Patriotism is something

Okay first of all I'd like to make it clear that this is not meant at anyone in particular.

Now,I had to write this cause I had this sudden surge of patriotism towards my country this morning and it made me think…"Comeon man! My country is cool!"

 It really annoys me to see people studying here in good institutions and then going for jobs abroad..mostly to U.S. and Canada.I mean come on dude,you studied all your life in here,you shitted in the sewers of this country and now you're gonna take all your talent and earn for the other country?! That's not fair towards your motherland.I know this mostly happens cause the lack of facilities in here but then again,if all the talent goes away,how is it going to improve anyway? You wouldnt like to watch movies like Swades and Lagaan which are related with patriotism but you'd love to watch a cheap movie like Murder which would have Mallika Sherawat baring her body :|

Education here in India is a lot better than many of the countries and it's a fact.We may be cribbing that we have to study like assclowns but then again,it's our own benefit as with the education we gain in our country,we can have good jobs overseas.You just dont become a Sunil Mittal or Sam Pitroda just like that.There is evidence for this of course.There was a study which declared that the "CAT-Common Admission Test" for admission into good MBA institutes especially the IIM's-Indian Institutes of Management is the toughest examination in the world.

Come on,stop cribbing.You've got a highly educated Prime Minister who went to Oxford University to study but came back to serve his country and took it out of a major financial crisis in the 1990's.Then you've got a highly educated President who's a very reknown Physicist but he didnt leave his country either even though he must have had offers.

 Watch a movie like Swades where a Shahrukh Khan working in NASA comes back to his country after seeing the poor condition of his native village.He knows he cant do much but he can still try and those who try never fail as they say.

 What is even more annoying is that we may not do anything for our country,but atleast stop criticising it for christ's sake.That way you're just harming the country and nothing else.You're just being selfish.I've seen people in the Tennis room who wouldnt tell the country they belong to cause they think that the people wouldnt talk to them.For these people I'd like to say,Dude be proud of your country and your culture and your heritage and instead of hiding your country,tell the people you're an Indian and show them that it doesnt matter and that you're as normal and as talented as any one of them,and once you do that,you can be proud that you did something for your motherland.

Do Something.Realise! 

13 thoughts on “Patriotism is something

  1. Haha, a lot of teenage idealism there. But people go abroad for various reaons (personal or financial). It’s not like they hate their country. If they hate their motherland, they’d be terrorists, killing people :)). They move away because of the lack of opportunities available here.

    Ever wondered why a lot of foreigners are ready to kiss America’s ass? It’s because there are plenty of opportunities there. The corruption out there is pretty much less. Our politicians don’t give a shit about this country. It shows in the way they try to make cheap political gimmicks, like intervening in the release of Da Vinci Code (so they could rope in a lot of Christian vote for the next elections), the way they decided to have quotas in IIT etc. It’s a mad world out there. It takes some time to get used to it :)).

    And about the education system, I’m going to make 2-3 blogs about the system we have, read it and you’d know what’s going on in most parts of the country.

    Ans as for movies like Swades… it can only happen in the movies :)). I’d rather see Mallika strip than watching a boring run of the mill movie after all the daily pressures and tensions :))))).

    Okay, I’ll stop. Long comment already.

  2. everyone is moving to wordpress. if it’s any better, I’ll move too!

    you can’t claim people aren’t patriots when they move out of their country. all they are looking for is better quality of life. everyone wants that.

  3. ahh its not just better quality of can go abroad okay..nothing bad with that..but stop criticusing your god damn country while you stay in the US.You’ll hear millions of Indians living in India and saying India is that’s not fair is it?

    I agree there is lack of opportunities in here for sure but then again,one could try and do something about it with financial aid and grant from abroad and all.I mean,okay you could go abroad but if this remains as it is,the country would get shittier and as the population is increasing.everyone cant go abroad,so basically you’d be stuck in this country and you’d wonder why you didnt do anything so that life could be’s all easy to say.

    and yes,we do have corruption,but then it comes back to the same old shit,how many times have we bribed the policeman to get rid of challanes,how many times have we driven when we are underaged,how many times have we jumped red lights? We do it all and then curse the traffic department for accidents.What’s the shit with that?

    Everytime we have to get a work done,we look for approach and tell this minister or that minister to recommend us and all and man,every government makes its mistakes and this government had been doing pretty fine before the quota issue which i agree was a shitty step.We just talk about polictics and corruption..just be the Prime minister of this country for a week to feel how it goes.

  4. I don’t do any of that. But there’s ONE key to all this. Education. Give everyone proper education. And by that, I don’t mean Shakespeare literature, quantum physics, chemistry and complex math. Infusing discipline from a young age, that’s what is needed. Why do people drive when they are under aged? Why do people skip traffic lights? Why do people bribe the policeman? Why does the policeman accept bribe? Lack of discipline.

    And about the country getting shittier, there would be a reversal process happening too. It has to. That’s how the world goes. You’d probably feel that’s abstract, but you’ll understand in course of time.

    And as for being Prime Minister for a week, I’d be glad to. Make as much money and get the hell outta here *Yahoo! laugh smiley*. But jokes apart, Mr. Singh does not have his own say. He has to obey “you-know-who”. Again, there is a “lack of discipline”. If Sonia were any disciplined, she would just let him be and make his own decisions. But now he’s stuck in between Sonia and the Leftists, who, from time to time, start blackmailing about withdrawing support because the Government is doing something that is not “Communist” (like building relationship with the USA).

  5. Oh Ish..well I dunno whats the situation exactly like in there but Im guessing same as in here.
    Whats the use if u study hard and then once ure finished cant find a decent job that pays you the money that u deserve to be payed?
    You sit and wait for things to change cause u dont wanna be labeled unpatriotic? Nahh u dont wanna waste your time so you go abroad. Simple and logical.
    I dont think dying of hunger in your own country with that genius diploma in your hands has anything to do with being patriotic.

  6. Ahh yeah right…it’s all the practical way to go.We’ll always have United States as the superpower then..wonder how China got so ahead..cause it has communism I speak shit about the country and they shoot you.

  7. So what communism is good? Romania was ruled by communists till ’89. They set our economy back 50 years. Fuck China at least I have the freedom of speech and can travel wherever and whenever I want. No patriotic feeling’s gonna stop me from leaving after uni.

  8. I have a friend who’s doing med school now and she told me that after she finishes it, she doesn’t wanna go abroad. She wants to stay here and work in some of our hospitals and try to improve them. I don’t think she’s being patriotic, she just don’t wanna leave her friends and family.

    I dunno. I’ll leave soon. Maldive Islands *day dreams*

  9. Lol.Maybe its her parents.Maybe its patriotism but still i hope she ends up becoming a good doctor and does something great for your country.

    Ahh beaches and Islands :-

  10. You eat,you learn,and u gotoUStobecome a respectable citizen… You come back to India to GET MARRIED??? Y?u Come to India and Pee on the roads but not in US.Bcoz U think that u can do it and get away…

    U criticize india… u want opportunity…but at the same time U don’t accept US …

    U care for urself… and only urself and comforts of Life…

    And u can never understand the feeling of patriotism becoz U never had any to begin with…

    U think every decision is based on self intrest…It’s not so with everybody…. Some people areready tob Be “neev ki irt”

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