Sunita Williams-2nd Indian in Space

Sunita Williams,an Indian by origin and working in NASA is the 2nd Indian in space now.The first one was of course,the very dear Kalpana Chawla who died on the same mission because their space shuttle lost control and crashed.It is indeed a matter of great pride for us Indians and the Indian women especially because this shows that they’ve been doing better than us men.The only 2 Indians in space happen to be women.Sunita is a part of the crew of “Discovery” which was launched successfully today.She’s going to work as a Flight Engineer and has said that she could even carry “samosa’s”(an Indian delicacy) with her in a special container.

Anyways,we’re proud of you,Sunita and hope you have a nice and safe time in Space.

Sunita Williams

Kalpana Chawla

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46 thoughts on “Sunita Williams-2nd Indian in Space

  1. I don’t consider both these women as Indians,they both are citizens of the USA and went to space as Americans.Rakesh Sharma was the first Indian to go to space and an Indian woman is yet to go to space.

  2. Oh well atleast they are women of Indian descent.We don’t just call all the NRI’s non Indians when they get the laurels for us.Kalpana Chawla was definately an Indian as she was born and brought up here in Karnal and it wasn’t her fault that we don’t send people to space here in India.

    Sunita Williams is half Indian atleast and she’s proud of it.It’s just that your male ego can’t take it.That’s exactly what my point on writing the above post was.We men can’t see women doing better than us.

    • Today i am also proud dat an indian lady sunita william went to da space ……and i am really proud for sunita william……..

  3. I very proud of the Sunita Williams. I am showing her bio as an example to my kids that anything can be achieved if you put your mind to it.

    Reply to the 1st comment, I was born in India but I studied here in US. I consider myself Indian not American and I am willing to help any other Indian who needs help.

    So let’s not divide the Indian group of people, because they goto different country for better opp. If we stay together we can do better.

  4. Ish,Kalpana was a naturalized United States citizen and not a Indian as you claim.You cannot call her an Indian just because she was born in India and grew up here.She decided to become the citizen of another country,she had the right/freedom to do so and I respect it.I am not against people going to another country and becoming the citizen of the country.I am happy that someone who studied in India was so successful at NASA.I am just against people calling them as Indians and claiming that Kalpana Chawla was the first Indian woman to go to space.

    Its not about male ego,its about you guys wrongly crediting American citizens as Indian.When the first Indian women goes to space,I would be one of the proudest man on earth.

    Raja Khan,I really appreciate your sentiments.Again I would like to tell that I am not against anyone going abroad or becoming citizens of another country.Its just that my blood boils when an American citizen is wrongly given the credit of being the first Indian women in space and people get so emotional about this that they named an Indian satellite after an American citizen (Kalpana Chawla) while an Indian citizen Rakesh Sharma does not have a satellite named after him.

  5. ya, i also think so that kalpana chawla was not a indian citizen and sunita williams is also american citizen . we can’t credit an american as an indian

  6. Nishanth seems to have a chip on his shoulder about something. I am not sure if he is angry or disapointed because K. Chawla who was most definitely an Indian Woman (you can’t deny that)became an American citizen in order for her to fulfill her dream of space flight. It seems as if he would be quite happy if these women would put their lives and the hopes of the Indian diaspora on hold until India has achieve complete space trave on its own. What a selfish way to look at this incredible achievement. Shame on you Nishanth. And Kudos to these brave Indian-American astronauts.

  7. Agnon, You also cannot deny that these two women voluntarily chose not to be Indian citizens. Mere skin colour doesnt make one Indian. We don’t choose the country of our birth or initial upbringing and when it was time to choose, these women chose the US and NOT India. While I respect their choice and we should appreciate their aceivements, we appear shameless trying to bask in their glory calling them Indians which they are not.

  8. Ah well, they haven’t ever really denied being of Indian descent have they? Agreed they did give up Indian citizenship but still, you can’t really deny the country you were born in and seems these women still do follow all the culture and stuff we guys do here. We aren’t basking in their glory either. Second person in space is hardly something to bask in glory. We’re just glad and proud they’re doing a good job.

  9. NASA will never allow Samosas in space as they can cause serious stomach problems. Imagine the contents of loose motions flying around in the space ship ? We Indians are an arrogant race and want to sensationalise enything Indian ! Imagine a catholic Sunita Williams carries Ganesha and Gita to space along with Samosas? Have a life people ! She is an all American girl with an Indian father – thats all. Stop taking pride in the achivements of others this way.

