Nach Baliye 2

India’s biggest celebrity dance show-Nach Baliye 2, finally began yesterday at 8:30 pm on Star One.It has a brand new stage,brand new anchors and one new judge.The show began with a performance from last year’s champions Sachin and Supriya on the song “Where’s the Party Tonight”.Sachin as usual danced well but Supriya on the other hand was looking those WWE Women’s Champions but anyway she was fine.It turned out that they were gonna be the anchors for the day.Shabbir Alhuwalia and Sangeeta Ghosh would be the usual anchors like last year.Then the judges were called on.Like last year,it was Malaika Arora scantily clad in something only she can call a dress but looking very hot all the same,Saroj Khan the technical one and the new entrant,Kunal Kohli who has directed movies like the blockbuster Hum Tum and the recent Fanaa.He took over from Farhan Akhtar.Then came the 10 couples one by one.They did look very good together and looked like it was gonna be good entertainment all the way.Here are the jodi’s:-

01. Narayani Shastri,Gaurav Chopraa-Picture
02. Gouri,Yash Tonk-Picture
03. Shweta Kawaatra,Manav Gohil-Picture
04. Shweta Tiwari,Raja Chaudhury-Picture
05. Ketki,Rasik Dave-Picture
06. Gurdip Kohli,Arjun Punjj-Picture
07. Gauri Pradhan,Hiten Tejwani-Picture
08. Tina,Hussain Kuwajerwala-Picture
09. Keerti,Sharad Kelkar-Picture
10. Tanaaz R. Lal,Bakhtyaar M. Irani-Picture

Out of these ten,Shweta and Raja were the first ones to get Saroj Khan’s whistle and the 101 rupees.Apart from that they also got full 30 points.Shweta was congratulated for her good performance and Raja was told to do better and not let his wife down.The second ones to get the whistle,the 101 rupees and 30 points were Jodi 10 Tanaaz and Bakhtyaar.They were hugely acclaimed by everybody and personally saying,their performance was the best out of them all.The other Jodi’s which did well were Hussan-Tina,Gaurav-Narayani and Arjun-Gurdip.The jodi which was the worst was well,Ketki and Rasik and this was very much expected too since they were the seniors but we should not forget,last year,it was Sachin and Supriya who were the seniors and they did manage to win the thing.Keerti and Sharad were called the cutest couple and Gauri and Hiten were the funkiest but they did get a lot of bad comments for aweful choerography and bad song selection.So that’s how the first day went.

You can vote for your favorite Jodi by sending an SMS which says “Nach **” where “**” is the Jodi number of the contestants you wanna vote and then send it to 7827.For Reliance subscribers,you can dial 12345 ** where ** is the 2 digit jodi number.The numbers are the same as I have mentioned above.Vote now.

Update-If in any case,you like the title song,you can get it Here

Update:Monday;October 03,2006.

Today,the jodi’s performed for the second time on the Nach Baliye stage.No one got a perfect 30 this time around.The theme was “Indian Villages” and the performances were okay,not as good as they were last time.Narayani and Gaurav(Jodi 01) were the best.And a marked improvement was seen in Ketki and Rasik.Keerti and Sharad Kelkar fared very badly with Saroj Khan saying “Everything was bad”.Shweta finally got a compliment that she was a “lady” this time after having to hear very harsh and controversial comments from Saroj Khan last time.Here’s what the positions were:-

1.Narayani and Gaurav
2.Shweta and Raja
2.Tanaaz and Bakhtyaar
3.Tina and Hussain
4.Gurdip and Arjun
5.Shweta and Manav
6.Gauri and Yash
7.Ketki and Rasik
8.Gauri and Hiten
9.Keerti and Sharad

Vote Out:-The first Jodi to be voted out of Nach Baliye 2 was Ketki and Rasik Dave.They were pretty bad last time and hence got the lowest points.They were a lot better this time actually.The two Jodi’s to be left out of the “Suraksha Chakra” were Ketki and Rasik,Keerti and Sharad.And then came the twist,the jodi’s which were safe were asked to vote out one of the two left jodi’s to which they heavily objected saying it wasn’t easy and fair.After a lot of drama,they casted their votes and it ended up being a draw and finally,the decision went to the judges and ultimately,Ketki and Rasik had to leave.Let’s see what happens next week.

Don’t forget to watch Nach Baliye 2 on Star One every Monday,Nach Baliye 2 Voting Special on every Tuesday and Nach Baliye 2 inside session every Friday only on Star One.

Update-Monday,October 9,2006

This week’s episode was probably the most entertaining I’ve ever seen.The theme was comedy and the contestants really lived up to it.There were a lot of marks and seeti’s.Also came the second voteout about which I will talk a little later.Three jodi’s were tied with 30 points each at the top of the standings.There was a lot of show of emotions too but we aren’t exactly going into detail.For that you would have to catch the recap or maybe you can see it tonight.Here are the marks the jodi’s got….

