirts. There are going to be many exams every semester..more than school. So it just sounds like school part 2. *sigh*

    I really need the Dell to lift up my spirits. And yes, the insects haven’t made their way back till now. I’ve kept the Laxman Rekha right on my table as a decoration piece so that they’ll think twice before coming back. :P

    @Suda: Thanks! :D :D

    @Poonam: Yes, I saw that. When I was researching for colleges, I found that not many had a Bachelor’s degree. It’s there in Manipal but that’s already gone. I decided too late. So that’s why I agreed to BCA and then I’ll do a PG Diploma from a nice place, maybe Xavier’s. Or some place else. Ultimately toh MBA hi bachayegi ab. Usi par sab depend karega.

    I really fear computer crashes yes because even though almost all of my data is backed up, it’s difficult and expensive to recover from a crash. The deal is that my laptop’s internal CD-Drive is busted so it’s impossible to install Windows from a CD. You can’t boot with the external CD-Drive. So computer waala charges me like 500 bucks every time my computer crashes. And that for pirated Windows XP. And then you have to re-install all the softwares and Firefox also has to be reconfigured with my bookmarks and all which is a tough job. So, kaafi dar lagta hai.

    And no, I will call you Guruji. Guruji is cool. Think Snehashish. :D

    Yeah, I think I did three meme’s in one post. Big mistake, that. Moreover, my answers aren’t as interesting as yours are. I’m just shallow..there’s somethings you can’t deny. For everything else, there’s Mastercard. :P

    @Nova: Thanks! :D

    And that was some encouraging welcome. :P

    @Priya: Marks tension is still not over, yaar. You still have exams in college and my getting a laptop, and a job depends on those exams. So exams and marks ka jhamela will always be there.

    I don’t blame you for not having decided what you want to do. I still don’t know if I’ve made the right choice. The thing is that we aren’t exactly aware about what all is on offer and what are our strengths and weaknesses. Once we know that, and don’t have any parental pressure on our head, it should be okay to decide. I’m the last person you should contact in case of 12th advice anyway. :P

    The tag was seriously boring, yeah. That’s why I left it halfway. First time I’ve done that. And I’m really bored too. There’s no aim in my life now, and nowhere to go. I keep disconnecting and reconnecting my modem all day to make the internet work. At other times, I’m playing with the Guitar or sleeping. That’s all I do these days.

  10. “See what you are good at, and not what is good for you…”

    And quickly get focussed on one course/college… It really helps disseminate the tension.

    And coincidentally, 74.2 is exactly what I got in my 10th boards… and thanks to that score, I am in commerce now.. :-D

    Anyways, good to see ya back…

  11. Congrats Brother… hope you won’t take offence.

    Coz’ one of my coujhin’s got 87 percent and when I congratulated her… she is like:

    “Jale Pe Namak chalak raha hai…namakool..”

    She expected 92 it seems… I seriously hate these kind of people… Really bad.. That makes me think..

    WTF do ppl do with 95% when they get into the same college with 85%… And why are they sad oif at all they don’t get 95%

    And i really hate myself for the past 20 hours… coz mumbai indians just blew it… not once or twice but goddamn thrice… And I have been talking serious shit ever since they blew it…

    Anyways, phew, Best of luck with the college and stuff…

  12. Oye congrats Pappu! :D

    I won’t go “Keep still hoping for Delhi” like everyone else. I’d say- go for BCA, do the best you can and leave the rest on destiny. Thats whom I’m trusting my odds of getting a good career on at least.

    oooh! 847 megs?! You need a new one. Fast. Go for Dell. Don’t even so much as think about Vaio. I don’t suppose you might be.

    You love Preity Zinta in the IPL matches?! Now you want to be the 3rd person to hear me swear badly?! Why is everyone wanting this?!

    @Sameer- MUHAHAHA! Guess Delhi showed them who the true winners were, after all! And now we’re in the semis. Yiheeeee!

  13. hey…Snehashish was anything but cool…now never ever call me Guruji :x

    BCA is not bad, if you like it. Don’t fret over mass comm, I know several people who work for magazines, radio and channels without mass communication. IF that is your calling, you should indulge yourself in it during college as well.

    And never say you are shallow. Everyone has a different take. When I do meme, most of the times that is first time I have thought of those questions (introspection), that is why such answers. But I like reading witty, humorous answers like you guys do. It has a definite charm to it. :)

  14. Ish

    Mass Communication would be the best choice if you do not want yourself to be named as yet another very less paid “Computer Engineer” after BCA.

