New Theme,Header

As my regular visitors must have noticed,I have changed the theme of the blog and uploaded a brand new header which took a reasonable amount of Adobe Photoshopping but in my opinion has turned out to be very nice.What do you guys think? Elena,Claudia,Ruhi,Jay,Razvan,Sparks…I want you guys to reply to this puhleeze :P After having […]

Silver Jubilee

It’s not my silver jubilee,but it’s our school’s 25th year of glory.And we’re having a grand celebration for this ocassion and it’s called “Excellencia Jubilata”.I too am participating in the function as a compearer(spelling?!).I have to introduce the Sports and call the Bishop for a speech and that’s what’s been keeping me busy.I’ll put up […]

CAT 2006

The CAT keeps changing..that was the tagline of a famous MBA coaching institute and it did turn out to be true.Even though,I’m not into MBA myself because there’s still a long time for that,but still I do watch the news and if you managed to see the news on Sunday,you couldn’t miss it.CAT i.e. Common […]