Dumbledore is Gay? Yeah right.

On Saturday the 20th of October 2007 in New York, Dumbledore turned gay. If you think I’m going insane, I’m sorry to tell you I actually am in my senses but J.K. Rowling seems to have lost hers alright.

During her tour to America, one of the fans asked J.K. Rowling if Professor Dumbledore ever found true love to which J.K. replied that he’s gay. As expected, it was followed by silence and then applause. And Rowling went ahead to say that she would have told them before if she had known that the news would make them that happy. She went ahead to say that Dumbledore was in love with Gellert Grindelwald whom he eventually defeated in one of the most memorable duels according to the seventh book – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
She said that Dumbledore was “terribly let down” by Grindelwald and that his love was a “great tragedy”. You don’t believe me right? Check out this news item by BBC here.

I must confess that I don’t think a lot about this so called “shocking revelation”. It’s amusing. After ending the seven book series, she just comes up and says Dumbledore’s gay. Not even once while reading the seven books did I feel that he was gay at any moment. Potter fans though claim that they already had an idea about this because Dumbledore was never really “involved” in a close relationship with a woman. Well that’s hardly a logic, we thought he was too busy with the students to go around mating with some female. And going by that logic, I can conclude that McGonagall is a Lesbian and she had an affair with Dolores Umbridge? It’s only in the seventh book that we got to know about Dumbledore’s shady past and even there, I don’t see any indication towards him being gay. His friendship with Gellert Grindelwald was projected merely as a bonding of two wizards with great strength. It never said anything about them being “interested” in each other. Now if she had decided that Dumbledore had been gay all along, she should have made a mention about that in one of the books when she was telling about Dumbledore’s past. Saying this now when the series is over and the guy is dead sounds like a mere publicity stunt and that is not appreciable.

Human Rights activists are meanwhile very happy over the entire issue and say that Rowling has done a great thing by declaring one of the pivotal characters as gay. That would help people accept gays and lesbians more easily. I think otherwise though. When asked if Dumbledore had ever found real love, she said that he was gay. So that means he never found a true love because he was gay? Don’t gays find their love? Don’t we see Elton John? See, I don’t have any problem with gays or lesbians. It’s perfectly their own choice and there’s nothing wrong with it. But considering that this series is read by small children too, I doubt if parents would want their 10 year old kids to read about these things. At least in my country they wouldn’t and that would mean the children would miss on a great series. It’s ok if Dumbledore is gay but my only complaint is that it should have been revealed somewhere in the book, not like this afterwards.

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21 thoughts on “Dumbledore is Gay? Yeah right.

  1. You got the whole funda right! why exactly didn’t any of the books even lean towards his sexuality? after her stupid series gets over, she says all crap to get attention?! Ridiculous. Why couldn’t she let him remain the way he was and stop throwing all this weird post- series knowledge on us? I’m fine with gay people, it’s just that I have read the entire series so many times now and nowhere did it occur to me that dumbledore was gay. either she’s a bad writer or I’m a bad reader. You decide.

  2. Shes insane! Man!

    Or maybe she just randomly spurted out an answer n since everyone went Gaga over it as usual! She decided it was a great thing to keep after all!


    Ure right, there was No hint whatsoever that hes gay. Nothing in his rs with Grindelwald that wud suggest so! Disappointing turn of events.. =/

  3. I never got “gay” from dumbledore, and you’re right about her response to “did dumbldedore ever find true love?” It here answer makes it seem that homosexuals never find true love.

  4. thanks Ish, I was looking for this actually.. after seeing some thing flshing on my TV screen about Potter all day… but i always missed it .. thanks again

  5. Man…this is something which i didn’t think about at all…well yeah that no closeness with any woman think was strange alright but you know what celibacy is what i thought of…not gay…ne ways nice blog!!

  6. I don’t know why this even matters. for all I know Elrond and all the elves of middle earth are gay then and it doesn’t change the story in any way. No need to create a big issue of it.

    [And dude, you need to stop stealing people’s topics and make a REAL update for once! :P ]

  7. @Ash: Ah well, I hadn’t stolen an idea there. I was gonna do the post but Ruhi managed it before me. Anyway I’m doing a new post which I think should be original.

  8. No way! What’s the point??? I mean seriously. Why would she say this? Is this just a political move to stay sexually unbiased? Please spare me J.K.!

