The New Bajaj Pulsar 220, 200, 180 & 150cc

Now I’m not exactly a vehicle freak anymore, but one thing that’s really caught my imagination lately is the new Bajaj Pulsar. I think it’s the closest ever India’s come to a superbike and it’s really shocking that a bike with such power is coming from Bajaj’s stable which has been famous for only scooters in the past. The original Pulsar, which came around 6 years back I guess has totally stolen the market from the likes of Hero Honda and the other companies. It was very impressive at that time with it’s 150 and 180 cc models. Then in 2006, when Pulsar was already ruling the market, and with CBZ Xtreme and Karizma failing to do any damage, Bajaj announced a new revamped Pulsar. This one had a more suave look, LCD speedometer and double split taillights and the best part was, the price remained the same. With the coming of 2007, this new range of Pulsars has been rocking the roads and on an early deserted morning, you can easily find someone on a Pulsar doing a 200 kmph or wheelies etc. The hottest selling model at this time is the 200 cc Pulsar. It has the LED display, split backlights, new styled headlamps, a more aerodynamic body,transparent indicators and the best part, a huge and wide rear wheel which provides excellent grip and speed.

Now with all that being there already, Bajaj has also launched the 220 cc Pulsar which is even more mean looking and fast going with the new headlamp and enormous amount of power. The Pulsar has been declared the “Bike of the Year – 2007″ by Autocar, the pioneer automobile magazine. This is just the beginning, and I think it wouldn’t be long before Hayabusa’s start making there way down here because the new Indian biker has money, and he loves speed. Gonna leave you with pictures of the 200 cc and the 220 cc Pulsar.

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129 thoughts on “The New Bajaj Pulsar 220, 200, 180 & 150cc

  1. hmm ish trying real hard for hits!!!
    bangladesh india first, now pulsar!!
    both seem to be not ur kinda stuff!!
    if u do a detailed research bout pulsar new variants u will see the most of them have problems of broken forks..bajaj is trying to solve the problem!! n reports are there that many accidents have taken place due to it!!!
    I think u should be writing bout stuff like this after detailed research!!!
    Anyways U will get more n more hits if u carry on writing bout the stuff u write usually and U do that best!!

  2. Nah, this one wasn’t exactly for hits charsii. I love the way the new pulsar looks and I haven’t mentioned any stats in here so the reader doesn’t have to take it that way. I don’t know broken forks and all but I think the bike’s a real good looker. Thanks for the feedback though.

    India beating Bangladesh again, wasn’t for hits. It was a big thing India finally managed to get back to form. And they did it again today.

    I’ve never made any post solely for hits, I do it only if I have interest in that thing and then I try to make it people friendly so that I get some hits. I’ve stopped being the good old desperate me now. I wanna make a band now!

  3. Ooo. Funky header. I just mean. Girls won’t be attracted to it unless they are bikers, and therefore you’ll only get half of the hits :P

  4. Lol. You heard about the new Discover? Make a post on that… my bro will surely read! :lol: [I’d only read if it was about Harley Davidson or West Coast Chopper!]

  5. Well iam a big fan of karizma caus i have karizma but when i saw pulasar 220cc…it seems like a real sports bike it look awesome..thats iam going to plan buy it…

  6. Well iam a big fan of karizma caus i have karizma but when i saw pulasar 220cc…it seems like a real sports bike it look awesome..Iam very much interested to buy it

  7. I think its a pretty cool bike 2 roam arond INDIAN city roads.But it was supposed 2 be realsed by end of 2006 then y da**** is the bike not on road till now??? this had made me pretty annoyed.

  8. i like bajaj pulsar because every parts are smart and design according to it. even i have buied

  9. the thing which never falls in stylish thing …………………………………….
    which is in front of u

  10. pulsar 200cc is wht i have bought, it is surely better than Karizma
    in terms of power( Kariz.-16.8ps & pulsar 200cc-18ps),milage(kariz.-25-30kpl & pul200cc 35-40kpl),i agree di karizma looks more stylish bt buddy with expected hikes in petrol prices pulsr200cc is excellent choice. :)

  11. Hey Guys Grow up.BHP dose not decide also have o include Torque,power to weight ratio,torque to weight ratio.In that way Karizma is better Than Pulsar200cc…And the Bike to beat them is the Bullet350cc And The 500cc..It has got power,Great Torque and A Good power to weight ratio And also a good torque to weight ratio…This is the ultimate bike and it is a king and a legend..only a strong harted man can ride the Bullet..once you ride it you will forget other bikes..

