Mythology and Himesh.

The previous post was a pretty depressing one. But that’s okay, that happens at times and you can’t blame me for it. After all, I’m just a regular titsy-bitsy human being in the end. Just as an aside, Firefox’s spell checker gives really amazing suggestions. It says that I should’ve written ‘tits’ in place of titsy and ‘bitchy’ in place of bitsy. Yep, right. So, I’m just a regular tits-bitchy human being in the end..whatever that’s supposed to mean. Things are fine at home now, I wished my mommy a Happy Momma’s Day, typical Rosesh style and we’re back on talking terms. But as far as I think, it’s just the silence (Perverted male brains: Don’t go around deriving Silence = Shanti = Deepika Padukone alright? I’m talking serious stuff here) before Cyclone CBSE Board Exam Results scheduled to come out any time after the 20th of May. So if I mysteriously vanish from the face of the earth during those days, you know what happened. Oh, and thanks to all the wonderful people who posted all those wonderful comments on the previous post. Gotta love you all.

Now about the ants. Yep, them small black food grabbing six legged monsters. I finally got rid of them. Domex didn’t kill them. Haldi didn’t do the job either. Even DDT failed after the initial success. Finally, I had to look up to Bhagwaan Laxman to do the job. And has he done a good job or what? This incident has cemented my faith in mythology. It’s the best thing around really. Laxman Rekha kills ants like nothing else can. I can’t explain how sadistically I enjoyed seeing the ants die yesterday. I took the Laxman Rekha chalk thingy and drew a nice painting with it wherever the ants were emerging from. And some hours later, several bodies were visible. I observed one brutal murder from up close. The ant got attracted to the Laxman Rekha, ate it, got tortured and shriveled up as if someone had put the Cruciatus curse on it and finally succumbed to the pain. And I enjoyed the entire thing..and people think that Lord Voldy is evil. And that’s not all, mythology even helps you win shitloads of money in shows like Kaun Banega Crorepati and Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass se Tez Hain? Siddhartha Basu absolutely adores mythology. He’s the one behind the shows if you didn’t know. And hey, how can you forget the entertainment factor? I used to particularly enjoy Ramayan on Sundays when I was younger. So, boys and girls, moral of the story is that keep your mythology skills brushed up or else you’ll have to go around saying “My name is XYZ, I have a PQR degree but sadly, I’m not faster than a fifth grader”. That’s embarrassing for you.

Also in other news, I saw the PQR sponsored XYZ Annual Filmfare awards yesterday. Yep, the ones which had the SRK-Saif making fun of everybody around act. It was hilarious to say the least. These guys have guts alright. But there’s one person who has more guts than even these guys. He’s the one, the only – the topibaaz, the naakbaaz, the baba, the mahababa – Himes Baba! Yep, people also call him Himesh Reshammiya/HR sometimes. I wonder how this guy carries on even after all the hostility he faces. He performed at the previously mentioned awards. He was introduced..or let me say, humiliated by SRK and Saif first. And when he was singing, you should’ve seen the expression of the crowd. Shreya Ghoshal was like, “OMG, how am I gonna show my face will I tell my friends that we have such lame guys in the industry too?”. Others were simply going, “LOL, couldn’t they find anyone else to perform? They could’ve brought one of those reality show kids instead of him.”. And some really simple plainfolk went, “WTF, nobody told us he was gonna perform. We would never have come!”. And still, despite all the shit he faces, Himes carries on, and carries on in style. He composes, he sings, he even acts. And some say he’s building a six pack now. Even though I’m not a fan of you Himes, but just for your guts, I’ve got to give it to you. Three cheers for Himes..Hip Hip Hurray!..oops, I mean ooOOooooOOOOoooOOOOooooOOOOOoooooOOOOOooooOOOOooooOOOOoOOOooooO! But wait wait, before I end this, WTF did you do to Hansika Motwani man? No really, WTF did you do?!

Also, for all the bored people, watch this show called Comedy Circus on Sony Entertainment Television every Saturday at 10:00 PM. It’s kinna funny. Watch it for Chitrashi Rawat a.k.a. Komal Chautala from Chak De! India if nothing else. She’s sort of hot. And she’s short too. Maybe I should hit on her. But wait, I’m already hitting on Ellen Page of Juno/X-Men 3 fame. I can’t even decide. It’s so darn tough being a guy, you know.

And and and, for those who watch MTV, don’t you just love the new MTV Tickr thingy? In one word, it’s fucking fabulous. Wait, that’s two words. Ah no, that’s one word and one cuss word. So it works right?

And and and and, ugh forget it. I don’t have anything to say and I don’t know how to end posts. Yep, go ahead, bite me. :/

P.S. – I blew up my entire sidebar during changing themes. So I’ll have to redo my blogroll from scratch. It’s obvious that I might not be able to remember everybody so when you’re leaving a comment, and if you were on my blogroll, please mention it. Thank You.

Update – I’m not in a mood to write a new post right now but these three videos that I found definitely need to see the light of day and so I’m putting them up. Watch them even if you have a stupid connection that’ll buffer for 10 minutes for a 1 minute video. They’re worth it. And make sure you’ve turned your speakers on. Much thanks to Xylene for the videos. Here goes-

Video 1 – The ‘how Himesh started his OooOOOoooOOOO video’

Video 2 – Himesh Reshammiya – Kha le kha le kha le KhajOOoooOOOOooOOr

Video 3 – This is a guy singing Himesh’s song at the Indian Idli (as Miss V calls it) auditions. And trust me, you’ll start worshiping Himesh after you see this.

107 thoughts on “Mythology and Himesh.

  1. Alright, I stopped reading when you mentioned Himes bhaiyya. :P But come to think of it, he is a hero of the masses. lol.