  15. Great Budyy!!.. Congrats .. 74% are not bad .. At least you passed it with first class distinction .. Marks would hardly matter once you will come out of the college .. Trust me !!

    Well abt my laptop, i m facing the same situation as urs .. keyboard is not working so m using external USB keyboard .. i dont like laptop mouse .. so USB-mouse .. Ethernet slot has got some problem so planning to buy a new USB LAN card .. So it becomes basically a desktop PC ..cant roam around will all those external; stuffs ..

  16. Hey!! Congratulations… :)
    All the crashing actually eems to have pais off, eh?? LOL :P ( Or, maybe not!!)

    *Buh* At least you get to ‘legally’ chill for sometime now…. Our loggerhead has just begun!!

  17. We-ell, why don’t you go for a proper PC?

    I’m using a Dell Latitude D430. It’s very light, around 1.34 Kgs, one of its minus points is that it’s CD drive is external. I suppose you don’t want that. Do you?
    This one has Vista and around 120 GB of Hard Drive. I’m not very sure how much it costs and you’d do well to doublecheck my specs.

  18. pappu ko congi hai hamara :D

    m pretty ok wid BCA if thts wt u really wana do :)…as for d last rply tht u lft for my commnt…hey who said mass comm is bad…tel u wat..if i dnt get n admission in a decent B-school i av decided 2 go for mass comm too n altho i agree d scope of mass comm is not as wide as B.Tec its stil widely polular n a gud choice 2 go too…loads of gud coll’s re:D

  19. hey it jst crossd my mind if u dnt wana go for B.Tec grad kisi se bhi kar le yaa i mean BCA is fine 2..uske baad do MBA n sab fir se changa ..thts wt m planin 2 do :p

    MBA he izzat bachayega …har marz ki dawa …MBA :lol:

  20. What Sneezy’s said is right. Thats what my mum says too !!
    -Don’t break your head for anything. Accpet what you get. Be the best at it-

    We actually had a “career counselling” program at school. It sucked!! We were asked to answer some thousand idiotic Qs. The results were totally opposite of what each wanted!!
    You really cannot judge a persons strengths and weakness by asking him to answer some “aptitude” Qs, can you ?? I really don’t know !! *sigh*

    ” I’m the last person you should contact in case of 12th advice anyway. ”
    Actually, some of your blog posts are useful in understanding whats in store for me. You know…the exams part, the class room scenario and stuff. Reminds me of my class !!

  21. Hey congrats!!!!
    This time CBSE have done a fair deal of declaring 10th std.results very late :D
    And as a good blogger u really deserve a new computer! :)

  22. @Sam: Yeah, you’re right. I should get decided on a college soon now. I have decided that a BCA is the best thing I can do as of now. But deciding on a college is difficult. Even though everybody says this college is great and it might be but the deal is that I don’t want to live back here in Punjab. A bigger city, preferably Delhi. But since that isn’t possible now, I guess it’s got to be here. So it’s pretty much decided for now. The only thing I need is to actually get started and there’s still more than a month for that. I don’t like living in suspense.

    And Commerce is great. I wish I’d taken it. I believe I might have done better.

    @Sameer: You know what, I don’t blame your cousin for not being happy. When you get an 87%, you’re bound to feel bad since it’s so much more closer to the magic figure of 90%. And when you get a 90%, then obviously it’s a big deal and everyone respects you more. I’d say she’s on the right path when she cares about her marks. Will be more successful than me at least. And it’s not the child’s fault when they want marks. The society is like that. As soon as you’re born, you’re judged by marks and getting more marks means more pampering and more love. Who doesn’t want that? Same with colleges. Because everybody’s getting 90% nowadays, the college can raise the cut off level anytime and you might not get admission because you got 1% lesser than the cutoff. It’s a vicious circle, you know.

    Mumbai Indians were just unlucky I guess. If Sachin had been playing from the start, they could’ve been in the semi’s. They’re still better off than the Knight Riders at least.