1.Narayani and Gaurav-18
2.Gauri and Yash-30
3.Shweta and Manav-30
4.Shweta and Raja-22
5.Ketki and Rasik (Voted out last week)
6.Gurdeep and Arjun-27

Shweta and Manav were the best in my opinion.Hussain and Tina were pretty good as well.I thought they deserved a 30 too.Sharad and Keerti were dissapointing again.Gauri and Yash did a wonderful skit on the new and old Don but they innocently blurted out that Karan Johar had helped them with the expressions of Shahrukh which made Saroj Khan pretty angry as it was against the rules.Shweta Tiwari and Raja were average and Shweta as we know starts crying pretty soon and so she did this time too and yesterday was co-incidently her birthday so Saroj Khan as a birthday gift,gave her a 10 but afterwards said sorry because she thought they didn’t deserve 10.Shweta then came out and asked for the marks they deserved and so they got 22.Hussain and Tina did this awesome jugalbandi kinda comedy with Hussain becoming Sardarman i.e. a Sardar Superman and Tina becoming this hot blonde chick.She was looking pretty indeed..she always does lol.Shweta and Manav danced on Jhalak Dikhlaja and Manav had these pillows tied to make him look fat but still he danced very well..they totally deserved the 30 they got.Their choreographer got a gold chain from Saroj Khan.

This was by far the most shocking Nach Baliye episode.The 2 jodi’s that got stuck in the Chakravyuh were Narayani-Gaurav and Sharad Keerti.Then came the chance for the safe jodi’s to vote the contestant of their choice out and with everyone expecting Sharad and Keerti to go,shockingly..Narayani and Gaurav had to leave.It was very ridicolous.Kunal Kohli said he felt the better jodi was voted out and he was true.I surely wasn’t expecting this especially because they were the highest scorers the last time.But anyway,it’s just a part and parcel and the show must go on.

Update:Monday,October 16,2006

The theme this time around was marriage and there were some nice performances by Tanaaz and Bakhtyaar,Hussain and Tina and Manav and Shweta.Kunal Kohli seems to be way over Hussain’s wife Tina and Saroj Khan seems to be way too angry with Shweta(Prerna).And Malaika Arora Khan for a change wore more clothes than I expected.I guess she was pretty uncomfortable doing something she doesn’t usually do.Here’s the standings for this week…

1.Tanaaz and Bakhtyaar
2.Tina and Hussain
3.Shweta and Manav
4.Gouri and Yash
5.Shweta and Raja
6.Gurdip and Arjun
7.Gauri and Hiten
8.Keerti and Sharad

Voteout-The 2 jodi’s stuck in the Chakravyuh were for the third time-Keerti and Sharad and for the first time,Gurdip and Arjun.But thank god sense prevailed into the safe jodi’s and they voted Keerti and Sharad out unlike Narayani and Gaurav which they had done last time.The competition’s getting pretty tight now.

Update-Monday,October 23,2006

The theme this time was western dance with bollywood flavour and all the jodi’s did really well.The show was very entertaining thanks to the excellent anchoring by Delnaaz and Rajiv Paul.Hussain and Tina were the first ones to perform.They were very consistent as usual.Next came Tanaaz and Bakhtyaar who stole the show yet again with their energy and excellent chemistry.Then were Gurdip and Arjun who did averagely but thank god,did not fall.They were followed by Gouri and Yash who did some excellent Salsa and won the hearts of the audience and the judges.Then came audience favorites Gauri and Hiten and they did slightly better.Hiten’s improvement was commendable but Gauri was still lame.They don’t need to worry though,the people are blindly voting them through.After them were Shweta and Raja who did a nice performance.Actually,Shweta was awesome and Raja kinda spoiled the show.Last came Shweta and Manav and Shweta after having injured herself badly,managed to give a performance that was nothing short of excellent in my opinion.Here are the judges’ points :-

1.Tina and Hussain-25
2.Tanaaz and Bakhtyaar-30
3.Gurdip and Arjun-23
4.Gouri and Yash-30
5.Gauri and Hiten-22
6.Shweta and Raja-24
7.Shweta and Manav-27

Voteout-There was a lot of ruckus before the voteout.Hiten did some awesome acting and said that he had a complaint against Malaika.The complaint actually was that it was Malaika’s birthday and she hadn’t told them.So they all wished her and brought a cake and all.Anyway,the 2 jodi’s stuck in the Chakravyuh were Gurdip-Arjun and Shweta-Raja.And this time,in yet another shocking decision by the safe jodi’s,Shweta and Raja had to leave.But they can still come in as the wildcard entry which is a new concept this year.It’s getting tougher and tougher every week.Stay tuned to Nach Baliye only on Star One on Mondays,Tuesdays and Fridays.

Update-Monday,September 30,2006

Here’s the update for this week.The theme was love and most of the jodi’s did the soft love except Hussain and Tina and they were the definite winners as far as I’m concerned.Tanaaz and Bakhtyaar did a very splendid job as well.Gouri and Yash,once again were very impressive with their improvement.Here’s the judges scores..

1.Tina and Hussain-30
2.Tanaaz and Bakhtyaar-30
3.Gouri and Yash-30
4.Shweta and Manav-25
5.Gauri and Hiten-24
6.Gurdeep and Arjun-23

Voteout-This week,it was Hussain and Tina the first ones in the Suraksha Chakra followed by Gauri and Hiten and Tanaaz and Bakhtyaar.The last ones to be declared safe were Gouri and Yash.The 2 people who got stuck were Gurdeep and Arjun and Shweta and Manav.And a good decision.,Gurdeep and Arjun had to leave.Next week is the Nach Baliye Wildcard special in which all the jodi’s who had been eliminated,will perform and one of them will be back in the competition.So don’t forget to watch and vote for your favorites.