    Laxman Rekha always works… except the time when it really should have… but then again Sita wouldn’t have been kidnapped and Sri Lanka would’ve been called Ravan Lanka. :P

  2. gud 2 kno d gud ol ish is bk :D

    toofan ke pehle ki shaanti hmmm…as i said pehle ..sharin d same boat…dnt wry i wont notice ur absence coz main notice karne ke liye yahan hoongi he nahi…i’l vanish 2 :D

    btw aftr d last depressin post i absolutely adored dis 1…a typical ish style post :D

    i srsly dnt undrstd…hw can ne1 sign himesh for dere muvi n tht 2 in d leadin role…i almost hd a heart attack wen i heard tht hes gna play d lead role in d remake of Karz n tht 2 opposite Urmila :O..i mean jst imagine …himesh singin n dancin on d song Om shanti om (d rishi kapoor 1):O…nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :((

    and and and dis template luks mch betr than ne othr :)

  3. laxman rekha lol. i used to watch mahabharat. i still remember the jingle. lol.
    i don’t like this template. and just as soon as you will change it again, i’ll tell you its nice. :P
    (ew, how cud u mention himesh in your post. but it was very lol.)

  4. Whatever happened to your theme again ?!! :-O

    Anywayz, your all back to normal. Things like these don’t last for long, I know. You wished your “momma” too!

    Laxman Rekha ?? :D Hehehe…I thought they used it for cockroachs only. But wait, if that can kill cockroachs, they obviously can kill ants too. So it was pleasurable to see the ants die ?! Its nothing like seeing live toads and earhworms die !!

    You’re true about the Mythology thing. I sometimes feel so embarrassed when I tell people I don’t know the head or tail of Mahabharat. I know Ramayan pretty well…it had all the kidnapping, flirting, girl-leching, abusing, fighting, flying and everything. I guess Mahabharat has even more ?!

    Hats off to Himesh to have survived all the humiliation ! I saw one of his interviews where he said he doesn’t care about people like us ( a.k.a Himesh Raggers ) as far as there exist some DJs who still play his songs at the discos (!).

    MTV tickr is one hell of a thing. A few weeks back they had this thing going about Vibhor. Hilarious!! I love to see people getting kicked in their ass for being so dumb and lame! That too on MTV !!

    Oh yeah, Board Results !! All the Best !! :)

  5. @Ashish: You should’ve gone beyond Himes Baba, you know. I mentioned two hot chicks and the MTV Tickr after that. Deserves to be read surely. :P

    Himesh is a hero of the masses yeah. I’ve heard that the autowallah’s absolutely adore him and come to think of it, his songs are pretty popular in the discos too. And they aren’t always bad..the beginning stuff was okay-ish. I liked Aap Ki Kashish and the other one in the video of which Emraan Hashmi strips Tanushree Dutta. I can’t remember the name. The video is well, much more memorable. :P

    I was skeptic about Laxman Rekha because they advertise it as a cockroach killer but yep, it does work pretty well. I haven’t seen even one ant since yesterday. I’m totally indebted to Bhagwaan Laxman. If it had worked, probably Ravan would have been living now. And all Sri Lankans would have 10 heads. Imagine Shani with 10 heads. Hah. :lol:

    @Shaivi: OMG, your results are coming soon too? Best of luck for them dude. If we both screw up, toh chalo at least we know ki akele toh nahi hain. :P

    And I had no clue that this new Karz is gonna be a remake of the old Karz. Bechaara Chintu yaar..I mean he was such a handsome guy. Himesh toh seriously band bajaake haath mein de dega. And he’s doing another Pooja Bhat movie called Kajraare. This time he has some Pakistani chick called Monalaizza opposite him. Check out the following link –

    @Nids: I used to watch Ramayan. I never really watched Mahabharat because it was too confusing and there was too much of fighting involved. I don’t remember the jingle..I just remember them going Mahaaaabhaaaaaraaat!

    Lol, and I changed the theme after you posted that comment. Now please tell me you loved the previous one and hate this one. :P

    @Priya: Go ahead, you can go “Whatever happened to your theme again?!” again. I’ll keep changing themes till I find the perfect thing. I think I’m gonna keep this current one actually. It’s more neat than I thought it was. Sadly, it’s a little common too. But nonetheless. It’s magical.

    I thought Laxman Rekha could kill only cockroaches too. They advertise it like that but at the end of the day, it’s insecticide and if it can kill roaches, ants are nothing. It was pleasurable to see the ants die because I hate them! And I didn’t see their internal organs..that’d be gross. Btw, seeing earthworms and leeches die is fun. It’s fun to sprinkle salt on them when they come out of the garden during the rains. :P I guess all these insects will hand me a painful death one day. They must hate me big time.

    That show you’re talking about I think was a Koffee with Karan episode. The guy cried in that for Christ’s sake. But he’s got a point, not only are his songs a hit in the disco’s, the autowallah’s and taxiwallah’s of Mumbai love him too. So he’s got quite a following. Might even be the most popular music director after A.R. Rahman.

    The Tickr is very cool yeah. It does brilliant things during Roadies eliminations but it does great things on regular days..I think they update it twice a day and I make sure I check it always. When Shambhavi got eliminated, they completely ruined her. It was fun. :D

    @Shaivi: I’m glad you like it. But you haven’t seen anything yet. This theme changes colours and headers according to the time of the day. Kal ya aaj raat ko thodi der tak check karna. :D

  6. hehehe yeah sukh dukh sab mei saath saath types :P

    yeah its a remake of d old karz..heard urmila is playin d role of simi garewal in d muvi

    waise mst say dis himesh is a vry lucky man…he gets 2 work wid al d hot chicks arnd evn though he himself is yuck :D

    n yeah BOL for ur results 2…ek doosre ke liye pray karenge ottee? hpefuly if v pray for d othr 1 bhagwaan ji hamari sun lein :P

  7. heh. I went for silence=Black=Amitabh=Jiah Khan.

    Ooh! Laxman Rekha! That genius who made this thing needs to be hugged. Lizards, ants, it kills all!

    Again, dude. As I told you the other day. You can hate Himesh as much as you can. But three things will never change-

    1) His debut movie was a superhit
    2) His cap
    3) And, of course, he gave me O O Jaane Jaana.

    One thing is for sure. The guy’s got guts.

  8. @Shaivi: Sukh dukh ke saathi yep, that’s what I meant to say. :D

    Waise, generally speaking, I don’t even like Urmila nowadays. She’s err weird somehow. So I’m gonna stay away from this remake. But yea maybe, comedy dekhne ka mood hua toh dekh lunga. I watched Aap Ka Surrroorrr the same way. Aadhi picture I was laughing at Himesh baba. Rest of it I was laughing at Hansika Motwani. She so needs to grow up before she becomes a leading lady. Abhi usko leading lady ki younger sister ka role karna chahiye.

