Why flavored condoms?

“What is the logic of using flavored condoms?”

This question has been troubling me for a long time now.But I still wasn’t ready to find out why until I saw this advertisement of flavored condoms on MTV in which they show a woman eating a cherry and advertising cherry flavored condoms(eww).This made my inquisitiveness to go to very high levels and I finally convinced myself to find answers and thanks to the world wide web,I did find my answers and that too in a very “clean” way.So this is just to educate anyone who has this question in mind and don’t worry,you don’t require much parental discretion.

At first when I heard about these flavored condoms,I was puzzled as to why would anyone want their condoms banana flavored unless you’re gonna eat them(eww!) and being an innocent kid,I never thought about eating condoms.I mean one can understand scented and extra dots condoms but seriously,flavored condoms? what the f*ck?

So to put my brain to rest,I searched Google,and I found the answers.Condoms are for protection from Sexually Transmitted Diseases(STD’s) and as far as we’ve learnt,we thought it could only happen with sex(the normal kind) but after searching today,I understood the logic of flavored condoms.It’s for people who practice oral sex and if you don’t know what that means,don’t worry I will give you a clean link that will clear your doubts.So those who practice oral sex don’t realise that STD’s can be contracted through that too,that is why the various companies came up with flavored condoms so that they can be used while having the particular kind of sex.For more,you might wanna check This.

Don’t take me wrong readers,it was just an innocent question and one needs to know about things and knowing about things doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a pervert or a sex addict.I hope you can understand.