    @Sneezy Yeah, I understand what you mean. I will start a BCA here, and try and do well because everything depends on that. If I don’t perform, I don’t get a new computer. And if I have to do my entire BCA on this machine, I swear I’ll die of frustration. I still have my hopes pinned on Delhi though. Will try for IP university next year if I’m unable to settle down here. That city just amazes me. You’ve lived there all your life so it might sound lame to you. But I’m like this kid they show in Hindi movies who wants to go to Bombay and make it big. You know what I mean, right? :P

    I need a new computer I know. But the parents aren’t interested at all. I’ve been talking computers for two days hoping they’ll get frustrated and give in. But my mom got all angry today and said that nothing’s happening for at least a month. I checked quite a few laptops but I didn’t even visit Sony’s website. Vaio’s aren’t value for money. They’re just aesthetically pleasing. I think the Inspiron at Core 2 Duo 2.0Ghz and 3GB RAM is a good enough machine. And it’s 44k which is fairly cheap for this kind of a configuration. The only setback is that it doesn’t have a graphic card. It’s got only Intel chipset. But I’m not really a gaming person. Do you think the absence of a graphic card will cost me in the future if I’m only into softwares and programming?

    And yes, Preity Zinta does look rather hot in the IPL Matches. :D

    @Poonam: Oi, don’t ever say that Sneha wasn’t cool! When Ashu and Nihal had to throw Vik out, they had to ask Sneha to do it. Nobody’s as clever as him, Guruji. :P

    I’m not getting too many positive opinions about BCA. Everyone keeps pushing me to do a B.Tech. and it gets really difficult to stay decided on one thing. I’ve put Mass Comm. in the background right now. I can always do a PG Diploma in that later and get into advertising when I do the MBA. Now I only hope that I’m able to adjust in this college. And be in the thick of things and get my confidence back. Precisely I wanted to go to Delhi for that. To get away from the things in this city that remind me how I’ve screwed things up. It’s not necessarily the parents. And you do get more opportunities in Delhi simply because it’s a bigger city. It’s like I want to start life afresh.

    @Anoop: I know I would get a low paying job or maybe even no job after BCA. But that’s not all. I’m planning to do a lot of other things and finally the MBA degree is what everything would depend on. And thanks. :)

    @sporadicblogger: Yeah, things do get straight eventually. And I’m grateful to you for that comment you had posted on my emo post. That somehow inspired me to tell my parents that I wish to go for Mass Comm. Even though I didn’t get that, but at least I don’t have to do a B.Tech. now.

    @Soham: I genuinely hope they don’t matter after college because mine aren’t exactly show off-able.

    Ah, your lappy is the same as mine then. Isn’t it annoying? All the clutter annoys the shit out of me at most times and nobody cleans the table so I have to do it myself. It’s more like a jungle in here. Mine has never actually been a laptop. It’s always been a PC. USB LAN Card will cause something like 500 bucks. Just got it 5 days back. :/

    @Prarthana: Ahahah, the crash course was such a waste of money. 10,000 bucks down the drain. They could’ve bought be a computer with that. It’s a really funny situation. They can pay any amount of money when it comes to studies but they won’t shell out money for the computer. They don’t realize that it’s not a fun device all the time and that people work on it all day. And when you try to justify the price, they get annoyed and shrug it off. Funny guys. :-j

    And trust me, this ‘legal’ chilling is no fun. I’m only hotting nowadays because I don’t have anything to do. You always feel there’s so much to do when you’re studying but when holidays actually come, you just keep lying here and there. Happens with me at least.

    But good luck with your slogging now, I’m sure you’ll do well. And if you feel like cursing the system at any point of time, I’m always there to listen. :P

    @Espera: Proper PC wouldn’t be logical now because nobody else uses the computer in the house. And I’m here for three years maximum. What would they do with the PC after that? And I’ll need to buy a laptop afterwards anyway because I can’t keep carrying the PC everywhere. I might need it in the college sometimes. So the begging has to be done sooner or later.

    Yours is a business laptop according to Dell’s website. It’s definitely very light but the processor isn’t very strong. It’s 1.2 Ghz or 1.4 Ghz and I need at least 2.0 Ghz. And again there’s the issue with the RAM. Hence, the Inspiron, which is an entertainment thing plus a performance thing. Check that link in the post, you’ll know what I mean.

    @Dinsan: Thanks. :D

    @Shaivi: Pappu says shukriya. :D

    Haha yeah, that did sound a bit weird. It’s was like you’re my rishtedaar or something who’s gonna decide what I do. :P

    I know Mass Communication isn’t bad but the thing is that there aren’t too many colleges offering a Bachelor’s degree in it so the BCA.