    @Sneezy: Oh please don’t tell me you have the hots for Jiah Khan. She is so not sexy. Actually, she is sexy but her face completely ruins the entire package and that doesn’t work for me. I can make do with a regular-ish figure but I need a nice face. How else can you explain my liking for Ellen Page? I’m totally smitten by her. A few days back I was telling my friend, Dude, abhi apni bhabhi ko Google Search kar..naam hai Ellen Page. :lol:

    Yep, I second the motion for hugging the guy who created Laxman Rekha. It’s almost the best thing man ever invented. I’m wondering if it’ll work on my Chemistry teacher. Might as well hand him this chalk instead of the regular one and hope that he forgets to wash his hands before eating lol.

    And I agree on the things about Himesh. His cap has changed though, I’ve seen him without it on quite a few occasions now.

    @Shaivi: I told you. :D

    @Sneezy ROFL Tits. Ahaha :lol:

  9. Good. I love this post. The last one almost made me cry. :|
    We had this ant situation in the previous house we guys lived in. I was so frustrated that after applying it in the Kitchen, I wrote on the wall – Die!!!Die you morons!!! :lol:
    And about the Himesh thing….I have never seen him live except in Saregamapa. I almost puke the moment he opens his mouth. He has given some pretty decent numbers, I admit, but this acting thing is a little to much. And six pack!!!!! Ok, and what will he do with that toad face???? Plastic surgery?
    And no idea about the MTV thing….Sorry. :|

  10. @Amit: The last post mein thoda zyada ho gaya I know but yaar, I was feeling really bad. Thank you for your concern and your comments on the previous post. Much appreciated. Love you. :)

    And lol Die, die you morons. They are really annoying, these ants. Guess what I did with my chalk? I took it and I drew lines all over the know like the ones we make when we play cross zero waala game. My logic was that these are gonna act like lasers from the english movies. If the ant saves itself from one line, it’ll surely die from the next one. :P

    I never expected that Himesh would perform on an awards function. Only Sunidhi Chauhan does that kind of stuff because she can manage to perform a little too. That’s why I was impressed with Himesh. The guy knows that everyone hates him but he still comes around and sings. That, in itself is commendable. Ab woh actually mein hai hi bekaar, woh aur baat hai.

    Six pack toh aaj kal fashion mein hi hai. Sabhi bana rahe hain. Zyada athletic waale ab show maarne ke liye 8 packs bana rahe hain. And Himesh kitna sundar hai yaar. Ladka dude hai, ladkiyan marti hain uspe. :P

    You need to see MTV once in a while to see the Tickr. Mast cheez hai. It tells about the latest happenings and news in a funny and very internet waala style. Interesting sa style hai likhne bhi uska content banaata hai.

    And yep, I remember you were on my blogroll. Right at the top, and you’ll retain your position.

  11. yeah evn i dnt lke urmila ab jst speakin u kno lke in a general way…u av 2 admit shes stil tken as a hot chick arnd…i cant evn tolerate himesh baba’s face on screen for a few hrs of comedy!! …how did u manage 2 c d whole muvi :O..amazin dude :P

    n d template is sure cool…i wont get tired of sayin tht :D

  12. @Shaivi: Nahi yaar, she’s auntie ab. Who considers her a hot chick..well except Mika of course. :P

    I saw the entire movie hoping ke shayad agle scene mein koi hot chick aayegi par puri movie aise hi khatam ho gayi lol.

    I know the template is cool, now I only need to fix up the sidebar, which is gonna take a long time and I’m too lazy. Actually I don’t wanna do it cause if I flunk in the boards toh saari mehnat bekaar jayegi. :P

  13. Can someone make new and improved Laxman Rekha for Himmess?
    And you damn killer (no, not Imraan H, I said killer not kis…) you killed these innocent blck ants. Dont tell me they bite!! At least black ants in my home never bite. :-P
    Well okey get rid of them, its alright. One more thing, if there are only blck ants then try spraying some salt on them, they will just leave and run back in holes. :-D I have successfully tried this.

    And don’t you dare to write anything about TV again, I haven’t got one at my flat in Pune :-( Now I can even do with Doordarshan but I need a TV :-P


  14. So you have watched all the things that I have.

    Sarabhai vs Sarbahi, SRK-Saif humilaion of Himesh and Comedy Circus (I was glad to see chitrashi there, some others are good too like Sayantani aka Naagin), Roadies.

    in Roadies, I was sad to see Prabjot go, sad to see 2 losers in top 3. I dont like Ashu much now as I did before.

    So you finally got rid of ants, good. His post could also be unique advertisement for Lakshman Rekha. :)

    Hope you have made your peace with mother now.

  15. @Suda: I think the original Laxman Rekha would work for Himes too. You just need somebody brave enough to shove the chalk up Himesh’s nose. If he doesn’t die of insecticide, he’ll surely die because he won’t be able to do his OoooOOOOoooOOOOOooooOOO! :P

    Okay, even if those ants don’t bite, they are surely not innocent. Because of them, I had to stop eating in my room. I had to clean my entire table which is a very big deal considering the mess that keeps piling in it. And on top of that, I had to sleep in my Dadi’s room without an AC for three days. That room has a cooler which is even Himesh ka baap in singing. It keeps going Bhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr all the time. :|

    And I wouldn’t try salt because I wanted them to die and not go back in the holes. If they do go in the holes, they can come back. But if they die, they die..unless of course they’re doing some Ekta Kapoor thing too. :P

    And about all the TV shit and all, try YouTube. Even though it takes hours to buffer on most Indian connections but still, at least you get to watch that shit. And it’s a good thing to see that most new websites actually show their full episodes legally with small delays. the IPL website does that.

    @Poonam: Yea, I’ve noticed I’ve been watching TV a lot nowadays. Sarabhai has always been a favorite and it comes at 7:30 that’s just before the IPL match begins. Mostly I see Sarabhai and forget IPL. They are so not comparable.

