Books to movies. Does it make sense?

I’ve been wanting to take part in engtech’s contests for months and I finally get to do it now! So this is my official entry for engtech ‘s Group Writing Project#3. This time, the theme is either movies or t-shirts. Since I’m not really into t-shirts and stuff, so I thought I’d talk about some movies which were adapted from books(or comics). Some of them have been good, others really disappointing. Here, I’m talking about three of them :-

  • The Harry Potter Series
  • As all of is know, this is probably the most popular book series ever. And the movies they’ve made on the basis of it have been a huge success too. This year will see the last book in the series(supposedly, but you never know with writers) i.e. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and the 5th movie i.e. Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix. The popular series made the author the richest woman in UK and the kids working in the movie the richest kids in the business. The three lead characters are Harry Potter(Daniel Radcliffe), Hermoine Granger(Emma Watson) and Ronald Weasely(Rupert Grint). When the first movie came out, everyone was happy because even those who hadn’t read the book would now come to know what the hype is all about. The movies were good no doubt, but somewhere I think they failed to do justice to the books. And it isn’t really their fault either. You can’t really tell what an 800 page book tells you in a measly 3 hours. But for somebody who doesn’t have the patience of reading the book, the movies provide a fine gist of the entire thing. The first and the second part were great(because the books were smaller too) but from there onward, I thought there were some serious lapses where the directors cut out some of the most important sequences. Now with the fifth movie coming, it has simply become overhyped and is making life difficult for the actors too. We all know about the nude Daniel Radcliffe Equus controversy and how parents all over the world were disappointed with the actor. And I also think Daniel looks too old for the character now. The best thing about the movies is that they help you understand the book better. I mean now that you’ve seen what Harry Potter looks like, you’ll be able to imagine him doing all the stunts in the upcoming books and it helps you understand the plots and the emotions better. The music has been composed by different composers but is very good. All the movies have had their own theme music and it really fills you with emotion when you get to hear that. In my personal opinion, I’d give the movies a combined 3.5 out of 5

  • The Spider Man series
  • I don’t even know how many Spider Man comics Marvel has released but there have been three movies so far, and all three of them have been blockbusters. The cast has Toby Maguire playing Spider Man a.k.a. Peter Parker and Kirstin Dunst playing MJ a.k.a. Mary Jane Watson. I think the first one was the best out of the three so far. When you make something the first time, you’re determined to work hard and make it good because you don’t know if the people will accept it. However, when the series gets accepted, the quality starts going down. The same happened with this series. Spider Man 2 was reasonably good but Spider Man 3 was a disappointment to say the least. It was a superhit of course but that’s only because the promos generate so much hype that everyone just has to go see it. Otherwise I’d say it was pretty ordinary. Everybody seemed to be overacting and there were comparatively less amount of stunts and that’s where I think it was a let down. Stunts are supposed to be the attraction of an action movie but there was only one good stunt in the 3rd part and that too, towards the very end. There were too many villains(read Venom, Hobgoblin and Sandman) and the way Spider Man got rid of them was not satisfactory. Since they know Toby Maguire won’t live for ever, so they seem to be trying to somehow end the story fast. Another thing that has been amazingly disappointing is Kirstin Dunst. I fail to understand how she manages to look so old, frail and wrinkled in the movie. She was supposed to be a hot redhead. She’s a redhead alright but doesn’t look anything near hot. Just because I thought the 3rd movie was crap, I’d give it a 3 on 5.

  • The Batman Series
  • Another creation of Marvel, Batman I think is a really good concept. The reason why the movies appeal is because they don’t stick to the same guy everytime. There’s a new Batman everytime, he gets technologically advanced and drives cool cars and goes around with hot chicks. That’s exactly the kind of movie the audience likes. Even though this series is nowhere close to Spider Man and Harry Potter as far as popularity is concerned, I find them pretty interesting. I think I’ve seen almost all of the movies in the series and liked each one of them right from the time when they used to have “BOOM!” and “BAM!” and stuff in the bubbles to the suave Batman of the 2000’s. I read somewhere that people say Batman is better than Spider Man because he doesn’t need superpowers to kick villain butts but I’d say Batman is better than Spider Man because he’s got women like Katie Holmes and Nicole Kidman in his movies! That’s the catch if you’re looking at a male audience and because Batman himself is a new hunk everytime, it attracts the female audience as well. I don’t think anyone will ever forget what Nicole Kidman did in Batman Forever. Sometimes it’s just one character and one look that makes a movie and Nicole was what made Batman Forever. Also, if you go around searching for official albums and soundtracks, you’ll figure out that Batman is way better in there too. I personally am proud of the CD of Batman Forever which I bought like ages ago and Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me by U2 composed for Batman Forever is one of my favorite songs. And Batman simply has the best logo on earth. I’d give it a 4 on 5.