  12. I dont know where the designers of the new Bajaj Pulsar 220 were banging away when its paintwork was being finalised..IT REALLY SUCKS..Period..
    It looks more like a Pulsar 150 with new front fascia which is more or less like the karizma.. Why cant they give it complete looks with engine covers did u guys check the paintwork. White body and silver painted alloys.Sucks big time..
    Designers and painters..Stop banging and get to worrk… The 200 lookS a lot cooler and sexier than 220.
    Dont take the consumers for granted..they want looks too.doesnt mean you give them a semi-loaded machine with incomplete looks..
    Work on it guys and post your comments..

  13. wow through bajaj india has entered in the new era of stylish and powerfull bikes. really 220 will surely set fire on roads


  15. now at time i have old model pulsar 150cc.
    but i will purchase new pulsar 220cc.
    but i don’t know. new pulsar how it is?
    what his avg…

  16. will soon purchase it.
    its a good bike
    looking forward for a good perfomance
    would love to go for a test ride

  17. it is very good from every side by looking by driving etc
    this company will get sucess fast if this type of development is made

  18. i want to know more information about pulsar dts-i-150cc & 180cc.i love pulsar ………………………..!

  19. I’ve finally booked mine ‘n am waitin’ 4 it.Went on a test ride.Luvd it,so bought it.Just 2 weeks more of waiting pppl!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. i am crazy abt pulsar its damn stylish and powerfull than any other bike in this segment.can you post some more pics….

  21. ”PULSAR” is ” MY BIKE ” nothing can be written beyond this. It is 200cc,220cc & 250cc. ”Just Ride”.


  22. i want to know information about pulsar180cc&200cc..
    why there is so much cost difference in them..
    is there any dealer of pulsar200cc in haryana

  23. Hey Guys’ n Gals’…The P220cc bike does ride and this time its definitely a MALE!!!…. But couple of facts folks…The marketing sucks BIG TIME…

    1. Bajaj did a press release saying the bike would be on roads by Dec 06′ and they had said this sometime in May 06’….This is Aug 07′ people….where the heck are the bikes???

    2. I went for a test ride at the Pune Probiking center. They gave me a test ride in a stimulator. I asked for a TEST DRIVE ON ROAD. It might sound Hi-Tech giving a stimulator test drive but who dosent know bikes n cars need test drive on road…

    3. I said fine I shall buy it cash down right now; as I still liked the bike. But they said no I whave to wait the stocks are not in yet. I said fine at least book one for me. They said NO!! I have to write down my name is some register. (Mind you the register looked like something taken out of a old scrap sale) Anyways guys they take down your name and contact niumber and they said they will call once its my turn to buy the bike. WHAT THE F is this? I mean I want the bike. I have the money. Than why the heck they can’t even take my booking. No offence but this is not what a company should do once they have launched a product? This sounds like a marketing gimick to raise the Sale Price nothing else to me.

    What do you folks say?

  24. pulsar 200 rocks. i own one. Its kool in terms of mileage and power. Forks r been replaced free of cost. Looks are sexy. U will never be alone on 200. Defenitely u will hav a babe with u on adrive.. Guyz enjoy with Pulsar 200. Its worth buying it. But ensure forks r been replaced. Safe riding.

  25. Guyz who had not driven Pulsar 200. They will know the real value. Guyz who see only in adv and photos start commenting without even having a test ride. Guyz go have a test ride and then say. Black beast is superb. U need to get set for 2 days with ur bike. so that u can understand well. Then nothing 2 stop u. I had done 293 kms at a stress.There was pain in my shoulder. It happens in all the bikes for long driving. But the control was superb. I had done maximum speed of 130 on my 200. I cud not dare more than that. But coolest bike of the year. Mileage is ok35 kms/litre approximately. Better than any karizma. Guyz u need to ride it to feel the difference. Riding on mules will never know the value of a horse unless they ride it.

    Pulsar rocks….Go n check it out. Check ur bike properly b4 taking the delivery.

    happy n safe riding.


  26. i am a big fan of pulser .it is the add that is given in the tv for the first time on pulser made me a fan of this bike.but there is a small problem in this . people
    even now after seeing this bike they like to prefer foren bikes simply saying they r i see many people making stylish looks i.e attaching some extra plastic covers in front and covering the engine.u have done a good job in covering the head light part.beater to cover the engine also it would be very
    beautiful and u can get more sales,of course there is a
    lot of crease in the youth even now .please do this favor to me ,give the cost of this bike 220 cc.