    And about those awards, almost everything SRK and Saif did was pretty cool. I couldn’t stop laughing. It did wonders for my mood. Same with Comedy Circus, it’s an interesting show and somehow some of the humor is new. That Naagin girl is good yeah, but that’s also because her partner is a genius..I think his name is Rajiv Thakur or something..the guy came second in one of the editions of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge. And the first thing I thought when I saw Chitrashi was that Poonam is gonna be very happy. She’s your favorite after all.

    Roadies has become sort of boring now. Prabhjot going out was sad. Ankita should have used her power. But then again, I think she did a good thing for herself by not doing it because at least she got the Karizma this way. If she’d voted Ashu or Nihal out, Prabhjot would have teamed up with the remaining people to throw Ankita out anyway. So it was a pretty clever move. I hate Ashu nowadays btw. I liked him in the first place because he was strong and he was good at tasks. Nowadays, his attitude is completely “I don’t bother” types and that’s very annoying. These are the lamest set of Roadies, they haven’t even earned half the amount they could because all the time they’ve been plotting and bitching. Aur toh kuch kiya hi nahi.

    I wouldn’t mind the Laxman Rekha people using this post. I wouldn’t mind even if I don’t get any money or credit for it. I mean I simply love that thing!

    And things are okay with mother now.

  16. Ish,

    Yes I agree Himesh does have guts. The way he started with his OoooooooOoooooo…in the Filmfare…it was awesome. It means he won’t take anyone’s Boooooooooooooooooo …….for his patented OooooooooooooooooooooooOOooooooo……….

    Hope you don’t have to work too hard to fix up your sideBar. Luck !

  17. wel ryte bt kisi zamane mei to she ws considered a hot chick re:lol:…actually d pt is d way himesh baba luks …ne gal wud b considered hot for his standards :P:lol:

    hmm bt mst say dude..u av a hell of a lot of patience if u tolerated tht 3 ghante ka torture for 1 glimpse of a hot chick :P

    arre itna bhi pessimistic mat bann..dnt wry sab achha hoga :)

  18. Aaah. Mythology over Science!!
    But thanks for the advice …

    Oh yeah, if I happen to disappear after the 25th of May, you’ll know it’s for the same reason as yours!! =P
    But truth be told, I’m nervous. Jeez. I know what’ll happen. Everybody’ll get 90% and I’ll be stuck with an 85%. Shit. Maybe I’ll write a depression post after that. Maybe I’ll be caught crying in the bathroom too. Ee.

    But why were you asking what Himesh has done to Hansika Motwani? Surprising, actually, one day she’s a girl. the next day, she’s a girl-acting-like-a-woman. I feel sad for her. By the time I’m 20, she’ll be acting like a 40 year old woman. Her childhood will be over. And then years later, she’ll be caught with any of the following:
    1. the wrong kind of a man
    2. doing drugs
    3. with a terminal disease
    4. with psychiatric problems
    5. or, dead, cuz of suiciding …

    It’s about as tough being a guy as it is being a girl. Do what I do. Hit on all of them. Ellen Page, Komal, etc.

  19. @Anoop: Yep, that’s so true. We’ve been BoooooooOOOOooing him and still, he keeps on his OOoooooOOOOooooOOOO. And we’re the fools in the end because all we say isn’t affecting that guy and he’s running happily to the banks.

    @Shaivi: Yeah, Urmila was hot when she did Rangeela. After that, I never really liked her. And there’s one girl who’s not hot enough even for Himesh. Bobby darling!

    Guys have that inbuilt kinda patience. Ladki dekhne ke liye hum log koi bhi torture seh sakte hain. :P

    And I hope everything goes well too. If it doesn’t, then toh zindagi ko bye bye hi bolna padega.

    @Priya: Yep, my theme changes colours! And Freaky isn’t exactly the word I’d use for it. I’d prefer cooooOOOoooOOOoool! :D

    @Espera: Being nervous is natural. That’s what they have board exams give them nerves and to have them commit suicide so that the population decreases a bit.

    And if it helps, I got an 82% in tenth while almost all of my friends got 90%. But here I am, still alive and almost well err..happy. It’s funny how things change. If I get an 82% now, my folks would give a party to the entire country. And stop it about the crying in the bathroom, okay? :|

    You gave the reason why I was asking Himesh what he did to Hansika. I mean she was this little kid in Koi Mil Gaya and two or so years later she’s coming opposite this 30+ guy and she looks older too. But she’s still a child at heart, it seems. So that’s why I wonder how he made her grow that quickly. It’s almost unreal.

    And you’re right about the hitting on everybody part. I need a new wallpaper then which has to be made out of two of Ellen Page and one of Komal. :D

    @Riddhima: I’ve done that already. :)

  20. Man! i was totally shocked when himes_ started that terrible oooooOOOooooOOO even after so much of humiliation by saif and shahrukh …………

    and @suda was right………. we should have a laxman rekha …..not for ants ….but definitely for himesh.

  21. Loved the statement.. He’s the one, the only – the topibaaz, the naakbaaz, the baba, the mahababa – Himes Baba!.. ROFTL..

    yeah Lakshman Rekha works .. BTW who is this Rekha? ;-) ANy mythological mapping?

  22. Thankyou Thankyou. :)
    HImesh is really besharam I think. He knows that he is bad but that never stops him from doing all the nonsense. I find him really irritating in Saragamapa, where he sits with all the buttons of his shirt open and that wierd cap on his head. Uuugghh!!!
    Aur six pack banana aasaan hai kya??? Maine to bahut koshish kari, par kuch nahi hua. :( I think you need to diet a lot for that. Aut main to roz murga khane wala banda hoon. Meri to kaha se hi banegi six pack. :|

  23. @Sanchit: He’s got guts yaar, it doesn’t matter to him what others think of him or that he’s getting humiliated and all.

    And about the Laxman Rekha for Himesh part, refer to my reply to Suda’s comment. :P

    @Harsha: LOL, how about our Bollywood’s one and only Rekha? She’s almost mythological now isn’t she..I mean age wise and all? :P

    @Amit: Yaar Himesh jitna marzi besharam ho, thing is that he sells and he’s earning money. Aur kya chahiye? Yeh bollywood waale toh backstabbers hi hote hain..kehne ko hi friends hain..asal mein toh sab dushman hi hain. And yes, he does look weird and acts even weirder in Saregama. Kisi din khayega Ismail Darbar se..wahaan baitha usko daantne se mana karta rehta hai.