Update-Monday,November 13,2006

This week was the choreographers special in which the choreographer could show any kind of dance they wanted and it was a gem of an episode with all the jodi’s giving each other a tought challenge.Tanaaz and Bakhtyaar did an awesome job and their choreographer Mini was highly applauded for her concept.Then there were Tina and Hussain who shocked everyone by dancing blindfolded and doing everything perfect.Then there were Shweta and Manav who did this Kathak and they had painted themselves gold and they were looking fabolous and danced very well too.This is what the scoresheet looked like:-
1.Tina and Hussain-30
2.Tanaaz and Bakhtyaar-30
3.Shweta and Manav-30
4.Gouri and Yash-26
6.Gauri and Hiten-22

Comeback-As the last episode was the wildcard episode,so this episode did not have any voteouts but one of the jodi’s was to come back into the race and it was the very deserving Jodi 04 Shweta and Raja.Then they gave their performance in which Raja who has always been criticized for letting Shweta down did a wonderful solo and an excellent split which earned them 29 points.

Update-Monday,November 20,2006

Today was the regional special i.e. the jodi’s were to present a regional dance and it was a rather bad one as neither of the jodi’s did very well.Hiten and Gauri were pathetic,Tanaaz and Bakhtyaar weren’t anything great either.Hussain and Tina were consistent as usual.Gouri and Yash were reasonabely good but Shweta and Manav emerged as the top scorers.It was a rather sad day as Jodi 04 Shweta and Raja had to pull out of the competition because Raja is in the hospital suffering from a Liver infection and can’t perform for atleast a month or so.So,Shweta did her last performance with her choreographer and everyone missed Raja.Here’s how the jodi’s scored:-

1.Shweta and Manav-28
2.Gouri and Yash-N.A.
3.Hussain and Tina-23
4.Tanaaz and Bakhtyaar-23
5.Gauri and Hiten-15
6.Shweta and Raja-No Scores(Pulled out)

Voteout-As Shweta and Raja had to pull out,there were no voteouts.Voteouts would resume as usual from next week.So keep voting for your favorite jodi’s and keep watching Star One.

Update-Monday,November 27,2006

Today was the solo round in which the contestants had the opportunity to show their individual talent and they really did live up to the occasion.It was also Saroj Khan’s birthday and she decided that the best dancer would get the Natraja which is the Indian god of dance.A number of awesome performances were seen and Hussain and Tina reigned supreme.Tanaaz did an awesome job with her Tandav while Yash Tonk god full marks for his rocking hip hop.Manav stole the day with his awesome performance on “Main Deewana” which is a song by choreographer cum singer Ganesh Hegde and it wasn’t easy dancing on this one.Manav eventually won the Natraja.
Here’s the scores..
1.Tina and Hussain-58
2.Tanaaz and Bakhtyaar-57
3.Gouri and Yash-52
4.Shweta and Manav-48
5.Gauri and Hiten-48

Voteout-There was nothing to save the jodi’s today.For the first time ever,Gauri and Hiten were stuck in the chakravyuh.The other jodi were Shweta and Manav.Ultimately,Shweta and Manav had to leave as they had absolutely no support from the audience and it was very sad having to see the Natraja winners leaving but anyway that’s a part of the game.Keep voting.You can also vote for your favorites Here.Keep watching Nach Baliye 2 only on Star One

Update:Monday,December 04,2006

Today was the Quarter Final round of Nach Baliye 2 and it was the “jodi’s choice” round in which the jodi’s had to select a song of their choice.Also,the choreographers were to perform themselves.Tina and Hussain along with choreographers Harshall and Vithall stole the show.They did yet another shocking/risky but immensely beautiful dance to the song “Bahon ke Darmiyan”.They had their hands tied to each other and if they made the slitest mistake,the threads would get entangled and everything would be over but thankfully,nothing of the sort happened.Here’s how the other jodi’s did:-

1.Tina and Hussain-30
2.Tanaaz and Bakhtyaar-27
3.Gouri and Yash-26
4.Gauri and Hiten-21

The Choreographers-Harshall and Vithall(Tina and Hussain) stole the show with their flexibility and won the trophy.Mini(Tanaaz and Bakhtyaar) did an awesome classical.Deepak(Gouri and Yash) did a wonderful Salsa while Arvind(Gauri and Hiten) did an impressive break dance.Here’s the marks they got:-

1.Harshall and Vithall-30

The Voteout:Tina and Hussain were the first ones to be safe.Tanaaz and Bakhtyaar came up next.Gouri-Yash and Gauri-Hiten were stuck in the Chakravyuh.And finally,the audience had to give up and Gauri and Hiten had to leave.They didn’t say any bitter words but just thanked the audience and the judges for helping them get so far even when the other’s were better.We’ll miss you Gauri and Hiten.

Update-Monday,December 11,2006

Today was the Nach Baliye 2 semi-final and the remaining jodi’s had to perform twice.Once on the song of the judges choice and then on a song of their own choice.Tina and Hussain as always emerged the clear winners getting a perfect 30 in both their performances.The first one was Malaika’s choice i.e. “Kay Sera Sera” which originally featired Prabhu Deva and Madhuri Dixit matching whom is virtually impossible but Tina and Hussain did a splendid job and impressed the judges.Tanaaz and Bakhtyaar got Saroj Khan’s song and their performance reminded everyone of Helen and Shammi Kapoor.I myself,quite liked Bakhtyaar’s performance.Gouri and Yash god Kunal’s song but they failed to do justice to it.

