The Great Indian Laughter Challenge 2

Well this is an aweful sequel to an awesome show,The Great Indian Laughter Challenge.It was followed by another great show called The Great Indian Laughter Champions which had us glued to the television every Friday night at 10:00 pm.It had some splendid stand up comedians like Sunil Pal,Raju Srivastava,Bhagwant Mann,Deepak Raja,Ahsaan Qureshi,Navin Prabhakar and others.

But unfortunately,the sequel seems to be rather boring with bland performances and repeated jokes.Moreover the quality of the humour is declining.It’s just cheap and slapstick comedy now.They just cant pass an episode without a comment or a cheap joke on a girl which is really annoying at times because even though it may be funny,you cant even laugh at it in front of your family and then again,young children watch this show too.I’ll tell you one of the jokes from yesterday :-

A man was boarding a bus when he sees a hot girl.Then the convo:-

Man-That’s a really beautiful sandal.

Girl-Do you want me to remove it?

Man-Oh! if that’s the cause,the skirt is more beautiful.

Now that was an okay joke but got rather over the board.The funniest part of the show are the judges.There are two judges in every show and they seem to be really perverted cause they pass aweful remarks to the anchor (who’s rather hot) and the special guest which is usually a woman celebrity.So when a joke like this is cracked,the guys are like “LMAO” and the celebrity is like blushing and embarrased.It doesnt look really good.

But well,all we can do is hope that the best man wins.

Update:-The Pakistani Rauf Lala won the Challenge and yea,I must say,the Great Indian Laughter Champions Dwitiya is as good is the original one was.Thank You Star One and Hutch and of course,all the Champions.

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38 thoughts on “The Great Indian Laughter Challenge 2

  1. humor is declining everywhere, trust me. seems like people can’t think of original jokes anymore.

    fart and burp jokes are in. sad.

  2. hi

    it’s very great to see the great india laughter champions with all the guys who coming all the way to laugh as and i realy thanks a lot for the hutch who sponsers it

    as i am working in ibm bpo and the work is so long and stretch but this all thing i finish up when i seat before the tv for the one and only show i.e.great india laughter champion………….it gives a lot of smile in my face which gives me a strong strength to go and work for the rest of the days……………………Santosh Kumar

  3. hi
    a bigest thnx to HUTCH to promote such kind of programms im big fan of this show may it happends all da time n good wishes for rauf lala…

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  5. Sidhu & Shekar,

    It ‘s a damm good series of laughing challenge. I seen some of the first comment. People who felt sory for this kind of Laughing Comptiotion they should not watch.

    Umar sharif comedy show is more worse jokes but this is better quality of jokes.

    Its damm good


    Sunil raj Bannary

  6. Good going….Shekharji & sidhuji….
    Keep the spirit flowing in all Indians ….& not only here but also abroad…
    Hats off to u guys….

    All the best.

  7. I love this show. Though I didnt watch it live have been watching the DVD’s. I do think that its sleazy the way the comment on the anchor and how woman are reduced to mere objects. Its a great platform to challenge stereotypes, but alas its only affirming them. Also, I would love to see a woman performing stand up on this show.

  8. What I feel is that RJ should only not be the target there are more than 15 categories of voice where one can exploit his voice. Friends, i have come up with a site which has lots of learning articles on Rj and other categories as cartoon voice, mimicry, stand up comedy, voicing tips on


  9. “pehchan kaun !!!!!” this dialogue is on every mouth these days .. hatsoff to navin prabhakar …great indian laughter challenge is doing great job bringing great and freaking humour…. guys want to catch up with some fresh comedy you can logon to and download episodes of great indian laughter challenge

  10. i live in delhi and doning a private job. i m belong from a middile class family. so i can’t sand my CD, VHS ect. but i had really good experience on SHADHANA TV “SATMOLA KAVIO KI CHOPAL” (1 TIME) & on JIAN TV “INDIA LIVE” (3 TIMES). i win first prize in laughter program in my company named “TECHBOOKS” in 2006 annual program at SHRI FORT in delhi.So pls give me one chance pls (PRABHJEET “PARAM”)

  11. Dear Director,
    You give us Oxygen through Laughter Challenge. Hatsoff to you for this effort. Carry on. OUr support always with you.

  12. Respected Sir,

    I am Raj K. Chopra from Delhi, I am good mimicry artist, I am a great fan of this wonderful show, Even I want to participate in this show, I have sent my Audio C.D. to the earlier said Address, but still I could not get any reply from their side.
    Please sir, do me a favour. I have worked for All India Radio, and some private Studios in Delhi. Presently I am working with some Musical Parties as a announcer and mimicry artist. Please Sir, Do me a favour to be only a participant in that respective show. I am a die heart lover of Star One
    In waiting of your hopeful reply………..
    Plz sir give me one chance I will definately entertain the whole nation………..

  13. I forget to mention one more thing presetly I am doing dubbing and recording artist in some private studios in delhi. I am very good mimicry artist and drama artist. I can mimic more than 40 voices of actors, Radio and T.V. Announcer. Plz sir give me one chance to be there. I will definately entertain the nation with my fresh humour and stand up comedy with 40 voices in single time.

  14. laughter challenge is very good starting of star its very tipical to us to make ourself cool.laughter challenge gives this apportunity

  15. I feel Kapil Sharma was rightly adjudged first. Umer Sharif is a legent truly, his humbleness is inspite of everything knowing he was a true judge. I have seen his perfomance when he was in 20-30s with a moustache.

    I have also a section on stand up comedy on my site where one can read tips on stand up comedy and I have data od talented aspiring stand up comedians from all over India. Anyone planning a new Show?

    Neeraj Mehraa

  16. Hi…

    i wanna take a part in laughter Challenge, please send me the address of that place, so that i can send my Performance CD. i really want 2 be a part of this program .

  17. satshriakaal siddhuji.i m 28 yr,s punjabi guy rajneet singh from delhi.i m not proffeshinol actor.but i wanna take a part in laughter challenge.plz send me ur all details and contacts for meet u.plz siddhuji u can do fullfill of my dis wish plz plz plz.i m d great fan of ur turban styele.anyway siddhu ji ikk waar mere jokes sunkey wekhna bahut alagh hatkey jokes ney merey apney banaye hoye.rabb tuhannu chardi kala ch all best wishes wid u and ur,s channel.rabb rakkha.bye

  18. hi

    i wanna take a part in laughter chalenge show please seand
    me the of address place so
    i can seand my performance cd a really
    want 2 be part of this program

    main ne zindgi main bhahut utar chadave dekhe hai
    per har muskil ko hasi hasi udadya kyo ki hasna bhi uski ibadat hai

  19. Dear,

    It is really a great show which repail stress and give laugh tolot of faces.
    some times people laughg aas much as event they did’nt dreamt.

    I am Santosh Mirzapury and having a great talent to make any body laugh breath less. I can leave any body back in this talent.
    since child hoot to University I had have done it but now i want to server more people.
    If any body knows how to participate pls let me know it will be your great help.

    Thanks & regards
    Santosh Dubey(+919888788868)

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