    Six pack banaana asaan nahi par actor log toh bana hi lete hain. Sabke paas apne gym hain, apna trainer hai..kaam dhandha kuch hai nahi..toh baithkar six pack hi bana lete hain. But diet ka issue toh hai. Even I can’t leave murga for anything. :P

    @Shaivi: Waah, kya line maari hai. You are toh simply brilliant! :D

  24. Hey

    The title of the post caught my attention: Mythology and Himesh… lol :D

    And yeah, Komal chaulata is funnnyyyy…

    To think, I think i was a part of ur blogroll… I remember it from the quite tooltip u had written :)

  25. @Nova: Heh yeah, I try to make my titles funny. That was one thing I learned long back, that titles of posts are one of the first things people notice and so they should be good.

    Sadly I haven’t seen any of Komal’s performances on Comedy Circus. I missed it both or maybe three times. But yeah, she’s funny. We know that from Bhains ki poonch. :P

    Yes, you were a part of my blogroll. And I think the tooltip was “Check out the world through Neha’s eyes, it’s beautiful” right? I lost all my tooltips too. I don’t remember all of them. :(

  26. The title if funny. The content is funnier. From Ants to Mythology to Himesh. Oh yeah laksman Rekha, its more effective for ants than Cockroaches. If you wud read my old post on pests. That would give u some idea on what not to do when u deal with pests.

    Have you received a forward with a flash attachment… in that a couple of wolves get a baby boy (with a cap) from the river and they adopt him. thats where he gets the ‘oooooooooooooooo’
    that was one funny flash movie.

  27. @Xylene: Oh no, I didn’t get that flash forward. You have it? Please forward it to me. Please!

    @Shaivi: Lol, are you apple ka color yet? :P

  28. Have you cremated the ants yet? You “enjoyed yourself ” seeing them die, so they deserve an “antim sanskar” at least!!! Anyways, all the best for your board results!

  29. @Aniche: Heh, yeah. Talk about that. :P

    @Shaivi: More praising? Rehne de fir, waise bhi you’ll look weird in red colour.. :P

    @wingardiumleviosa: OMG, you’re so right! But the sad thing is that I can’t find their laashes. I guess they got buried in the table itself. Which is sort of okay too. At least they’ll not get decayed that quickly. And thanks.

    Btw, wingardium leviosa reminds me of the first Harry Potter computer game I played. That had like 3 charms only. One was Flippendo, one Alohamora and then Wingardium Leviosa.

  30. @Shaivi: Oi, I didn’t mean it to be rude. Sowwie. :(

    And about the you looking good in red part, yep, you might look good IN red but how can somebody look good when they ARE red? I mean you’ll look like those poonch and seengh waala devils from weird movies. :P

  31. Hahahahaha! You wasted Laxman Rekha, man. You should have simply played some Himesssss songs to those ants. They’d have died of torture. =D
    Oh, and yes, mythology has always been a popular topic with quizmasters, I reckon. I remember there used to be at least one sureshot question on Hindu mythology on the Bournvita Quiz Contest.
    Coming back to Himesss, jo mazri bol do, that guy has guts. Or plain besharmi, more like, I think. He had the last laugh when his debut movie was declared a hit. Personally, I think that it was a hit because people thronged the halls just to check out how pathetic it was. Mehhh.
    And Juno, have you heard the Soundtrack? It’s beauuutiful!

  32. Hey, what’s under construction at the top widget?

    You know what, every time i visit your site, I lose my patent. Cause your posts are too long to be read.
    Anyways, when Kolkata Knight Riders started playing well, you were also started supporting them. Have you been stopped to support Knight Riders? Your supportive widget is not seen nowadays.

  33. @Drenched: OMG, why didn’t I think about that?! But that would’ve meant torturing myself and the family members too. And moreover, if I’d done that, this post would have been completely about Himess and you people would’ve died of torture as well. Hence, Laxman Rekha. =P

    Mythology was very popular in Kaun Banega Crorepati too which is sort of unfair because the questions were always based on Hindu Mythology. What if a sikh or a muslim goes there? Uski toh lag gayi na muft mein.

    Besharmi, guts, whatever. Paisa toh aa raha hai and that’s all he needs in the end. Usko appreciation ki zaroorat hi nahi. But some of his music has been good. For example, he was the one who composed that “O O Jaane Jaana” song from that Salman-Kajol movie as Sneezy has mentioned. That was a rocking song.

    And everything about Juno is beautiful. Everything. I wish she was my girlfriend. =( Hell, I’d even start eating those red tic tac mints for her. :-j

    @Xylene: ZOMG ROFLMFAO. That was amazing! I’m so putting that up in this post!

    @Aminul: The entire sidebar is under construction. Actually, when I changed themes and applied this one, I forgot to save my sidebar’s data which I had written myself. So now I’ll need to redo all that. And that thing on the top is a text widget in which I’m planning to include a small about me and I still have to write that. Basically a lot of work needs to be done but I’m just lazy.

    I’m sorry that the length of my posts annoys you but I can’t do anything about that. That’s just my style, you know. I do know they get too long sometimes but the thing is that I don’t talk about one thing in one post. I talk about many things and I don’t make posts everyday either. I make one after 4 or 5 days and hence the length. I try to make them a little shorter nowadays, earlier they used to be even longer.

    I’m still supporting the Kolkata Knight Riders and I won’t stop supporting them even they come last. My support for them is because of SRK, not because of their performance. That support widget got deleted with my sidebar data. Only a couple of widgets were saved and they’re still up.

  34. Just saw Video #3. WTF was that!!!! 8-O
    I don’t want to believe I saw something like that.
    p.s. : I love you too. :P
    p.p.s : Hope you are still not angry. :P

  35. Ish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve missed you sooo much!!!!!

    God, so much has changed around here, its like coming home to see a little brother all grown up!!! :)

    I’m so glad I’m back!

  36. @Nova: Yep, and it’s back! :D

    @Amit: LOL, you adore Himesh after seeing that video don’t you? Anyone would! :P

    And no, I’m not angry. I’m actually pretty happy. :D

    @Lemonade: OMG You’re back!!! I missed you sooooo much too man!!