And I really hope I win the 2 t-shirts, or maybe the 1 t-shirt, or maybe maybe the WP credits!

47 thoughts on “Books to movies. Does it make sense?

  1. i think u did a pretty good review of the history of books turning into movies and i think u deserve a t-shirt…..

  2. Thank you Tushar beta. Waise aren’t you supposed to be studying? You have a maths exam tomorrow right? And why don’t you make a blog too?

  3. how did u know it was me and u are not supposed to tell bout actual world in your blog i mean bout the people u know actualy u just give them new names such as “the guy” or “she”.waise he mereko maths nahi aati kal 20-25 marks aayenge agar pad loonga to shayad 35 aa gaye fail to hona hi hai to kyin na tention free fail hoon.and for your last Q.mere paas blogs likhne ke liye faltu time aur feelings nahi hooti .aur ab is poore message ko apne non indian friends ke liye english me convert kar.

  4. chod re, main itna vehla nahi hoon. And it doesn’t take much time to make a blog. And I knew it was you thanks to your IP Address :P

    Chal, best of luck for your exam tomorrow raje, may you pass and may raje give you toffee.

  5. i have a bsnl one it has dynamic ip address it changes e3verytime i connect.moreover u r “vehla” to write a blog but ont one to transale a comment?????lol

  6. Oh well you have to tell someone that you made a blog and only then they will visit. You make one and I’ll visit it and make my friends visit it too.

    And these so called BSNL Dynamic IP Address is all crap. Whenever you leave any comment here, I get to see it and your IP Address and it’s same everytime and within one search I come to know it’s somebody from Ludhiana. It may not be your real IP Address but it remains the same everytime.

  7. It depends Sha. If your ISP provides a subnet mask, then the IP Address you see isn’t the actual one. But hackers can easily find these Addresses and it’s simply believing that you’re safe when you aren’t.

  8. Lol forget it :P

    And you said my post looked good. Thanks but it being good is hardly an issue. He’s gonna randomly select one of the participants. :D

  9. Nothing with the guitar. I like electric ones even though I know I’d probably never be able to play them :P

    And I thought it’d look better with the piano even though now my blog looks like it belongs to some singer or band or something :P

  10. you obviously put some thought into this post, unlike my simple entry for the contest! too bad the winners are randomly chosen, but that’s the way engtech felt would be fair to everyone, which it is in a way. the general rule of thumb for movies based on books is to watch it before reading the book or you’ll be disappointed. the exception to the rule, off the top of my head, so far is the the lord of the rings trilogy. now that book hardly anybody could read!

  11. engtech is pretty much right in what he’s doing. And I’m just hoping I’ll get first time lucky :D

    I would have written about LOTR but the deal is that the concept never fascinated me. I haven’t watched even one of those movies or read the books either.

  12. well…..i consider LOTR as a pretty good book-to-movie transition…..pretty good post though….i’d select batman anyday from d three series u mentioned…..spidey 3 was a pretty big letdown for me……saw pirates 3 last week….i’d give it 3 stars out of 5…..
    @sha:is children of hurin(Tolkien) good or bad?….been reading some mixed reviews about it….

  13. @sha:best of luck……
    @ish:sometimes everything will feel like shit…..u can just shrug ur shoulders and carry on….

  14. About the HP movies, it’s not true parents were angry, that was a stupid invent of British tabloids to try to create controversy. The true is Daniel has received rave reviews and the audience loved his performance, so a lot of people who were not interested in these movie, now they are because they are interested in this talented young actor.

    And he obviously doesn’t look too old, he is just one year older than Harry. Just look at his most recent pics, he looks even younger than his age. Sorry, but I think it’s senseless to say that in a world where we are used to see actors in their 20s even older playing teens. No-one criticizes them so it wouldbe senseless to complain about an actor who actually is the right age of his character.

  15. @ish:dude…..speak for urself….my day-night time is currently screwed….i sleep in d day and stay up at night……though dats gonna b forcibly fixed now dat my mom’s back…. :D
    @sha:yup…..the damage is pretty good…..who r v gonna test our resp. theories on????

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