Deepali out of Indian Idol 3!

It’s a proven fact that even in music talent shows, the audience judges by its eyes and not by it’s ears. And sadly enough, this has happened again. I still can’t seem to believe that Deepali has been eliminated from Indian Idol 3. If a girl was going to be the Indian Idol, it was going to be nobody but her.

It was annoying to see Emon and Deepali figuring out in the bottom 3 and as if that wasn’t enough, now Deepali’s been kicked out. If I’m asked, she was the best after Emon and now they both were standing in the bottom 3 along with Ankita, whom I’ve never really liked. I don’t like Ankita because in my opinion, she should never have got the kind of appreciation she has. Technically put, everybody knows that Ankita is not as good a singer as the rest of the participants and she definitely isn’t even close to touching Deepali. Her strength is purely performance and even that has been off-key in the last two gala-episodes. It seems that the audience has a penchant for voting people out when they started singing well. This is what happened with Parleen and now the same has happened with Deepali. I’m terribly disappointed because I was expecting her in the final 3 and she deserved to be there. To me, Ankita should have gone out because she doesn’t really seem to have a singing future. I know I sound bitter but face it, it’s true. She doesn’t have a magnificent voice and hence she can’t become a playback singer. She doesn’t have amazing looks and hence she cannot become an actress. I agree she’s a great performer but unfortunately, great performers don’t work in this country. She could sing an occasional song or two but she doesn’t have that thing in her that can make her really big in the singing industry. Of course I could be wrong and maybe one day she’ll become as good as any of those singers out there but then again, there’s much more chance of a Deepali being a much better playback singer.

I wanted to put up a Youtube video of what I thought was Deepali’s best performance but that isn’t available any longer. So I shall put up her second best performance.

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16 thoughts on “Deepali out of Indian Idol 3!

  1. sad news indeed :( I agree ” It’s a proven fact that even in music talent shows, the audience judges by its eyes and not by it’s ears. And sadly enough, this has happened again.”

  2. @Dinsan – Yea, it’s sad indeed. Even the judges know it is. She was very talented and deserved to be there in the top 3. And I must say she was very brave too because she didn’t even cry! I’m sure she’ll make it big in life. Good Luck to her!

  3. When Deepali was brought to the danger zone and Javed Akhtar said with indignation that he was sure it was Deepali who would be going out, my heart sank, because I felt the same. Ankita has nice interesting body movements, but compared to Deepali’s singing, or that of the still surviving (till tomorrow?) Pooja, she simply is not in the same class. The Nepali gentleman sipahi also carefully chooses the simplest songs, and manages to get away with it, with all Nepal voting for him. Amit Paul also sings well, but his songs, too are not all that complex. The two Chatterjees sing marvelously, and I can console myself only if one of them emerges as the Idol this year.

  4. And, now, as I had predicted to my friends, like Mr Shafee above, Puja is gone! Indian Idol (I mean Indian voters) is shit! I’ll never watch it again.

    Kalimata ki jay !

  5. So guys, after the major setback last week, here is another stunner.. Pooja is voted out.. I am sure Indian Idol producers must be pulling their hairs out..All the good singers are getting voted out one by one..
    Based on talent I am sure u guys will agree, Amit, Emon, Deepali, Chang, Puja deserved the place in top 5 in almost the same order…
    I dont who is voting for Prashant. I was thinking he shud have gone at least 4 weeks ago..Ankita is yet another weak link.. Good performer but definitely not a singer of Deepali or Puja’s caliber..
    All the best to Indian idol. Anyways i have already switched my loyalty full time to Voice of India..

  6. I agree with you in all sense…I’m the biggest fan of Deepali and I dont like Ankitha…I didn’t like the comment she made against Deepali in the Previous Episode. She was supposed to be thin one voted out and not Puja or Deepali.

  7. Why are you people so upset? This was the 60th independence day of Bharat,and the Indian people showed how truly independent they are. Independent of the tyranny of logic, education, culture, respect to the opinion of judges etc. Read again Alice in Wonderland, which was written by an Oxford professor of logic, and you will move back to your childhood, when you used to nag your parents, and wanted to do exactly what your parents forbade you. Such is the human mind.

  8. Folks you make it a point to rememebr that Ankita comes from UP. Hence she has the biggest territory in her hand. That is why an useless singler like her is still performing in Indian Idol 3.

    We have lost phenomenal singers like Padmanav (before galas), Deepali, Puja for the jerk lady. I feel she is aiming to be a Bar dancer in some suburban part of Mumbai.

    If Ankita is in top 3 of Indian Idol GOD BLESS INDIA !

  9. deepali u r too good n talented .i like u a lot .i know u can be in indian idol top-2 because from the girls, u r the most talented,fitn fine,smart n gourgeous singer.
    I dont like mayang chang due to the rose that he gave to u ur performance was little bit upset.due to that unlucky rose given by mayang chyan u r courier ended.Deepali plz dont beleive in mayang chyan n the chinese.if u want help i can help u a lot .I m from nepal .Here are a lot of supporters , n ur fans also.

  10. Few gems have come out of the indian idol. Talents like chang, deepali, eman are to name a few. However we have to acknowledge the STAR called Ankita. She is an international material. Idol is too small a forum for her. Sitting in US, I was exposed to the whole world of talent (American idol, X-Factor, Australian,…) I havent seen a person like Ankita. So much planning (Which I believe is spontanious) it is simply amazing. She is just 17 and her voice and talent in future will only mature and get polished only. WOW

  11. i am looking for the song which deepali sang during her departure from indian idol.

    i dont remember the lyrics correctly, but may be it were
    “äawaz se lipti hui dosti hu mein…”

    if any body has this song please give me the link

    thanks in advance

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