  27. I really like the model of new pulser 220. I want to know about this byke because in there is not enough imfromation about this byke, can you send the complete imformation of pulser 220. It rocking the road, and it’s doing orcan say completely vanise the other bykes , Be indian and bye indian byke and proud on indian byke

  28. i want to purchase a new bike but i am full confused to go for which one pulsar,unicron,apache or cbz X treme…….

  29. I heard that pulsar has had stopeed their 220 series it seems due to fi system problem..
    Is it true.
    I want to purchase 220fi. and what is the price tag of 220fi

  30. wen will u ppl leave bajaj pulsar DTS-i 180 cc model which has same look as bajaj pulsar 200 cc … I m waitin for dat …. cant afford 220 or 200 cc :(

  31. HAI DEARS,

  32. Anyone who wants buy a killermachine.
    Go for Hyosung COMET…the talk about the rest as this isthecut above the rest..

    at 29 BHP and 250 CC..this can make any bike eat dirt in this category..

    Price..1.67Lakhs..including import duties and papers etc.

  33. great biking in 220 pulsor,but the rear view to be improved,again the sari gaurd with ladies foot rest,some minimum add ons will make it GREAT BIKE.BE AN INDIAN,I LOVE INDIA,I LOVE PULSOR -GREAT FEELING

  34. for sale pulsar 180, 2004 model needs gear work n battery. SELL CHEAP !! call 022-22045054 i am in churchgate, mumbai

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  36. the stuff is superb, thou it is mainly for smooth pavement but a real deal for a super cool show off!

  37. i brought pulser (150) in 2007 but i havesame enjoyment today which i have when i ride itth a very lovely bike.

  38. hi, i m interestad in pulser 220.i have xcd but i m interesttad in pulser so if u giveme by installment i m happy. plz reply me soon.

  39. i saw some defects in shockups of 200cc. so what about tat,, i was plannin to go for 220cc bt after lookin those defects nw i am gettin confused.

  40. hi i am taking 200.but still confused between 220 and 200 both looks same to me.execpt that doom to 220.

  41. i thought of buying a pulser bike so i want to know more about the product,i mean about the all products ie 150,180,200…about the cost and all specifications of the vehicle,so please end me the details….

  42. Me gusta mas con el motor negro y las aspas de los rines negras, el carenaje se ve muy adelante con respecto al tanque, el mofle me gusta mas si fuera negro, hay que verla en color negro a ver que tal. Chao.

  43. Whe I shaw the bajaj pulsar dts 220, I am so anxius to by it but I wat al colour of leaf green because the green coulour is my choice, if available contact me please
    Thanks a lot to your entire team

    Dinesh kumar satapathy

  44. Whe I shaw the bajaj pulsar dtsi 220, I am so anxius to buy it but I want a colour of leaf green because the green coulour is my choice, if available contact me please
    Thanks a lot to your entire team

    Dinesh kumar satapathy

  45. Dear Sir,
    is it coming with LPG facility or can we convert it to LPG verson for better milagecan you give us suggesstion. This is my sugession that most of the cars are coming with LPG version please mail me details
    Thanking you
    Yours faithfully


  46. If any one says to choose one of them

    1. wanna gf
    2. Pulser

    My answer will be Pulser. I love pulser.

  47. sir,
    i wanna buy pulsar 220cc.kindly give me information of this byke..
    plz give me more detail..
    tell me on road price in delhi..
    what is fi sys. & locking sys this system is properly worked or not????
    i have miss concept of these system
    plz rply soon……
    i wanna buy within 7 days…..

  48. kaash India ko be achi byke banani ajahee….

    Helle Atif Bhai
    UrzzZ VoicezzZZ IzzZ SoOoOoOoOo WoOoOoOoOW!!
    Any 1 Send me atif Aslam’z mobile Number?
    My Number is
    i am Rehman
    From lahore Pak

  49. Pulsar 200 rocks dudes! it is the best tng that ever happened to the indian biking industry and specilly to Bajaj and last but not the least , to me!!!DAMN biyatch, pulsar RULeS!!!!
    however pulsar 220 is a total disaster. i cant even say that it resembles and signifies pulsar in any way!it has simply been overdone!!and its rear end looks like a sparrow n talkin about the head part, clearly depicts the head of a ST. bernards(swiss gigantic dog)!!!IT SUCKS MAN!!YAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKk

  50. Pulsor,
    I dont have any words to describe it ……………..i can only say……….. its ……………..fantastic………..wonderful………awesome…………..Rocking……….

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