What did i say to pi?

I found this picture at TalkingTails and thought it was hilarious. Moreover it is very apt because I have my mathematics exam on Monday. Now don’t expect a long post, I have to study! Anyway, just if you didn’t get the joke, I suggest you should brush up your basic mathematics knowledge because if I […]

Ze Desktope of Za Ish

Don’t worry too much about the name of the post. I don’t understand what I’ve written either. I’m really grateful to Lemonade for tagging me to do the Desktop Meme. Actually while visiting Ashish’s blog yesterday, I was going through his blogroll and noticed that Hedonistics Anonymous had done this meme as well. I was […]

You! Lurker, out now!

Once upon a time … there was a lurker. And there was his love – a girl who loved to blog. The girl didn’t know that the lurker had been in love with her for 3 years because he had never even talked to her. The girl liked to write poems, songs and other things […]