    @Prarthana: Why, thank you! :D

    @Shaivi: LOL, that’s exactly what I’m planning to do. Abhi BCA, fir mehnat maar ke achchi si institute se MBA. Yeh toh mereko bhi pata hai ki sirf BCA karke kuch nahi milne waala. And MBA walla’s get BIG salaries nowadays so yeah, wahi karenge.

    @Priya: Ah, the school counsellings are lame. They’re more like exams too. I’m talking about one to one counselling where the counseller asks you where your interests are and then tells you the options you can have. Obviously it’s illogical trying to figure out someone’s interest using aptitude questions.

    And my blog posts help you? Wow, that’s new. I hope I’m able to help eleventhies and twelvethies. But if someone doesn’t make it big because of my posts, their parents are so gonna kick my ass. :P

    @Allirekha: Thank You!

    The tenth results always come out late don’t they? This time they were excessively late though. Even ours were late. We expected them in the second week itself. Your results are out already or are they coming out tomorrow? Good luck in any case!

    I may deserve a new computer but you don’t always get what you deserve. Moreover, my parents don’t know that I blog. If they did, I would’ve been dead by now. :P

  23. i want a laptop too. and lol lol at the rest. well, not really, but you know what i have to say anyway.
    i’ll do this tag. i need tags.
    ps–i had no fun in 11th and 12th. AT ALL.

  24. hehehehe eggjactly ..wahi to ..likhne ke baad i realised tht :lol:…bt ok ok no need 2 tease me lke tht agar aisa nikal bhi gaya mooh se to :| :P

    hey btw m not sure bt DU does giv a degree in bachelors of computer or smethin..i mean not exaclt BCA bt shayad kuch aur naam hota hai…a frnd of mine did smethin lke tht frm DU i guess *confused*

  25. Blog posts helps as in, i can relate to them so well !! The things you’ve written about class, toppers, teahers, exams, practicals and stuff. I’m experiencing all that now na.

  26. Don’t you even offer to hear me crib!! You’re ears would go out for a sixer.. :P

    Hmmm… The comp would have definitely served you better.. Probably you can blog everyday….. I cant suggest doing anything more!! I should mention, I am simply HOPELSESS with computers!! Priya got fed up teaching me the mere names of the different comp languages… So, there… :P

    ‘Legal’ chilling should be fun!! Cummon….
    Eat… Sleep.. TV… COmp…. Eat… Sleep….
    What else do you really want to do???

    *Buh* I’d Better get back to biomolecules!! Those bloody ATGC … U base pairing… Damn those things!!

  27. If your budget is 45K get a freaking Macbook~! The Dual Core 2.1Ghz model is available somewhere around that spot! If windows is what you want then go for Lenovo or HP.

    How about installing a flavor of linux on your USB Hubtop? :P

  28. Yeah, I guess I know what u mean, u don’t wanna be an engineer…
    Best of luck for BCA! Waise delhi mein koi college try kiya kya?
    Laptops… a confusing world, i think dell is the way to go, based on all the research i did, u shuld go with that inspirion only

  29. You have 45K for the laptop?? 8-O
    I just had 35K and had to settle for an Acer. :)
    I think 45K would give you many nice varieties. Tell me, why do you want to spend so much money when you can get a very good Compaq configuration for 37-39K? One of my friend just got it and its good.
    Come to think of it, my Acer is also doing good.
    See, you won’t be playing games on it anyways…the keys are too sensitive for that. And since you just have to do your usual stuff n all, so go for a cheaper model.

  30. I just ordered a dell vostro for my friend for 41K. Its with 2Gigs Processor-Fingerprint reader-2MP Cam, 160GB HDD and 2GB RAM, and mainly 12.1″ screen.

    Usually it is hard to find sub 13.3″ screens at this good price. If you can see yourself travelling in near future, better go for 12.1″ screen. 14-15-17″ screens seem fascinating, but when one has to travel even for a small trip, their size and weight is real pain.

    Anyways, you can never play high-end games on laptops as someone else here mentioned too. Even Desktops need to be constantly upgraded to play new games. So, consider going for portability factor.

    Also, although nothing happens to laptops and computers, but if something does happen then one realizes the importance of good after sale service, which is pretty good of only big 3’s i.e. HP, IBM-Lenovo and Dell.