Next up was a song of the jodi’s choice.This time Gouri and Yash did a splendid job.They had their faces painted half in red and half in black and were dressed like bats.They danced to the song “Aaja Gufaaon Main Aa” from the movie “Aks” which had Amitabh Bachchan,Raveena Tondon and Manoj Bajpai in it.Tanaaz and Bakhtyaar tried to do another emotional performance and it touched everyone’s hearts.But Tina and Hussain like always again did something amazing.They portrayed the exact political and human position of India with an excellent performance on the song “Bharat Humko Jaan se Pyaara Hai”.They got salutes from all the three judges and made everyone cry.The hearts were filled with emotions and sentiments towards the country.

Voteout-Tina and Hussain as usual were the first ones to be safe.They got the highest judges as well as audience points.But the jodi that had to leave was Tanaaz and Bakhtyaar.Who could have imagined them leaving after seeing the first episode? We were pretty much sure they were gonna win but destiny had other plans.They lost their final position to Gouri and Yash by half a point and were totally at loss for words.That’s how the semi-final concluded.Don’t forget to catch the final on Star One next monday.

Nach Baliye 2 Mega Finale!

The mega celebrity dance extravaganza has finally come to an end today with Jodi No. 08 Tina and Hussain winning Nach Baliye 2 trophy and the 20 lakh Rs from Jodi No. 02 Gouri and Yash from a huge margin of 4 lakh votes! Tina and Hussain’s choreographers-Harshall and Vithall won the 10 lakh Rs.They truly deserved the prize for having done something amazing and different with every performance.Today’s show was more of a rock concert with all the jodi’s performing and Shabbir and Rajiv Paul doing an excellent spoof on Munnabhai and Circuit.There were also rocking performances by Malaika Arora Khan and the very great Masterji-Saroj Khan.Awards were given for the most dumdaar jodi which obviously was Tanaaz and Bakhtyaar,the  most entertaining jodi which went to Narayani and Gaurav and last but not the least,the best jodi which went to Ketki and Rasik.

The two jodi’s fought it out with an excellent jugalbandi in which was included solo male,solo female and jodi vs. jodi.All in all,Tina and Hussain were higher on energy and that’s probably what led them to win.It was the perfect first marriage anniversary present for them which is on the 21st of December.So here’s wishing Tina and Hussain great success in their lives and also hoping that we’ll get to see Nach Baliye 3 soon.Till then,this topic is closed off.Thanks everyone for the huge support this article on Nach Baliye has given me.Taking this opportunity,I’d like to thank every reader and every person who’s ever commented on my blog and has made me to keep writing.Thank you everyone,you absolutely rock!

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  2. I like hussain very much i am very happy to see hussain in nach baliye 2. I like their performance very much i am mad of hussain dance.I love him to see in any costumes.My loving jodi is hussain and tina.I love them a lot.I love hussain…………….

  3. hi…my favorite jodi is hitten n gauri…they r very lovely couples..i am a very big fan of them…i want to vote for them..i wish they will improve n win the title..

  4. Well, my favourite couple like many others is Hiten and Gauri ofcourse, I am very much aware that they are not a good dancers but still I would want them to win the title of Nach Baliye-2.
    My vote goes to Jodi no.7 Hiten and Gauri.

  5. YAY! shweta got out! she was sucha stupid lady! I hope gauri-hiten get out next week… they r such poor dancers but they r in jus bcoz ppl like them and they get lotsa votes…!!! NOT FAIR!

  6. Gauri and Hiten are there undeservedly because of many fools who have left there comments here… hey this is a dancing competition.. throw out the garbage… Tanaj and Bakhtiyar are clear winner.. vote sensibly… vote out poors dancers.. do not go with regionalism or castism… VOTE FOR GOOD DANCER….


  7. i like jodi no.10 as they r really powerful and hv energy in them, it the judges make some1 else da winner that not fair…AT ALL… as the r truly the winnerz of nach baliye 2…
    u guyz r awesome…

  8. I think Tanaaz and Bakhtiyar are the best and Hiten and Gauri the worst. But knowing the way the votes go, the best dancer will be voted out to eliminate competition, like the last week how they eliminated Shweta Tiwari. Raja was bad, but Shweta was always good.

  9. good thing shweta raja are out she is so dumb just keeps cryin all the tim looks like she has carried her kasauti syndrome everywhere,she cries if she is good ,bad ,average, or horrible,guys some1 pl tell her even if she does not cry she is goin to be paid ,for her oh so awfull dancing.cant understand whats wrong with the judjes they r so damn leneant every oder one gets 10 pl stop that

  10. People should look at the title of the show… says “Nach”…so its all abt dance…not about how the jodi looks ……definetly jodi no 10 is the best….plzzzz dont do unjustice to gud dancers just bcoz ur r a “pankha(fan)” of some people

  11. Nach Baliye is a very good show. I love to see hiten and gauri dancing together. They look so cute. Hiten and gauri has make big progess from part one. Every episode they have gotten better. Eventhough I am bigesssssssssssstttttttttttttttttttttt Hiten’s fan, I would like to see Tanaaz-Bakhtyaar to win. They dance very good. I love the dance that they did on kal ho na ho music. They have been good from the first episoe. It was so lovely.

  12. one more thing i forgat to mention that, yes sweta tiwari, omg she is so MEANnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn….she is so jealous. why????????????

    why she cant stay like she is in KZK?? I dont like her after wat she said in her last dance of nach baliye. they were so rude.

    sweta :-(

  13. Hi Everybody there. My name is Mrs. Gururajan, I am from Africa (Mombasa, I would like to vote jori no. 04 to sweeta and raja.