  10. m very proud of kalpana chawla and sunita……they have made us proud…..all the best to sunita……n they are indians,for sure….

  11. i am very proud of kalpana and sunita……..they have made us proud…..and they are indian for sure……..all d best sunita…..

    • hey nanacy u are true even i am proud for kalpana chawla and subita williams and we should appreciate them for their hard work……and ofcourse they are indian. so what if they have studied in america or out of india that doesn’t make them an non-indian. they were born in india and even they given the proof to ba an indian if u read their biography then u can understand tham and their efforts to be an astronaut…………all d bestttttttttt sunita…….

  12. One needs to accept the fact that Sunita is born and brought up in the US and is not an Indian (also her mother is not Indian as well). Unfortunately, we Indians have very little to celebrate as far as our achievements are concerned so we live in a world of dream to call somebody as a part of us just because she has been very successful. Kalpana can be called more Indian as she grew up here but she was a naturalised American in the strict terms. It sounds all right to say that Kalpana was of Indian origin and Sunita was of half Indian origin.

  13. Hey sunita welldone good job i will be congratulate to you as you became muslim ..while you were on the beyond far from the earth you have seen Divine light coming up from the sky on mecca and madina shareef .. you are the lucky which god show such a Great moment of your life…
    Once Again Congratulation….

  14. Sunita Williams was born in US and raised in US. Her father was an Indian – that is all. I have no problems against celerating Sunita’s trip to space – but just not as the first or second ‘Indian’ woman.

    It disappoints me to see the issue overemphasized, especially by the media, and politicized by the parties. I am not even sure of the protocol under which the CM of a state is honouring a foreign visitor.

  15. Inspite of that they both live in America I think they are our heros.I want life history and career profile of Kalpana Chawla

  16. pls sent ur id to me i m resident of Distt. Mewat, Haryana, India, Hi how r u congratulation due to visit on space , really u see the Macca and Madina from space look like a glooming star and all earth look like dark

  17. Whatever our politicians or anybody else may say, both Sunita Williams and Kalpana Chawla are NOT indians. First indian in space was Sqn Ldr Rakesh Sharma.

  18. i”m vry proud 2 know dat they r d lady how is travelled on d space in our world most of d pepple do not respect d woman but bcoz of these womens we r vry proudly 2 say dat we are d womens.and we are not asshame 2 be a women.

  19. first of all Congrats to Sunita and Condolonce to Kalpana’s family,and to all the readers please bare this in mind,it doesn’n matter who she is?where she were born?whats her religion?how she was raised up? and where she live? we should be happy to hear that they have made their research succesfully done and back in safe,we should be happy for what they are..this make us as human being…stop the arguements of the natives,the origins and the religions..

  20. hi sunita my self dimple from uk m learning kuran I want to know about ur experience on moon about what u see pls just contect me becouse I m also learning muslim. Thanks.

  21. i am very proud of K.Chawla and S.Williams.hi S.Williams i want to know how was your experience of living on moon for six months.i am a Hindu and an Indian both.i also want to step on moon some day.i am really’s my dream to step on are very strong girl that you step on moon.i am feeling very bad for K.Chawla

    from Lakshanya Jindal
    i am seven year old girl.
    Below is my father’s email id.

  22. did sunita william embrassed islam,I want to ask u,or not when u r going to accept Islam,because Islam is the true & best religion.
    Anwer Khan

  23. hi, hw r u? I m proud of u & kalpana chawla who achive their goal with the help of hard work. I also want to know about ur experience on moon.keep it up.

  24. The person who posted this article is such a useless moron that he doesnot even know about Rakesh sharma, a Ashok chakra winner and a true hero and a true indian. Learn something about indians you idiot Nishanth.

  25. Hi, i just enjoyed what is mentioned on this website i just want 2 say they r doing a great job & they r most lucky person who r not jst watching a earth but the univerce & I salute the 2 great womens who made INDIA proud …. Miss Sunita BEST OF LUCK FOR UR GREAT FUTURE .. TC

  26. dis two women kalpana chuwla and sunita william as by the faith they are indian’s and made proud to india by going to da space with lot’s of gut’s and hope and pride for da nation………

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