  31. Hey many congratulations! Choose the career you are interested in. Don’t go by trends. Regarding buying laptop Inspiron 1525 is good buy.. if you can afford another 8-10k, go for Dell XPS 1530

  32. @Nidhi: You want a laptop? So buy it. They’re reasonably cheap nowadays. And yes, I know what you have to say.

    Do the tag if you want to. But it’s incomplete her. I’d suggest copying it from somewhere else.

    I had fun in 11th and 12th, can’t deny that. Or maybe I never had fun before that so this felt like a lot of fun. But I did enjoy.

    @Shaivi: ’tis okay lol. How can I tease you when you’ve pointed it out yourself? :P

    DU gives a bachelor’s degree in Computers? I couldn’t find it. Moreover, DU needs a lot of percentage in the boards and my percentage, well, it’s better to not talk about that. Maybe your friend did it from Indraprastha University?

    @Priya: Right, I gedit. It’s funny how we think that we’re the only ones who face bad things in class. But actually, it’s everyone.

    @Priya again: Yes, I’m interested in joining. Add me up!

    @Prarthana: I can do a good job when it comes to hearing, trust me. I’ve got experience on this. :P

    Nothing can get me to blog everyday. Not even the world’s fastest computer because at the end of the day, the brain is mine, and it’s slow so. :P

    Computers are fun, if you like them. But obviously, everyone’s made for different things and computer languages may not be your thing just like Maths isn’t mine. Trust me I hate differentiation and Integration from the bottom of my heart.

    ‘Legal Chilling’ is okay. Not that great, you know. As I mentioned earlier, when you have work, you keep thinking about holidays and when holidays come, you just laze around. I’m too lazy, I wish I could get rid of it. It’s taken me soo long to reply to the comments!

    Good luck with your Biomolecules. That was the only chapter I liked in Chemistry. But obviously, it must be much more detailed in Biology.

    @Anshul: Thanks! I’ve made both the choices for now. I just hope they end up being correct.

    @Ashish: We’ve already discussed this.

    @Perx: Delhi mein try karne ka chance nahi mila. Jab tak I decided on BCA, tab tak Indraprastha University ka BCA entrance test ho chuka tha. There’s no other good university in there and I can’t join any college without having given that test. I wanted to go to Delhi but I guess it just wasn’t meant to be. Maybe some years later.

    I’ve done the research, and I’ve figured that the Inspiron is almost unreal for that kind of price. And I’ve ordered it in red colour. Now I’ve got to wait for a couple of weeks for it to arrive.

    @Amit: The thing is I never had any decent computer. So the parents agreed to spend a little so I could get a better configuration.

    I tried all Compaq’s but none had the kind of configuration. And the laptop I’ve bought has a base price of 40k but it’s the taxes and VAT that has made it to reach 44k. It’s a Dell Inspiron and it’s got 3GB of RAM and 250 Gigs of Hard drive which seems to be more than anything I’ll ever need.

    And I’ll use the same computer during the MBA and all so I thought I might as well buy a good thing. I’ve always craved for a good computer.

    @Vasudha: Dairy Milk toh nahi hai par Crackle padi hai ghar pe. Woh bhi badi waali. Aakar leja. :P

    @Anshul: I checked out the Dell Vostro but it was too business for my liking. So I ordered an Inspiron. Sure it is way larger than the Vostro but that doesn’t matter much because I’m not really gonna be travelling. Max it’ll go to the college, nowhere else. And I wanted more of an entertainment thing and the Vostro wasn’t giving me all of that. The Inspiron costs 44k including everything and has 3GB RAM and 250 GB Hard drive. But the screen is 15.4 inches. But it weights about 2 and a half kilos so it shouldn’t be much of a bother. Can’t do anything now since I’ve already ordered it.

    And I always knew I was gonna buy a Dell. I love Dell.

    @Harsha: Thank You!

    I went ahead with the Inspiron 1525. I didn’t have any more money. Plus, the same config in the XPS was costing around 55k without the taxes which would have added up and made it reach 60k which was impossible for me. Though I’ve got to agree that the XPS looks very very sexy.

