Why am I an Athiest?

When was the last time you were proud of your religion? I never was and never will be. But I guess I’ll have to be disappointed and ashamed every other day because of what the people of my community do. I could say I was born into the wrong religion because if you’re born a Sikh, you automatically become a fool and the punchline of 90% of the jokes doing rounds on SMS’s or whatever. You will even have a couple of websites who’ll make jokes exclusively on you and you’ll always be looked down upon by your friends as somebody who doesn’t know what to say and always does stupid things.

These days, people in our state have been going crazy and carrying open swords here and there because of a “controversy” which to me, seemed more like a political game. There is this guy and we’re gonna call him Mr. X because I don’t want to reveal his name and earn hits. This post is more of the personal kind. Now, Mr. X has a number of followers in the neighboring state of Haryana and some in Punjab as well. Some days back, Mr. X appeared in the newspaper in an advertisement dressed as the 10th Sikh Guru and this immediately sparked this huge controversy between the Sikhs and the followers of Mr. X. The Sikhs got agitated and burned down a couple of places owned by Mr. X and his followers. It looked like riots were going to start and a number of people would die as they did in a similar situation more than a decade back. There were interviews, debates over Television and the news channels were making merry while the Sikh’s were demanding an apology from Mr. X and Mr. X was demanding President’s Rule and army protection in the state. Ultimately, Mr. X made a press release in which he said he had no intention of copying the Guru and that he loved all the people and was against violence. The Sikhs don’t seem to be too happy with this apology and a court case has been filed against Mr. X. God(if he exists) knows what’s gonna happen now.

All this makes me unhappy. Why can’t we live as one people. Why can’t there be a religion called humanity? Why do some people have to look different from the others because their religion demands it? Why doesn’t anyone understand all this is so illogical?

If I hurt the religious sentiments of anyone, I’m sorry but these are my opinions and I personally feel that there is no such thing as God and miracles. Your actions decide your life and it isn’t gonna change if you start praying to God to change it. It’s no use praying to God when you’re not prepared. Be brave enough to face what you deserve and stop dividing people on the name of religion. Just live as one people and see how this world grows.

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8 thoughts on “Why am I an Athiest?

  1. That’s a really interesting post, I call myself atheist too despite having attended a catholic primary school from the ages 5-11. But, I argee with what you’re saying. Religion is so contradictory. It speaks of tolerance, acceptance and love, yet it never achieves any of it. If anything, it achieves the exact opposite.
    We should be able to live our lives without the pressure of religion and I think the world would be better if we did all believed in one thing rather than fight over whose religion is right or wrong.

    Well, what do I know, I’m just a 15 year old girl :P

  2. Oh you know a lot Dee, I’m only 17 too.

    You see, I also attend a catholic convent and I find some of their practices really silly but when I compare them with what my religion does, they sound fine. I think Christians are more logical. I’m not talking about the strict ones though but I’ve seen some of my friends and they’re very normal and all. Here in our country, religion is more like a disaster and that’s why it’s so easy for terrorists to make our country burn.

    They just attack a mosque and then Muslims attack a temple and then everyone starts attacking each other and after all that, they call themselves a united country. Give this sh*t to somebody who doesn’t know what it’s like.

  3. I’m not that familiar with Sikhism as its not very promienent in my country I have to say but it sounds like it has caused a lot of trouble in your country.
    I would agree to some extent that Christainity is logical, but even from where I’m from it doesn’t appear to be like that. In Ireland for example with the attacks between Catholics and Protestants.
    Religion is such a petty subject that has caused more trouble than it’s worth all over the world…it’s really saddening.

  4. I know you have had troubles between the Protestants and Catholics. That’s one of the reasons it’s illogical.

    You’re right. Religion really doesn’t deserve what it has become. I heard it was a way you could reach God. Hell, we’re reaching only death and sadness following it.

  5. nice post Ish!!!

    me a sikh too ( bt nt a surd) ,,, anyways comin to the point atheism is nt an answer to all this!!! I have felt many a times that religion is somewhat a matter of identity than finding goD!!!
    religion is suppose to be personal bt the way its performed its more a big show off n stuff!!

    sbout whats happening in punjab!! Its all politics….I somehow knew bout this for since the time election resut came out and I knew this was coming sometime soon!!!
    bt at the same time the new guy who is creating all the trouble is a fake…is wanted for a lot of crimes n all that jazz! bt I jus hope in all this no more innocent ( n nt so so innocent ) people DIe.

    btw A very nice post

  6. I’m a Sikh, too, and I learned early to be more punch than line; people will treat you as badly as you let then – at least in general. There are exceptions. I was in Delhi in 84 and I learned then if I hadn’t learned before that being a Sikh meant something important to me. If it means nothing to you, that’s your loss; but you’re still young. As you grow older your perspective might change.

    You don’t need to be sorry if you hurt someone’s religious sentiments. You have every right to your own ideas and opinions. Just try to be polite, which you are.

    But what do I know? I’m just a 55 year old woman…

  7. Okay. First off I’m a buddhist so I don’t believe in God except I was baptised and etc so I should believe in God. Which I do..to some extent (don’t let bucket hear that or I’ll be dead which isn’t good).

    Religion is different to each person because it’s how you interprete it. I’m lazy so I let my parents do it for me but even then that’s why we have so many different religions. My view was that we started out with one and people interpreted that one religion differently and hence you’ve got the zillion we have today. My view though so don’t always trust that.

    Your views are valid. Why can’t we live as one? Why does one religion scare the world and the other doesn’t? I believe people believe in god because it gives them hope when everything else is bad in their lives. It gives them faith. Okay gonna shut up now before I turn all sad etc.

  8. I agree with Sha …Believing in God and praying to him gives me strength else there have been times which I would never had been able to cross alone…but I dont believe in all that fanaticism and practices to prove one is religious. and of course God helps those who help themselves.

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