    Please Sweeta and Raja you must won this nach baliye show and sweeta we watch your programme everyday.

    bye best of luck

  14. Nach baliye is very good show, I love to see the different couples. They look cutes, when i saw last nach baliye i was so impress and was thinking when nach baliye will star again, but now i think i will vote many couples because i can see Malika and Sarojee is giving the 100 rupes to the couples and i am so happy to hear her sitii, sometimes i am waiting for to hear.

    It is lovely to see and lucks to everyone.

  15. Hussain and Bakhtiar couples are rocking. There is no double guessing and I hate the word “I THINK” if they are good they are good do not use the word “think”. Guys and Girls you are watching naach baliye and not kasauti or kyun ki therefore use your brains and look at the pair dancing. Shweta is good but Raja sucks and Hiten Gauri both suck so please be fair when you vote. On a second thought Raja and Hiten you guys suck so you better be sensible and withdraw what a pity you are there because of fanatic voters and not your ability to dance.

  16. Gaurav Narayani, Husein Tina and Bakhtyar Tanaz you great dancing couples. In the other couples either one of them has a flaw. I am not sure whether you have seen the english version of this program ” SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE ” where the weak amongst the couple has to leave and go. I understand that this program is about good couple dancers so let the obvious horrible dancing couples be thrown out. Judges please use your discretion, it will be a shame if good couples leave due to fanatic voters.



  19. i think tina and hussian are best .but judges are doing favourtism with shaweta raza and tanaz bakhtiyar.shewta was not desrving 10 or 8 in comedy round but saroj khan gave her 10 why.. the why she was pointing gauri and yash in comedy round. if judges are partial then nothing is going right.they have no rights to sit on the chair of judge.baktiyar always show so much energy where it is not required.but he get full marks why even hussain tina were more better.

  20. hey judges wat r u guyz doing?? shweta and manav were rocking on their last performance… and my fav. couple is gurdeep n arjun. they r so sexy and cute while perfoming but bad luck the were vote out. Jodi no. 10 rocks… yaa i agree hiten and gauri sucks… they shud b vote out as soon as possible.. i m sure NACH BALIYEY ko anjaam tak pohonch vaadheyngey jodi tanaaz n bakhthiyaar or shweta manav. JODI NO.1 SHUD RETURN. THEY ALSO ROCKS

  21. Gauri and Hiten you have the potential but are not making an effort to the mark. The inner happiness and accepting the challenge and facing it is not seen in any of your performances.You both have the potential to a very great extent but are confiding yourself, not letting your talent flourish.

    All you need is just to take it seriously that yes u can. Its just the self image that u have made that u cannot dance well.

    Just change the self image to yes we can and see the difference.

    Just strong postive attitude is required for u to perform well.
    wish u good luck,


  22. Tahnaaz And Bhaktiyaar.

    your both are mind blowing. hats off to you,u guys really rock and deserve to be the winners.

    You are working with 100% effort and performing excellent in each and every episode.

    Its really nice to see you both dancing with confidence and just thinking that yes ur the best.

    I really appreciate and admire your confidence and effort.

    I really mean it.
    Hats off to you guys,You are the best.

    wish you both good luck always.

    God bless u.


  23. i like very much this show b’cos i like jodi no 7
    very much every week i voted for them they both are look like angles

  24. east or west tanaaz and bakhtyaar and mini also is the best ,hiten gauri sucks but T.B.M is the best this time hiten gauri should be OUT!!!!!!

  25. i from the bottom of my heart want my “KUTUMB” TO WIN .i wish my favou.pair gauri&hiten to win.
    they look like ” MADE FOR EACH OTHER”.


  26. If any body who is good looking or made for each other couple so please better watch them in the serials … This is the Dance Competetion not crying or acting competetion. For Gauri & Hiten I am sure that the only platform which is best for them is Kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi and other daily soaps but not the Nach Baliye 2 ….. Even if you are fan don’t let good dancers be out …..
    Gauri and Hiten are good but only in KSBKBT.


  28. Tanaaz n Bakhtyaar, U ROCK! Way 2 go!!!!!!Oh Shweta Tiwari turn the tap of ur eyes off!We’re already suffering water shortage! Tina n Hussain rock too, but they dserve more points. People please hav sum head. Vote 4 ppl who can actually DANCE…not cutey-faces!NE way jodi no. 10, go on setting fire 2 da stage!!!!!!!

  29. Tanaaz and Bakhtiyar, awesome, u really rock guys, tanaaz u are really tooooooooo good, i love your dancing u guys have really rock nach baliye.

  30. i ahte to see hiten and gauri dancing. they are the best couple i agree but they are not the best dancing couple please dont vote them just bcoz they r good looking. hiten can dance but gauri is not worth. i hate them bcoz other very good couples r suffering coz of them.

  31. tanaaz and bakhtiyar really rocks..they get good points and i think they will reach to the final..hiten & gauri are also not bad…i like all the jodis and thier performances…but i wish tanaaz and bakhtiyaar to win anyway..

  32. Tanaz & bakhiyaar are the best dancing couples in nach baliye 2.
    i am with them.
    i hope they will reach the final and win india’s biggest dance competition.
    my prayers are with them.
    all the best and good luck to tanaz & bakhtiyaar.