    Things have changed a bit in here yea, but only looks wise. Otherwise, it’s just the same old little brother. ;)

    I’m gladder than you that you’re back! :D

  37. I cannot bear Himesh. I can’t believe you actually wrote a post on him. That’s just giving him too much importance. I used to love Sa Re Ga Ma Pa which Sonu hosted long back. Even after him, I continued to watch it. But then they brought in all these gurus. I saw one episode and Himesh was talking non-stop in it. I felt he was possessed or something :lol: After that I stopped watching it altogether. I believe all the arguments they have in there are all pre-planned and well laid out just to get more TRPs and make it interesting. The very purpose of the show is lost in this. :( I think the sponserors or producers whoever ask Himesh to sing at their functions just do it so that they have a gimmick to laugh at. :D

  38. Freaking Amazing !!

    I’d seen the 1st one before !!

    The 2nd one is THE most hilarious vid I’ve ever seen !! Seriously. Saw the same thing some 3-4 times…still could’nt control my laughter !! Literally ROFL !!

    The best thing about the Indian Idol is seeing auditions like these. And Anu Malik’s comment !! Hahaha !!

    P.S.- I see your side bar is all organised now…Nice (:

  39. @Shaivi: Oh, joking. Theek hai. And yep, those videos are really funny. I kept LOLing for a long time too.

    @Maddie: I can’t bear Himesh either. I also loved Sa Re Ga Ma when Sonu Nigam hosted it. It was still good when Shaan started hosting it. But once that git called Aditya Narayan and these new judges came, they ruined everything. And then the concept of public voting and them contestants begging people to vote for them. And I just mentioned him because people always say that you shouldn’t bother about what others think of you and should carry on with your work. Himesh is the perfect example for that. And yea, they probably did that because it was unexpected. Why didn’t I think of that earlier?

    @Priya: Haha yeah, I saw all these videos at least 3 to 4 times. Especially the last one because I couldn’t believe it was real. I mean, did that guy actually think it was worth participating? And Annu Malik does make funny comments yep, but I don’t like him a lot because he’s too much of a Simon wannabe. Sonu Nigam was a cool judge. Farah was almost blonde.

    Yep, that sidebar is the reason I was awake till 4 last night. Lag gayi seriously. But anyway, all’s well that ends well.

  40. Theme chor!!! [Or so Cat would say, lol.]

    Your blogroll tooltips cracked me up – I can just imagine Amit in a towel and loads of south indian chicks dancing with banana trees behind and singing “Amit Anna, Juicer than a ganna!” :lol:

    Black Sabbath my personal band? *faints*

  41. lol lol lol! Just saw the videos. I had played the game with the 2nd one before. But the 1st and the 3rd one made me fall down. lol! I’m banging my head! :D:D ROFL

  42. I hate The MTV Tickr…

    Irritating. The only good thing about it was when they said “Contact Your Cable Operator to get rid of the TIckr.” …..”It ain’t gonna do anything though. Heehaw!”

    Like Our very own VJ Bani says… “What The F”…

    And yeah…

    Himesh Rocks ya… Love him in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa… “Mujhe tere ghar mein roti chahiye… STRUGGLING nahiin…” Nice hunh… Hate his acting though… But in a way it’s entertaining….

    Dil naiyyo lag da…
    Sameer Jha

  43. you. cannot. be. serious.
    this template. *screams*

    aiight. i just made you feel pathetic, did i? sorry.

    ok, the vids. didnt see. got a huge to do list right now. will see later ok?

  44. hey ish kal ya parso mei result cmin :S

    main to bhaag rahi hoon (geet style jab we met mei) :P

    tc cya n BOL for ur results:)..miss ya:(

  45. @Ashish: Ah no she won’t. She already knows I chorofied it, I had told her long back. She even helped with my sidebar. She’s such a nice Cat. She doesn’t scratch the people she likes. She only scratches Geeked Up Emperor’s :P

    The tooltips yeah, took me long to figure them out. I wanted to change them for everyone but some of them were too good so I let them stay. And LOL about Amit doing whatever you said! And with his sunglasses, he can even do the Dhoni in the new Pepsi commercial ad. He’ll go, “You ganna rascals, I have the ganna, do you have the juice?” Or something. And he’ll drink Ganna Juice instead of Pepsi in the end and then the chicks will come and go, “Amit Anna, juicier than a ganna..mmmmm!”. Man, I should really get into advertising. :P

    And yeah, your tooltip needed a revamp. I wanted it to sound..Grand. And that’s as grand as it gets. ;)

    @Sneezy: LOLOL seriously. The country just adores Himesh and they come up with such brilliant fan art! :lol:

    @Aminul: IPL is really unpredictable. Prior to the last match, I wouldn’t have thought that the Knight Riders could win, but the way Shoaib Akhtar played, it made me rethink. I had said earlier that he won’t make much of a difference because he wasn’t in form and IPL isn’t a bowler’s game but the way he played, now I think anything can happen. Just a touch of form in the batting order and Kolkata might as well end up champions. Delhi is one of the best teams and when they can defend a measly 134 against them, they can beat almost anyone..the only doubt in my mind would be Rajasthan. But I do believe they’ll make it to the semi’s.

    @Sameer: I love the MTV Tickr. I think it’s very cool because it’s comical. It’s has this very impersonal tone which is nice. Plus it makes some really nice puns and informs you about the cool new things. I mean, that’s where I got to know about Coldplay’s new single Violet Hill and I will never be able to thank it enough for that. Why do you hate it?

    And VJ Bani, uhh. I don’t like her. She’s okay when she’s a correspondent. But when she starts anchoring in place of Ayushmann, it’s a disaster. I mean Ayushmann is bad already but Bani is worse. She keeps moving and speaking in this weird weird way.

    I heard that line from Himesh, and yea, it was good. But I don’t like the show anymore but Himesh is not the reason for that. The thing is that even though Sa Re Ga Ma is the original, it hasn’t been able to maintain it’s charm and these days, there are too many singing reality shows going on and it does get annoying after a point..just like it did with the comedy shows.

    Thanks for commenting. Keep visiting. :) I visited your blog btw, loved the haircut waala post. Will post a comment sometime soon.

    @Nids: No, it’s okay. You’re supposed to genetically not like my themes for some strange reason. Seriously though, you think this one is nice? It even changes headers and colours according to the time of the day if you didn’t notice.