    @Espera: I’m sorry I deleted your comment by mistake. Dumb me. :/

    Yes, your laptop was listed in the business segment. There are three segments of Dell’s laptop’s. One is entertainment, one is business and one is large business. Yours lies in the business category, hence the Vista Professional. The one I’m buying has Vista Home Premium. And I’ve not been a fan of the MS-games except Pinball. ALmost everyone likes Solitaire and Spider Solitaire but I’m not into that. Minesweeper was cool too, actually.

  33. Congrats!!! Choose the career u really want to and will enjoy ..that way u will never think u have to go “work”….a recent Confucius’s quote I read in mail.

  34. CHal koi baat nahi, god must have planned something good for u, maybe ur relationship with ur parents will improve in the next 3 years…….

    and congrats on the new lappy. party sharty?

  35. @Perx: Well, I’ll need to do extraordinarily well to make the relations improve between us. Hopefully I’ll do that.

    Lappy abhi aaya nahi. And all my money’s gone into buying it. As soon as I get some more, party pakka. How’s Bansal going?

  36. Best of luck!
    Koi baat nahi, jab main diwali pe waapis punjab aaunga, to party le ke jaaunga………
    Bansal is ok, i don’t think i am, though.

  37. oops i am late…anyway i congratulated u in FACEBOOK :P
    hey dude what abt VIT plans :lol:
    pentim iii with 845 mhz.. thats old ..thats a 1942 model :P

    pappu paas ho gaya..
    yaar chocolate nahi khillaiyi tune.. :(

  38. @Perx: Theek hai, tereko party dunga. Alcohol bhi pilaunga, tu bhi kya yaad karega. :P

    And don’t worry, sab theek hoga. Zyada mat soch.

    @Arvind: VIT is over, I got a terrible rank in that so it’s impossible. I’m doing a BCA back here in Punjab.

    This computer is pretty old yes. But definitely not 1942 :P More like the 1980’s :P

    Chocolate khila dunga, idhar aa toh sahi.

  39. Maybe on gaming with the entry of Direct x 9 & 10 on EA’s minds along with everyone else.

    For programming, Core 2 Duo with 3 gigs would be more than enough. I’ll do a bit more research and reply later

  40. Finally managed to get myself to an internet centre!!
    I was literally dying to find out how you’d done! I’m so happy for you ish! :)
    Pah, after all the drama, you did pretty damn well, so you better give yourself the credit, they’re really great marks, so don’t brush them off like they aren’t anything.

    ANyway, i got back from calicut about 9 days before i was supposed to, because guess what, i caught the chicken pox..and my internet connection died on me, so here i am 10 days later finally(spots on my face and all) and i was dying to know how you did, so i had to wade through you’re previous posts to get here.

    the dell 1525 is really good, you know what, they have some other designs abroad, so if you have people in the US or something you could ask them to pick it up for you. Dell is great, by the way, the only problem ius that they hyave to ship it all the way from malaysia so it’ll probably take like three or four weeks, otherwise its awesome.

  41. @Lemonade: Oi, thanks for your concern. And I’m happy with my marks. I shouldn’t always keep asking for more. I got even more than I deserved so I should shut up, be happy and bring things back on track. I hope a BCA would help me in that because it’s all computers. It’s very unlikely that I’ll not like that.

    Chicken pox is ouch. I got one when I was small but it’s god damned annoying. My internet connection has been quite dead too lately. It’s not the connection actually, it’s the computer. It can’t take much more abuse. And I abuse it a fair lot. Hope you get well soon. And get back your internet connection too. I don’t like you vanishing like that all the time!

    Well, all thanks to you for the Dell. If you hadn’t bought the Inspiron, I wouldn’t have found 1525 out. I researched a lot before buying it and it’s the most value for money kind of thing I could find. And guess what, my Inspiron is gonna be red too! We should make a company or something..just to carry our red laptops around together. :P

    The shipping is an issue for sure. Currently their tracking system says that it’ll reach me on the 12th of June. That would be close to 10 days from the placement of the order. I wonder why they don’t set up a retail store or something here. Somehow I don’t fancy the idea of a computer coming from Bangalore through courier. I just hope it turns out to be as good as I think it will. It’s one hell of a configuration.

  42. Don’t worry, it will be! :) And ya, we should so form a it the elite red laptop
    * finally got my internet issues resolved! will be back later, going to the doc!

  43. @Lemonade: Elite Red Laptop Gang! Oh man, I love the name. I’m so for it! :D

    Internet is back, yay!. What did the doctor say then?

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