Manchester United leads the EPL!

I’m an avid soccer fan and not many people know that.I used to religiously follow the Barclays English Premier League till last year but had to give it up because of lack of time.Also a major factor which contributed to me losing interest in soccer was the pathetic performance by my favorites..yeah you guessed that right-Manchester United.

So today being no different,I was leaving for my chemistry class when I was suddenly confronted by my neighbour called “Eric” who happens to be a soccer fan too.And while talking,he suddenly blurts out that ManU is leading the tables.And I was like..whhhaaat?Last time I saw the standings,Chelsea were leading and ManU was giving a dismal show but it turned out that the game had completely changed.Manchester United now leads the standings with Chelsea in second place and I’m very happy this happened.Looks like I’m gonna watch a soccer match soon!

Come on you Reds,Come on you Reds
Just keep the ball and use your heads.
For 90 minutes you let them know
Who’s Man United here we go!!

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15 thoughts on “Manchester United leads the EPL!

  1. Hmmm, you really should call it football and not soccer. :P

    Never really got into football, I’m just amazed how much some players are being bought and sold for.

  2. I call it soccer because there’s a real confusion amongst the Americans.For them,football is American Football and Soccer is the European football.

    Yeah they do get whopping prices over the transfers.Manchester United has been known for that too.They sold Beckham for trash and bought Rooney for a huge sum.Anyway,I’m happy that they’re back in form

  3. Wha Wha?

    It’s an ongoing discussion between me and Cat whether to call football soccer(for the sake of the americans) or call it football as such(for everyone else’s sake perhaps)

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