  33. I think tanaz and baktiyaar are the best.
    i vote for them.
    i am sure that they will win.cox they are great dancing couples and thier scores toooo good and judges also like thier perfomances.both of them are excellent..superb!!they really rock….!!!!!! is with u..

  34. i like all the couples and thier dances.
    but i like tanaaz and baktiyaar best of all couples.and i think tanaaz and baktiyaar deserve everyones support.they are tooooooooooooo toooooooooooogood.

  35. no couple is good at dancing,only good at acting.but tanaz and baktiyaar is good anyway. tanaz and bktiyar is gonna win nach baliye 2 whether anyone like them or not.

  36. damn that shweta and raja came back.that shweta is good at nothin.crying at kasauti and crying in nach’s just only a competition.there are so many couples.all couples are competing each they dont have to cry.and i do think they should be happy getting off from nach baliye giveing chances to good dancing couples..thankgod that nach baliye dancing floor wasn’t flooded with tears of shweta.tanaz and baktiyar is going to win nach baliye 2 for sure.

  37. oh i dont knw which couple will win nach baliye.tanaz and baktiyaar have chances to win.tina and hussain and also yash and guari these three couples are the best couples and they have 100% chances to win..but read these comments seems most of ppl are with tanaz and baktiyaar.
    way to go tanaz and baktiyaar…superb!!!

  38. ummmmm tanaz & baktiyaar is tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gud. thier perfomances are superb!!!wonderful….excellent……..great………mind-blowing…….tremendous………..good…………very good……………best……….way to go………

    they are gonna win this nach baliye 2……..

  39. my goodness….i thought Keerti and sharad were going to come back to nach baliye.but shweta and raja came back to play kasauti in nach baliye…good at nuthin…only good at crying and acting…..if there was a crying competition shweta will get first place from it..i am not joking..this is truth..

    but tanaz and baktiyaar is the best…they are going to win..

  40. i think tanaz and baktiyaar is going to win..

    i am not an i dont knw hindi much…but i would like to write in hindi..

    ithni logo ka suport unki saath hai..tho wohi jeetheyga…i pray that they would win…..shweta or raja, wo dhono ko vaapas nach baliye mai aanaa nahi chaahiye…kyunki gurdip or arjun bhi unse kahin zyaadhaa accha nach they hai…

  41. I support Tanaz & Bakhtiyar.becasue thier perfomances are very good hence get good points.they are the favurite of judges.if everyone’s support and votes are with them they are gonna win.Tina & Hussain, thier dance was a rsiky one,but still they have prove that they could reach the final and also that they could win too.the other best couple is yash & gauri.last time thier perfomace was not good but other times they were very good and many times they got full marks. they have already proved that they could do better in support and my cotes are with these three couples.

  42. at the beginning of nach baliye i have been supporting to gurdip and arjun.after they have been eliminated till now i have been supporting to tanaz and bakhtiyar.because they have proved that they can can win nach baliye 2.

  43. i always supported tanaz and bakhtiyar.tanaz is the best.even bester then bakhtiyaar hehe.
    i am sure they will win nach baliye 2.

  44. I think Hussain and Tina is going to win..

    i am not an i dont knw hindi much…but i would like to write in hindi..

    ithni logo ka suport unki saath wohi jeetheyga…i pray that they would win…..

    Tina n Hussain Rock’sss

  45. my vote for hussain n tina….both r superab….i also like tanaz n bakatyar…..i like hiten as a actor but not as a dancer….i dont like shweta and raja…

  46. I deally it should be tina-hussain or baktyar -taanaaz, but going by the shock giving tendency of the channels, I will not be surprised if it is Yash-Gauri jodi who wins.

    You can chk my link and write back what you think

  47. i think the whole idea of celebrity dance totally sucks…..i mean they r better off acting.but if i had to vote 4 sum1(which I neva will)I think it will b tanaaz n her husband .THEY ARE CLEAR WINNERS.

  48. I WISH HUSSAIN-TEENA TO WIN B’coz they dance very well.they look very cute and sweet while dancing so, ALL THE BEST. They ARE THE WINNERS.

  49. Tanaj, Yash, Manav and Hussein all r good, any1 can win, but definitely not Hiten. they both suck.. they are so bad dancers that they can’t see there own dance after doing it…
    Now I understand if fools are given voting power, any1 can win in India, any one wins election… emotional fools are traiters of this country…

    STILL THERE IS TIME>> AWAKE FOOLS… throw out Hiten #^#*#*#…

  50. all those who have said bad abt Shweta Tiwari….mind it don’t say it again whtever she said or did was fair enough…they truly were the best.
    gauri-hiten r total dumb in dancing…know nothing abt dancing…nach baliye has came to an end and they will improve slow and steadily….NB2 is a complete waste after Shweta Tiwari & Raja got out

  51. gauri-hiten children they don’t know abt dance this show is for good dancer not for heros of family drama which don’t know abt dance gauri-hiten should be vote out from this competetion

  52. Hi, I’m Gurpriya
    My fav Jodi is Narayani & Gaurav and Hussain & Tina. Both these Jodi’s are aawesome dancers. just to show energy is not the actual dancing. Dancing is a art and god bless rare people with this art like my fav jodi’s. I’m really very-very upset that Gaurav-Narayani are voted out.they both are wonderful person as well as wonderful dancers. I’m the biggggeeeessssttt fan of Gaurav and Hussain. I regularly watching Nach Baliye and Gaurav’s serial i.e. “Aisa des hai mera” & i love to see Gaurav dancing(like in Comedy round,with two pony-tails & wearing dangiri-capries). Pls Gaurav give a reply to me after reading this msg I’ll be very grateful to u.
    My e-mail Id is
    God bless all!!!!!!!!