    And yea, complete your todo list first. The videos will always be here waiting for you. No issues. ;)

    @Shaivi: ZOMG Best of Luck Shaivi! I hope sab theek ho and tumhaare bhaagne ki naubat na aaye because I’m gonna miss bada waala. :(

    But I love that “Main toh bhaag rahi hoon” waala line. Hahaha, I loved it when Kareena said it. She was so good in JWM. Why did she have to do Tashan? :(

  46. I totally approve of Amit Ganna Juice. Maybe you could consider selling to some ganna juice company? An underwear ad and a juice ad, Amit is teh STAR! :P

  47. I wonder how a Ganna juice would land an underwear add in my lap??
    A juice add is fine. We can have a catchline like – For the most refreshin and yummy juice, have Amit’s ganna.
    Ahem!!! Oh!!!! Now I can see the underwear add coming. ;)

  48. i heard himesh is playing Noah in an upcoming biblical movie. apparently he keeps singing until all the animals board the big fat ship. but in a strange twist, he doesn’t stop singing and finally gets pulverized by a pair of bisons.

  49. @Ashish: Seriously lol. In a couple of months, SRK and Hrithik will be outside Amit’s house asking for autographs and tips on how to do advertising. In four months time, Amit will be having his wax model at Tussuad’s, wearing of course, the underwear of the company he endorses. :D

    @Amit: LOL, you’ve taken it in another direction. We hadn’t thought about Ganna that way. :P :P

    @Nova: Yeah, it’s bad but fairly common.

    @Aniche: Oh, I think I heard something like that too. Or maybe I heard that Mallika Sherawat is gonna do a role in a Jesus based movie and ever since then I’ve been wondering..what exactly will Mallika do? If she covers herself up, she’ll be useless. If she doesn’t, the Vatican will protest and not let the movie release. That’s dilemma for you!

    And yep, you can’t really blame the bisons for pulverizing him in the end. :-j

  50. heyyyyyyyy ish…bhaagne ki naubat nahi aayi :D…d result ws gud wel acc 2 my standards gud :P

    n u kno wat …i cant remembr aftr how many yrs ma mom hugged me frm her side..u kno lke really hugged me:D

    neways me ws gayab jst for 1 day bt really missed ya :D n gud 2 b bk again :)

    yeah evn i found kareena damn gud in JWM ..infact thts d only muvi i found her gud in :P…so cant really blame her for doin tashan…coz thts d kinda muvis she did or does…pata nahi JWM kaise kar sadbuddhi kahan se aa gayi use :P

  51. @Shiavi: That’s brilliant! Yay! I’m sooo happy for you. And it must be a nice feeling to be hugged by your really. *sigh*

    Anyways, great that you’re back. I hope that I survive my boards too. :S

    And I thought Kareena’s sadbudhi was somehow related to her being with Shahid. The guy is so down to earth types, toh maharani par bhi thoda asar toh hona hi tha. But now she’s found Saif who as as flamboyant as it gets. I’m expecting a lot more Tashan-ing from her now.

    @Balu: LOL, well, I’ve managed to get rid of those ants..for now, yeah.

  52. yeah it is a nice feelin…i al most forgot hw does it actually feel 2 b hugged by ur mom..*sigh*

    arre dnt wry …considerin d way my papers went..if i can survive dem ..u’l def survive ur boards :D

    i agree wid u dere…shahid ws a gud influence for kareena…n hes so kewl..i actually hated d gal for breakin his heart grr grr :P

  53. before watching the third video ………… i thought that the chap is a himesh fan and would sing it just like him………………..but……………….

    *thrilled by the performance*

    now i am a fan of “shravan”
    therefore i would like to sing one of his hilarious lines !

    “” aaashiq banaayaaaaaaaaaaaa!! aashiq banaayaaaaaaaaaaaa!! aashiq banaayaaaaaaaaaaa!! ………… aaaaaapuneyyyyy……….””

  54. @Shaivi: Yeah, even I’ve forgotten how it feels. Last time she hugged me happily in like 7th class. Uske baad toh maine bahut taare dikhaaye hain and unko yakeen ho gaya hai ki taare sirf zameen pe hi nahi, hamaare ghar ke andar hi hain. :P

    If I survive the boards, I swear I’ll give everyone I know a party. Seriously.

    Yeah, usually I don’t really bother about star romances because it’s their private life at the end of the day but jab Kareena ne Shahid ko choda toh bura laga. The guy was totally in love with her yaar, fir pata nahi kya hua. And then she went for Saif, jiska track record waise hi kuch zyada badhiya nahi hai. But chalo, kuch socha hi hoga bebe bebo ne. :P

    @Sanchit: LOLOL, even I love Shravan. He’s just amazing. If I ever audition for Indian Idol, I’m gonna sing my song exactly like this guy did. Aashiq banaayaaaaaaa. Lol amazing.

    @Aminul: You have so many blogs. I visited them and commented on one of them. Which is your actual blog, the one you update regularly?

  55. yes, I was very glad to see Chitrashi.

    I hate to see that two lamest people are finalists. And Prabjot wont get anything.

    Hey, let me know how your results are. No matter what results are don’t fret. I will be waiting for your message eagerly.

  56. @ Ish
    Just busy yar.. blog karne ka man nahi lagtha. so taking a break thats all!
    But hey I do blog on my gaming blog ( once in a while

  57. first video–OMG LOL!!
    but kinda mean

    2nd vid–OMG LOL!! teri chocolate….lol!

    3rd—*still havent recovered from hiccups*

    ps–i’m really really vela–write a new post soon.

  58. @Xylene: You’re welcome!

    @Vasudha: Miss V loves desperadoes. And what is keeping Miss V so busy nowadays?

    @Poonam: You’re right, Nihal and Ashutosh are definitely the lamest. Even Sonel, she was lame. I’m really surprised to see the way Ashu changed. He was very cool in the tasks earlier but towards the end, he just stopped putting any effort into it. He was too sure of his politics, and that has carried him through. He’s even more undeserving than Nihal is.

    @Priya: OMG, that was some video. And that was some Sardar. I haven’t seen Simon Cowell genuinely impressed ever.

    And yeah, the results came out, they were fine.