  9. Ish, I so agree with you!!! I was shocked myself and I must have read all the books some 3-4 times.. I cant believe she said this!!!! I mean, the books met with a great response and everything! And maybe JKR is so used to the whole being-in-public thing that she is finding it difficult that there wil be no books further and hence no adulation! Some things are meant to end like this and they should, with all due respect!

    Why the hell is JKR now ruining it for fans like us by adding more masala to the whole thing! Its not that m pissed because she declared Dumbledore gay, m all for the human rights!! But, then y just Gay? Why not declare him a jew as well… or better, may be an Iraqi? Human rights needed there too, right????

    Its sad, that one of my fav authors is stooping this low to stay in limelight… a bad marketing gimmick is all this is! I am disappointed!

  10. @mystarbucks: Yes, even I thought they were joking when I heard the news on the news channels but later they showed her saying it. I wonder what’s gone into her.

    @Nova: That’s a very interesting point you’ve made. Why couldn’t she declare Dumbledore a Jew? Of course I liked the thing about her that she’d try to involve every country by having people like Parvati Patil etc. That felt good but this doesn’t. By doing this, she’s only hurting everybody’s sentiments. I don’t think even the gays would be very happy with this.

  11. ah, finally i find someone sorta echoing my thoughts. i’ve blogged on the same.
    im not sure it’s a great thing for homosexuals… next thing you know, the books might get banned in some countries.. no, wait, that’s a great thing for JK. Or maybe Harry Potter is gonna be demonized by the church… already there are sections of people who feel the series is quite antichrist.
    if jk really wanted to take a stand supporting gay rights, she could have done so many other things, like write pro-gay marriage essays, im sure that’ll be a big draw..
    but my grouse is, why did she irresponsibly do this… i mean, bulk of her readers are under-tens, who are simply not ready to lose their innocence.

  12. @wanderlust: You’re absolutely correct. Even I think this might lead to negative vibes about the entire series. I thought cheap publicity stunts happen only in Bollywood.

    @Ash: Fine dude, I have a thing for taking things seriously these days.

  13. I loved all the Harry Potter books till now. I just want to say thank you JKR for Ruining the series for tons of family’s accross the nation! I can’t even watch the movies now because she decided to add some human right’s sh*t. Its fiction for heaven’s sake!! It doesnt need to be politically correct.

    The way I see it is: If Dumbledore was gay he would have said so. JR ENDED the book. Its a done deal. JR stop drinking the bong water.

  14. Oh by the way, if she wanted to make the gays or human right’s people happy then she shouldn’t of indicated that if Dumbledore was in fact gay he was too ashamed to ever say anything, and she as well, showed she was ashamed when she stated “If I would of known you guys would’ve been so happy I would’ve said something earlier”- What’s the real message?! Gay’s should stay in hiding unless everyone is going to be happy about it? – Like I said earlier JR is freak’n crazy… Oh and tell her I want my money back, I don’t support homosexuality.

  15. //But considering that this series is read by small children too, I doubt if parents would want their 10 year old kids to read about these things.// …I think the 6th book comes in PG category or maybe 18 & above with all “snogging” in the book. There was just too much of it.

  16. @Reema: You’re right. But still, every other kid did read it didn’t they? Snogging is still okay because they should a lot of that in family movies too nowadays but gay and stuff is different.

  17. I don’t understand what the issue is, here. Albus is gay, so what? You say you don’t see an indication of him being gay — what kind of indication were you looking for? It’s not that gay people don’t find “true love”, of course not! It’s just that they, being human, might find love just ONCE in their life — merely by virtue of being human and having nothing to do with sexual preferences — and if it doesn’t work out, then that’s it. Haven’t you heard of that happening with straight people? Some people fall in love once in their lifetime, and they don’t care to love again — even if it doesn’t work out. Albus was one of those people.

    When she replied that Dumbledore was gay, she was just making his sexual preference clear. If you look at her complete answer, it doesn’t end there; she goes on to explain the Grindelwald saga. She was asked the question, so she answered. This is important, because she didn’t come out with it otherwise. Maybe she never needed to; book VII makes everything clear. You may say that it is a publicity stunt, but that’s your PoV. While there are millions of fans who say that they find no traces, there are millions who say they can easily imagine him as gay. Point is, she has broken the stereotype of a gay person, so it’s hard to tell anyway. For me as a reader, it makes sense. Not because of what she said, but because of proof that I find within the text. Maybe you should do the same, and find your answers inside the books. Because really, you think SHE needs publicity? If she did, wouldn’t she have declared this to be the case in say, bk 3 or 4, when HP mania was reaching its peak?

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