  53. Hi my name is Smitha and I am settled in Bahrain. I have been watching Nach Baliye 2 from the very start and I was thinking why Hiten and Gauri are still in the competition?? I mean just because they are cute couples, wonderful actors, no doubt about it, they are not good dancers. When they start dancing I feel like seeing some jokers or clowns dance and they sure should be out of the competition soon and very soon!! Sweta and Manav & Tanaaz and Bakhtyaar are awesome dancers and I don’t know and don’t understand why Sweta and Manav were voted out. Hats off to Sweta and Manav!!They are too good but kismat nay saath nehi diya!!I am praying for Hiten and Gauri to be out!!!They don’t deserve to be in, at any cost!! If anyone has anything to say to me, if I am wrong – You can write to me — my email id is

  54. i love hussain and tina lot. there dance is superp. i just lost in there of luck hussain and tina. we all are with u two. love u hussain and tina

  55. hello everyone i love tina & hussain basically i m from pakistan and i love to see nach baliye hai jodi no 08 & 10 tanaaz & bakhtiyar they both are superep thanks for reading this message

  56. My fav Jodi is Hussain and tina, the best of all and they are doing an excellent job, i wish them good luck and i want them to win the nach baliye competition, guys and gals pls pls vote this jodi………

  57. hi gauri n hiten paaji
    arey tusi great jodi ho
    u rocks everywhere then y not on the dance stage
    v no u hav a capablity to win
    best of luck

  58. Dear All,

    Mood Indigo 2006, the cultural festival of IIT Bombay, is being held from the 26th -29th of Dec. We have quite a few dance events and require Famous and Experienced personalities to judge the events, and who better to contact than the choreographers of Nach Baliye 2.

    I would be grateful, if anyone can give me the contact no.s of the choreographers involved in the show.

    Your slightest of interest to the mail would be of great help to us.

    Thanking You,

    Yours Sincerely,

    Akshat Jalan
    Dance Events’ Coordinator,
    Mood Indigo 2006
    IIT Bombay

  59. tanaaz,bhaktiyaar is the best on the show. They deserve the winning spree. Please look in the dance not in face nach baliye itself means dance their moves are so natural others are just trying and giving exam. Rock stars of the show tanaaz and bhaktiyar.

  60. tanaaz n bakhtyar rock n guyz i dont feel they re arrogant at all. hussain n tina r gud 2 but tanaaz n bakhtyar r da best. dey luk very cute 2gether n r muslims like me so dey rock

  61. Gowri n Yash have right attitute towards JUDGES, AUDIENCE and every body…..Yash is best and Gowri is also too good.
    In Hussain group….no doubt Hussain has given his extreme performances….bt wat aboyt Tina…….she is not fit for the perfect nach baliye jodi….!

  62. The semifinal was the most depressing of all the episodes and a true pitcure of what India is all about. ‘POLITICS’ with no one including the judges having any clue as to whether they are judging a talent competition or a reality show.

    Performance 1: They compare tanaaz to Helen and Bakhtiyar to Shammi Kapoor. Yet do not find anything wrong objectively with their performance and give them just 9. However when it comes to Tina and Hussain, why are they not compared to Madhuri and Prabhu Deva. They even admit that their performance was ok but end up giving them complete score.

    Performance 2: The judges admit that Tanaaz and bakhtiyar’s performance was so good that it brought tears to their eyes, yet when it came to giving points they gave them scores equivalent to the worst performances (Yash & Ghouri) of the day. i.e. 8

    Talking about the judges, only Malaika was anywhere close to judging based on performance. For Kunal Kohli, even if Tina would not have performed, he would have given her 20 out of 10. Yes you read it right. If you have any doubts, watch any of the episodes. As far as Saroj Khan is concerned , she is probably getting a contract in Kunal Kohli’s next movie and so he runs her judgement.

  63. Amit,

    I agree with you whole heartedly at parts of what you said above.The points were completely different from what the performances and comments were like.Even though I’d say Tina and Hussain deserved the 30’s,Tanaaz and Bakhtyaar were wronged.Maybe it’s because the judges think Bakhtyaar has become too arrogant.Kunal does seem to be a bit infatuated with the wives okay but I think Tina and Hussain have actually been very good with their variety.I’d like to see them winning.

  64. Damn!!!i luved da jodi no. 06 nd jodi no.09. Bt shit unfortunately they r eliminated.Realli not fair. Saroj fatty C ez not judgin fairly, Gosh dis lady ez so proudy. But malaika i luv her judgement. anywayz, keerti/sarad nd gurdip arjun u guys were di best!!!in mah judgement jodi no.06 nd 09 r di winners of nach baliye2. Luv u guyz alods..

  65. i hete the fact tht tanaaz bakhtyar r out, they deserve to be in the finals.. n frankly speakin i loved the last episode in their yaadein performance,, they rocked.. tina hussain were ok.. jus cos they did a patriotic song (which reminded me of my school days with those kiddish steps) doesnt mean they shd praise them so much.. its a dance competition not wat they think.. it seems like the judges r more bothered bout the behaviour of all the couples. wat difference does it make if they r over confident. let them be. its a DANCEcompetition for heavens sake! n tina looks like a zombie to me though hussain is fabulous. i swear i cant watch the finals of nach baliye now. with jodis like yash n gouri who r so inconsistent n with jus hussain dancin well.. BORing!