    @Balu: Ah, okay. So planning to come back anytime soon?

    @Ankur: Yeah, I agree on that.

    @Nids: Mean to the wolves, yeah. :P

    I’m vella and out of inspiration too. Kya likhoon?

    @Shaivi: Dekh lenge. Where there is a will there is a way. Darr ke aage jeet hai. :P

  59. @Shaivi: My result was fine. Pass ho gaya sab mein and agg. 74% aa gaye so everyone’s happy at home. Par ab mereko tension ho rahi hai kyunki ab course aur college decide karna padega. Mera result came out day before yesterday waise, delhi waalon ka aaj aaya hai.

    @Aminul: It’s been hectic, man. First my massi came, them came my board exam result and then my computer’s LAN card blew up. It got fixed only yesterday. And moreover, I’m out of inspiration right now. That’s why no new posts.

  60. oyeee congi fir to :D treat kahan hai meri :P

    hmm nw d crucial period cmes..jst keep 1 thing in wt u wana do…dnt go wid wt ur family or frnds want u 2 do…thts d only advice m gna giv u coz maine bhugta hai wt happns wen u go wid smethin u dnt want :)

  61. Oye how was your result? (I know you must have written in the comments somewhere, but I’m too lazy to find out and read. Plus, I like direct information.)
    Love and peace.

  62. omg!! i was just gonna steal your blogroll, and i noticed you changed the mouse-over.

    OMG !! Am i really that mean??????

    oh dear…


  63. OMG!
    Your results must have come out!!!
    How was it? How was it? How was it?
    (can you believe it? I actually typed that 3 times instead of using ctlr+c and ctrl+v. I’m computer illiterate!!)

  64. @Shaivi: Treat pakka, jagah tum batao. :P

    Crucial period comes, yes. I’ve been looking for things I can do. I don’t want to do a B.Tech. as of yet. I want to do a bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communication but the thing is that it doesn’t look like there are any jobs after that so parents ko convince karna mushkil ho raha hai. Let’s see kya hota hai.

    @Ashish: My result wasn’t exactly worth telling. And I’m so out of inspiration that I couldn’t even get myself to write a post about it. Actually, I did start but gave up halfway. I had titled it “Pappu Pass Ho Gaya” :P

    @Sanyukta: You know now, directly. :P

    @Nids: My new mouse-over suggests that you’re mean? I didn’t mean it like that. What I wanted to say was that you love Delhi. And you can’t go around loving people in the first ‘Hi’ can you? L pad gayi lagta hai.

    @Espera: I’ll tell you on Facebook. That’s more :P

    And yes, typing the same thing three times doesn’t mean you’re computer illiterate. It just means you’re excited. :P

  65. what was that last sentence?

    “she loves Delhi, she loves seasons. Nope, she doesn’t love you”
    sounds very fishy to me.
    i rather liked the she adores me for my grammar and now she’s gonna kill me lol. wonder why you got bored of it.
    oh, i was trying to fix the mouseovers on my blog, but it doesnt work that way. the template i mean, not blogger. what do you have against blogger? and why do they make you pay for templates in wordpress? and oh, you’re gonna clock a 100 comments here too, if you aint careful.

  66. @Nids: L pad gayi? That sort of means that besti ho gayi. Like something happened in a way that you didn’t expect it to.

    I’ll put back your previous tagline then. I don’t hate Blogger as such, it’s cool and all. WordPress makes us pay because they don’t have servers as strong as Google does so they can’t deal with everybody having their own custom css. It does things with their software and it becomes difficult to maintain. There are a lot of other things that WordPress doesn’t allow but that’s okay. I can’t expect more from a free service.

    And about the mouse-overs, I’ll email you.

  67. aur kiski besti ho gayi? aur kyon hui? listen, me and krits are like the two most hindi illiterate ppl around. thodi si bol lete hain, lekin wo bhi bas college me, jaroorat padne par. see?

  68. No jobs for Journalism and Mass Communication? Are you NUTS~!?! I’ve met a dude who had a B in MC and he was with NDTV India.. Still its your call. :)

    *kicks butt* wants his Pappu Pass fix. C’mon it’ll at least be better than Paanchvi Pass! :P

    Amit Anna, he’s lost his ganna! [Sorry couldn’t resist!] :twisted:

  69. @Nids: Arre besti meri hui. Forget it, I can’t explain. L pad gayi ka matlab kuch aur hi hota hai.

    And you live in INDIA a.k.a. HINDUSTAN. How can you manage to be so Hindi illiterate?

    @Ashish: I know there are jobs in Mass Communication. But my parents refuse to accept that fact. You have my number. Call me, I’ll make you talk to them and if you can manage to convince them, you’re God. And no, I’m not joking. Jot that down somewhere, having parents who are teachers is not the best thing that can happen to you.

    I can’t make any posts right now. I don’t want to. I’ve become so lazy I don’t wish to do anything at all. I wonder why this is happening though.

    Amit Anna lost his ganna?! OMG? When? Where? How? *shock*

  70. Amit: Well its all in the papers…. shouldn’t have left it lying around! :lol:

    Oh wait, not THAT ganna. Chi Chi, you always think like that. I was talking about the ganna for your juice ad. :twisted:

    ish: I want pizza, I IZ 100th Commenter!

  71. @Amit: LOL, that’s good news. I was getting seriously worried. Bechaari Geet ka kya hota? :P

    @Ashish: 100th comment. Yay. Pizza? What is that? :P

    @Priya: Lucky, heh. :D

    @Nova: No, it’s not the vacations. I’m just out of inspiration as such.

  72. @Ashish : Even I was talking about the juice add wala ganna. Your brain is chi chi, not mine. :P
    @Ish : Your mind is also chi chi. I was talking about the one we need for the add. :P

  73. Oh I have seen that last Youtube video. :D In fact, it’s one of my all time favorites! Sorry, I didn’t read the rest of the post. Am at work now and just touching base with a couple of WP friends. Thought that I would stop by here also and grace you by my presence. ;) Will be back this weekend. So watch out. :D

  74. @Ruhi: Arre waah, thank you her highness ki aapne mereko yaad rakha. I’m indebted to you for the rest of me life. I’m so glad you’re coming back. I’ve missed you like hell! ;)

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