Manchester United leads the EPL!

I’m an avid soccer fan and not many people know that.I used to religiously follow the Barclays English Premier League till last year but had to give it up because of lack of time.Also a major factor which contributed to me losing interest in soccer was the pathetic performance by my favorites..yeah you guessed that […]

It’s December!

It’s December 12 today.Not exactly time to write how awesome December is but anyway here I am writing. It’s awesome because it has so many birthdays including mine! 2 of my best friends have their birthdays in this month and Holla! there’s Christmas holidays too! Happy December everyone :D

The ABC Tagging on!

I was tagged in by Cat.Let’s see what I can do ;) A- Available/Single? Single (Err I’m Available too?!) B – Best Friend? There are more than one :P C – Cake or Pie? Cake D – Drink Of Choice? Coke E – Essential Item You Use Everyday? my Phone F – Favorite Color? Blue […]