  66. At da beggining i supported Tanaaz-Bakhtyaar but after da regional theme i started liking Tina-Hussain a lot. Dey have shown excellent variety in deir performances & deir choreographers Harshall-Vitthal jus rock! I luved their performance n glad dat they won da choreographer’s award. Hope dey win n can any1 plz temme if der is any site through which we can get in touch wid dese choreographers. thanx.

  67. OMG……….wat da hell ez dis??why r dat superd jodi no.10 ez eliminated???Tanaz-bakhtyaar genuinely deserved di tittle of NB2. They were sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo muchh mind blowin 4rm da beginnin of show. Realli m not satisfied dat how cum such an excellent dancers r out???Oh mah gosh , wat hell ez dis judges doin..M realli angry…..damn it!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Hai everyone…Tina n Husain r the best..they always come up wid sumthng different n have shown variety unlike Tanaaz n Bakntiyaar who’ve shown us only “breaking the floor”kinda dance!!My votes r 4 Tina Hussain…Hats off n keep it up !!!

  69. i vote hussain n tina,,,they r simply osamn
    d variety dey r serving is fabulous
    i think det raise d standard of competition

  70. Just vote if the jodis dance well not with looks. Both the jodis are good. Vote only if they deserve. We all are not gaining anything out of it so vote intellectually if the jodis are best. Hoping to see the right choice in Nach Baliye 2 not judges choice. Vote wisely.

  71. hey Raja how did you know that tina hussain won at ” December 18th, 2006 at 6:42 pm ” where as the results were announced late near to midnight. was it just a guess as they were the best ????

    n all of u hu think tina can’t dance-SHE CAN!!! SHE DANCES SOO WELL!!
    their team as a whole was the best n so they absolutely deserved 2 win- n hueva dusn’t lyk tt can go take a walk they have alredy won!! yay!! i wanna meet u guyz…

  73. From the very first show to the end i knew the jodi# 08 Tina nad Hussain will win and they did. The fact is not just there dance it is the hard work and love for each other which show at the show. I luv u guys ur best. I watched all episodes at Chicago where i looked forward for Monday night. I am sad it is over. Plez have next show soon. I am sure industry have real fantastic dance couples.


    !!!EID MUBARAK!!!:)

  76. yo dez lot puh da ryt d8 buh da rng tym mayb itz indiaz tym lolz

  77. i like jodi no 08 tina and hussain and they win im very happy because tina and hussain are win but im upset about that in semi finals why they was out im very upset this is a wrong decision thanku

  78. this is wrong decision that tanaaz and bakhtyar were out gori or yash ko nikalna chahiye tha mega finals mein to laga koi competetion nahi mazak tha agar tanaaz and bakhtyar hote to kya competetion hota magar ye to koi mazak tha dekhne mein kuch maza hi nahi aayaa mein jab bhi koi dancing show dekhti hon to betaab hoti hon ke kon jite gha q ke in mein competetion lagta hai magar yahan to koi competetion hi nahi tha balke mazak tha is bar mein bilkul betaab nahi thi q ke mujhe pata tha tina and hussain hi jite ghe q ke yash or gori mein koi dam hi nahi tha or ye koi competetion nahi kehlaya so im very upset about that so wrong decision janta ko decision lene hi nahi aataa hai pata nahi ye janta par hi q chod dete hain sara decision judges ko hi faisla karna chahiye q ke ye log sahi faisla karte hain

  79. Can someone tell me the title and artist and movie of the song for which tina and gauri had solo performance? “something like ‘dance dance’ “. bahut thnx rahega

  80. i like tosee hussian and tina winning because i love their
    Choreographer harshell he is proper cute.
    i love u harshell.i love harshell too mucccccchhhhhhhhhhhhh
    if u read that harshell i be very glad.

  81. love to see hussian and tina but by mistake my other comments i wrote that i love harshell their choreographer but the tall 1 i love him his name is Vithall so i dont fancy harshell i fancy vithall cauze he is my jaan

  82. vithall if u come online plz give me ur id plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  83. i love the couple of hiten and gauri very much i don’t know that in the judgement they will win or not but they have already win in my judgement.

  84. hiiii…..husain & tina
    actualy i want ur nachbaliye2 cd/dvd bcoz ilove ur dance very much.actualy i want ur one of the episode cd
    in this episode u and tina performing alone.
    tina perform in bhoot song and u perform in a song the boli is
    oohh ohhha….like song.
    in this episode all the participate perform not in jodi.
    plese u send me ur reply……

  85. You know I watched almost all these shows and enjoyed it to hilt. But despite my love of writing, I never thought of chronicling my thoughts and putting my opinions on paper. You gave me a great idea. Thank you!

    Keep the good work going :)

  86. What you posted made a ton of sense. However, what about this?

    what if you were to create a awesome headline?
    I ain’t saying your content isn’t solid, however
    what if you added a title that grabbed folk’s attention? I mean Nach Baliye 2 | |=Dead End=| is kinda plain. You should look at Yahoo’s front
    page and note how they write article headlines to get viewers to
    click. You might try adding a video or a related picture or two
    to grab people excited about everything’ve got to say. In my opinion, it would make your posts a little bit more interesting.

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